While reading a facfic by PeanutButterOreoCookieGirl99 entitled "A Wizard's Truth," the inspiration for this fic hit me. I think it is different from where she is heading, but if not, I'm sorry. I should be quick with an update for this. I don't think this will turn into an insanely long fic... a couple chapters at the most. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine but the context.

Nita hit her forehead against the wall. How had this happened? Why had she allowed this to happen? What would happen to her now?

She glanced down at her naked body and at the twisted sheets on the bed. She gathered her scattered clothing from around the room, pulling on each item as she found it. From the moment she first kissed him, she knew... and yet, she didn't stop. She didn't leave. She didn't even try. What the hell was wrong with her?

He used some sort of power over me... she insisted in her mind.

But she could not even convince herself for a moment that this was true. He did not use a power, and she knew it. Yet, neither could she admit the real reason to herself—the only other explanation was much less flattering.

He seduced me... and I let him. I didn't protest at all... either of the times...

Fully dressed, Nita sank against the wall. How could she return home? How could she face her father? How could she face Kit? He'd know. Powers, Kit would know... he knew her far too well. How could she bear to continue, knowing what she had done? Or, moreover, who she had done it with...