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Chapter 13: Can't Go Home Again

"All hail Brother…," the monk's last word never reached his mouth, as one of Ravager's blades had obstructed them somewhere between the skull and atlas.

"Well that was fun, but I don't think our target was among these idiots," she said after pushing the body off of her knife with her foot.

"Blood wasn't our target Rose," Slade said as he walked to the altar. "This was," he held a thick book up for her to see, "the Book of Blood."

He and his apprentice went to leave when Slade noticed Gar was just standing there. "Are you coming?" he got no response, not at first. "Garfield?"

"Call me Changeling…" he said placidly. 'It's hard to believe this is the same guy I fought so many times, he's not Beast Boy anymore that's for sure,' Slade thought suspiciously. Gar stood perfectly calm regardless of the fact he was surrounded by dead bodies, at least a dozen of which he had personally dispatched. "I'll catch up, just go…" he said with no emotion.

They had been waiting for quite some time when Gar returned to the car. Slade looked at him in the mirror. He was fairly certain he saw him wipe blood from his mouth.

"Has anyone seen Gar?" asked Dick as he walked into the common room of the tower.

"No, I went in his room earlier and saw it was completely cleaned out," Cyborg told him. "But he did leave a note; it said we're safer without him and that he is never coming back.. Didn't say anthing about why though." Wally's eye twitched slightly at this, but no one noticed, including him.

"Well, we have another problem. Raven's missing and I saw her window's been blown out and there's blood all over the wall," Troia told them this as she walked in. Wally twitched again but said nothing.

It was at that moment some meta-human decided to trip the alarm on a bank. "We'll deal with our AWOL members latter. Lets check this out," Nightwing said, motioning for the others to follow. "Wait," he paused. "Kid Flash, you stay here in case Raven or Changeling show up." Wally mockingly saluted and plopped on the couch to see what was on TV.

About ten minutes had passed when he heard a flower pot wobble. When he turned to look he saw Silky next to it. He would have ignored it entirely but he noticed the mutant larva nudging something, almost the same way that he did to Starfire when he wanted atten… In a split second Changeling's chameleon like body was thrust into prostration.

"You're a quick study, Wally," Changeling said to the boy who was putting most of his body weight into assuring his head stayed fixed to the ground. "That note was a perfect copy of my handwriting."

Wally gasped in surprise and backed off of him. "And where are my things?" Wally felt weak. Despite what he'd seen he not only felt compelled to trust him, but to help him.

"They're in a box in the basement," he responded in an unfeeling way. He helped Gar up and momentarily went out of focus; the box with Gar's stuff was now on the floor beside them. "Why'd you come back?"

"For Raven. Do you know what happened to her?" The thought, 'why should I tell you?' flashed briefly in Wally's mind.

"I don't know, I think she left on her own."

"Shit," Changeling swore, "I'm too late. Did she leave all her stuff here?"

"Yes," Wally said compliantly. He didn't have any idea why he wasn't beating him to a bloody pulp, and Gar wasn't lucid enough to question it.

"Could you grab all her magic crap?" Kid Flash went briefly out of focus again and another box appeared on top of the other. "Thanks Wally, call me if Sabastion shows again." He put what appeared to be one of the Titan's communicators in his hand. However this communicator had what appeared to be a wolf's face in place of the T.

"Good bye Wally," he said as he picked up the two boxes as if they were empty. "And again, thank you."

"How did you get all this stuff, without them seeing you?" Constantine asked.

"I hired someone to distract them." Gar looked at the clock on the wall. "They should be just about done with Bane about now. Be careful with that," he said as he saw John handling a familiar looking mirror.

"Why, you know what it does?"

"Yeah," he answered, "It takes you into Raven's mind." He saw a triumphant look on Constantine's face. "All things considered, do you really think it would be a good idea to do that? She left on her own. God only knows what's going on in there."

Gar went through the box and saw a pair of rings with white diamonds. He stared into the gems and felt something he had almost forgotten: peace. After what felt like hours he heard glass shatter. "I told you to be careful!" he yelled at John but found he was fiddling with something that looked like a stick. He looked over and saw that Ravager had bashed it into the corner of a table. "What the hell do you think you're doing!" He leaped in front of her and threw her into a wall. "How dare you!" His eye's turned to slits as he picked her up by her neck.

"Oi, green bloke," Constantine said attempting to get his attention.

"What!" he growled, as he turned to look at him. John held the broken mirror up so Gar could see what he had. A black crystal blade had been hidden under the mirror. He released Rose. "I'm sorry Ravager, I didn't realize." She did not answer but stared at him distastefully.

Gar grabbed the broken mirror and tore off the rest of the frame. "This is it, that obsidian athame thing." He didn't know how he knew but he did.

"Look if it's alright with you I'm going to take this and go in the corner to study the book." John carefully tugged the knife out of his hand.

It took Gar a few seconds to realize that if John hadn't distracted him, he would have killed Rose. He immediately went to the room marked "Foreman's Office", which was where he slept, and locked the door. As soon as he heard the click he fell back against the door and slid down to sitting position.

"Is there something wrong, Garfield?" Gar would have been surprised to hear J'onn's voice if he hadn't smelled him there already.

"Your one of the world's most powerful psychics and you have to ask? That bodes ill." He laughed half heartedly.

"Yes it does," the Martian responded. Gar thought he was just asking so that he wouldn't seem intrusive; however he really did need to ask. J'onn was able to pick up this rare lucid thought. "I may be able to help you." Gar looked up hopefully. "However, I imagine it would be quite painful."

Gar paused, but his hesitation was only momentary. "Do it."

"Did you hear that?" Vic said as he helped get the large mass that was Bane into the police van. "It sounded like a scream."

"Yeah it was one of the tellers," said Nightwing, pointing back toward the bank.

"No I mean just now. You didn't hear anything?"

"Bane did get you in the head. That would make any one hear stuff."

"No it got recorded on my hard drive," he said as he checked his digital memory. "Voice print says it was Gar."

"Brother, forgive me but the object I was sent to retrieve was not there," Terra said to her new master and messiah. Sebastion was not pleased but decided to show more patience than he did with his last lieutenant.

"However…" she said smiling, "I did find you this." She stepped aside to show her master his gift. Raven did not look up but smiled demonically.

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