"Hold her! Hold her, I say!"

"We're trying!"

"Use the sedation pistol!"

A sharp pain rocketed through my entire left side, before everything in sight went fuzzy.

When I awoke, I didn't have the slightest clue where I was. I was in a knealing position, and my head had been resting on my chest. My hands were behind my back, and being held immobile in what appeared to be a pair of magnetic handcuffs. There was a glowing blue light around my neck, and it took me a moment to register that it was some sort of rope. It was not taught, but close to it, and I was afraid to move for fear of it tightening and strangling me to death.

Come to think of it, was I really not dead?

All of it was such a blur to me; I couldn't remember much. All I knew was that the dark room I was in unnerved me. It was damp, with scuttling creatures all about, and the stench of dead and dying things was present. A severe cold overtook me when I thought of this.

It was then I realized, that my clothes were elsewhere, and I was completely nude. The only coverings(if they could be considered such), were the handcuffs and the rope. And they did not cover much.

I lifted my head wearily to get a glance at the cell(as I called it), but let it fall once more in fatigue. I was sure I had not had anything to eat over the past few days, judging by the rumbles my stomach was making. I caught something out of the corner of my eye, and realized that it looked like a tiny container of--some sort of liqiud. Half afraid to drink it, for fear of being poisoned, I leaned downward to take it in my mouth. I couldn't reach it.

The rope pulled taught the minute I moved.


Light flooded into the room as a door slammed open, and a figure stepped into my cell. I started, falling backward and causing the rope to tighten even more. The figure stood there in the doorway momentarily--and then walked swiftly toward me. Seeing as the figure was not in the shape of a human like myself, I panicked.

Between fighting the rope's suffocating hold and trying to scurry away from the approaching figure, my tired body quickly failed me. My air supply had been completely cut off, and the fatigue set in--but I knew I that if I fell asleep, I would never again wake. Still, I could not stop myself, and I began to drift off into an enveloping darkness...

"Calm yourself young one," came a deep male voice from somewhere to my right. I was nearly asleep, and my brain was not registering who or what was speaking to me--but I did just as the voice said. I calmed--unwillingly of course.

I felt something warm brush against my bare neck, before air filled my aching lungs. A white fog obscurred my vision for a brief moment, and when it cleared, I was able to see the one who had spoken to me.

"Here--drink this--you'll feel better," the creature beside me instructed calmly. He held the container of liquid to my lips, and I took a small swallow.

At first, my throat burned liked I had taken a sip of sulfuric acid, and I tried to spit it out. But before I could, the creature clamped a strong hand over my jaw and mouth. I shook my head in an attempt to free my jaw, but he held fast. After a moment, however, the burning in my mouth turned into a cooling sensation, as though from a peppermint. It soothed my aching throat, and I breathed a bit, risking a glance at the creature.

He stood up, moving behind me and freeing my wrists from the painful cuffs. When standing, I presumed him to be around seven feet in height. He had bright golden-yellow armour all over his body, and carried what appeared to be an energy sword in his free hand. He had a strong, thick neck, and his head reminded me somewhat of a dinosaur. His jaw was split both in the middle and the side, allowing him not two, but four sets of gleaming, razor-sharp teeth.

A memory flashed into mind, and I immediately knew what he was. He was an Elite, one of the core members of the Covenant military. Known for being excellent soldiers, brilliant tacticians, and insanely aggressive fighters, the rank of an Elite is displayed by the color of their armour, and determined by the number of enemies they kill. The highest ranking soldiers are the ones with the most kills. Their armour color: bright golden-yellow.