A/N: ok just so you know I'm not putting the disclaimer on every one of these, if you didn't catch it the first time it's not my fault. Also I'm changing it so the titans both have and use their real names. Raven would be the only exception as she doesn't have a real name she's simply Raven.

1/07/05,A/N: I forgot to mention earlier, I am assuming that the titans are all 16 in the show, w/the exception of Cyborg and Beast Boy, who are respectively, 17 and 15. My story takes place three years later, in other words Dick, Kory, and Raven are 19, Vic is 20, and Gar is 18. And for those who don't know, Robin/Nightwing: Richard "Dick" Grayson, Starfire: Koriand'r/Kory Anders, Cyborg: Victor "Vic" Stone, and Beast Boy: Garfield "Gar" Logan. Thank you for not complaining about not saying this sooner. I may also mention the Titans East later, but I'll give you their names when it comes to it.

Chapter 1: Dreams

Raven ran through the forest, black lightning cracking at her fingertips. She began to fly to try to catch up to the beast she was hunting. The animal seemed to be nothing more than a blur just out of reach despite the blinding speed she moved at.

In an attempt to cut off the beast's path she extended the black bolts forward. Century old trees exploded at their base and fell trapping the animal. She could now more clearly see her prey was a green animal of indeterminable species cowered before her. Her psionic energy covered it as black lighting arced through it's body.

As the animal screamed, she felt a smile cross her face. Even as the beast transformed into her green friend, Beast Boy, waves of sadistic pleasure coursed through her. As he voicelessly pleaded for her to stop she stared into his eyes, as if to feed off the pain they showed. She could even see her own reflection in them, and as clear as a mirror, four glowing red eyes glared sadistically back at her.

She tried to stop, but her father's influence had completely consumed her, body and soul. As she stared at her prey, her four daemonic eyes caught a sight of a man unfamiliar to her. Pitch black eyes with deep blue irises stared down at her with pity. He extended a hand and spoke with a voice much like his eyes, "Wake now, child."

Raven shot up in her bed, drenched in sweat and hyperventilating. As she attempted to slow her breathing she noticed that her bed was floating at least a foot off the ground. Before she could call on her powers to bring her down slowly she fell with a crash. She pulled her self up and out of the ruins of her bed, and started to get dressed.

"What is happening to me?" she said to herself quietly as she recalled the dream. She had been having that same dream for a while now. She didn't normally pay attention to them, and quickly forgot them but this one was different. That man… he had to have something to do with this. She would have to find out who he was.

"Yo, Raven!" cried the voice of Beast Boy, "You ok? I heard a crash." She gasped sharply as he heard his voice. She pushed the memory of the dream down; she would investigate it later. She walked to the door and slid it partway open.

"I'm fine Gar, just had bad dream," she said in a monotone. With the door partway open Beast Boy, could see she was lying about how she was. It was dangerous to press such matters with Raven.

"OK... Anyway breakfast will be ready soon by the way." This said he walked down the hall toward the kitchen. As soon as he was a safe distance a way from her room he told her, "I'm making tofu eggs and bacon." He grinned and started running.

As soon as she knew he was far enough away, she let out a very restrained giggle. She would never tell him but she did think he was kind of funny, even if his jokes weren't. She wouldn't dare let him know that she liked him, she was scared he would change if he knew, that he wouldn't make such cute, but futile, attempts at making her laugh. She never really thought of why she would be afraid of something like that.

Raven took a shower and washed off the sweat before going down to breakfast. As she reached the door she heard the disgusted cry of Cyborg. "God, BB, I don't even understand how you can eat that crap, why do you expect us to!"

"Just another day in my wonderful life," she quipped sarcastically.

After she had left, a dark figure took shape from the shadows of the dark room. His alabaster skin made an odd contrast to his eyes, which were as deep as the dead of space with blue orbs in their centre. "Destiny was right, she is stubborn. I may need to do this in person."

"Look, Gar, I'm not eating this, now tell me what you did with the cereal," Cyborg yelled at Beast Boy. Raven sighed in frustration as she entered and heard this. She floated over to the cabinets to begin making her tea, when an idea struck her.

She opened the freezer door and found that she was correct. She grabbed the box and thrust it into Cyborg's hands. "And look, they're frosted. Now shut up," she said in a monotone even though she knew it was funny.

"Yay! Raven has found the cheery cereal of O's," Starfire said joyously.

"That's Cheerio's, Kory," said Dick, who now went by Nightwing, as he put a hand on the alien's shoulder.

As people began pouring the frozen cereal into bowls Gar began to panic. "Come at least try it, PLEEEEAAAASE!" He elongated the last word for the sake of sympathy. It didn't come.

As Raven set her tea to boil she quickly ate a small piece of tofu egg, hoping Gar would not see, but her wish did not come true. After swallowing she noticed his hopeful eyes and immediately said, "Disgusting." His hopeful expression dropped. It was only a half lie, it still tasted like fake eggs, but it tasted like better quality fake eggs than usual.

They sat and began eating, Beast Boy ravenously eating the tofu meal made for five. It had been abnormally peaceful the last few weeks so the titans had not bothered with their costumes, it was the first time in months Raven had seen Nightwing without his mask, and it was kind of funny to see Starfire in her "I'm a Pretty Princess" shirt, mainly because most people that wore it weren't stating the truth.

Raven finished her tea and the English muffin she found, and headed silently to her room to retrieve the book she was reading. As she grabbed the book, she thought she saw someone standing in her room. She turned to see who it was but saw no one. Hesitantly she walked to the common room to begin reading.

A/N: yes the person in her room and at the end of her dream was Morpheus, the Sandman, King of Dreams, Prince of Stories, etc… God you have no idea how hard it is to describe his eyes with words! Please review.