ok, Ive always wanted to do this: IY outtakes. and considering my sense of humor, chances are youll love them... that, or find them extremely stupid

...oh well

btw, italics mean thoughts. and I dont own Inuyasha... but I own these : )

IY Outtakes

(episode 75: Plot of the Panther Devas)

(Shunran -queen of the mini skirt- takes out her... flower-thing, just before they grab up Kagome)

Kagome: What's that? (passes out. suddenly, the lights on the set flicker off. all you can see are the characters' eyes-- I LOVE that!)

Miroku: Uhh.... what the heck was that?

Kagome: (looks at her foot) ...Oops.

Inuyasha: Why oops? ....Kagome, don't tell me you got your foot caught in the wire again!

Kagome: Uh, okay.

Inuyasha: (groan)


(scene when Touran -sp?- is talking to Sesshomaru. keep in mind that she froze over the river. this is after she left, when the river defrosted.)

Rin: Lord Sesshomaru!-- (stares at him wide-eyed) ....Uhh, how are you standing on the water?

Sess: Hm? (looks down. he's standing on the river. at that moment, he falls in. XD)

Rin: (giggles)

Sess: (spits water, and a fish, out of his mouth)

(episode 48: Return to the Place Where We First Met-- I always cry when thats on!)

(ok, it's the scene when Sota and Kagome's grandpa are figuring out why she's so upset. keep in mind that theyre at the breakfast table.)

(Sotas still tired, and his head falls in his cereal while he's asleep.)

Kagome: (just watching him. getting a little bored.) Mom, are you gonna tell him he's sleeping in his cereal or should I?

Mrs. H.: ...I don't know, this is kind of amusing. I'll give him about a minute to wake up.

(short pause) (Inuyasha wanders onto the set) (another short pause)

Inu: Uhh... why is your brother asleep in that bowl?

Kagome: (sigh) Long story.

Inu: Well, I don't think we'll be goin' anywhere for a while................. Do you wanna te--

Kagome: No.

(kinda long pause)

Sota: (snore)

Inu: 3... 2... 1.

Sota: (wakes up) COLD MILK!!!

(everyone stares at him like he just ate a raw rat)

Sota: (nervous, embarrassed smile) Heh, heh.

(a/n: my sis made that 1 up, raw rat and all.)

(episode 73: Shiori's Family and Inuyasha's Feelings)

Myoga: You must go to the cave of the demon bats!

Voice off set (me): DUN DUN DUN!!

(Myoga looks up curiously)

Kagome: Cave of the demon bats?


(everyone looks up curiously)

Myoga: The cave of the demon bats--



Me: ....Sorry (sweatdrop)


(scene at the beginning when they give Shiori to... that ugly bat guy. remember, this part is in slow-motion)

(Shiori's mother is walking at the front of the group. suddenly, she trips.)

Shiori's mother: WOOOOOAAaaaahhhh (just try to picture this in ur head, itll probably make more sense)

ok, well, thats all I have for now. like it? think I should continue? if u want me to do anything from a certain episode, let me know in ur reviews.

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