Im a big Mulan fan. (sweatdrop)

(episode 109 again)

(as the Band of Se-- er, Four, at the moment, ride away on Ginkotsu)

Jakotsu: Inuyasha!... Bye-bye for now!

(Ginkotsu makes a noise like a backing-out truck)

Back it up, back it up/ You got it, you got i-- (Crash by Gwen Stefani)

Renkotsu: Kanna!
Kanna: It's not me! It's that dude! (points to Ginkotsu)

Renkotsu: Ginkotsu! I told you not to get that CD player installed when you went to get repaired!

Ginkotsu: ... (makes that little 'yes' noise he always makes)

Renkotsu: Whaddya mean why not? It's distracting, that's why not! (quietly) Besides, it really gets on the director's nerves. And I doubt ya want her mad at ya.

Ginkotsu: (turns pale at the thought)

Renkotsu: Yeah. Pretty much.


(scene when Ginkotsu tries to piledrive Kikyo)

Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippo: (freaking out that Kikyo's gonna die... or whatever you wanna call it)

me and my sister: (to Ginkotsu, chanting) Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!

(I swear, we really did that!)

Miroku: (grabs up Kikyo about a second before she's piledriven)

me: ... I hate him.

(episode 113: The Sacred Vajra and The Mystery of the Living Buddha-- grr, these titles!)

(scene after Bankotsu is taken off Hijiri Island and goes into that temple-place...thing, and Kohaku and Kanna just pop up out of nowhere.)

Bankotsu: Kohaku. Kan-na.

Kanna: Will you stop saying my name like that? It drives me insane!

Kohaku: Well, would you rather he called you albino child again?

Kanna: ...Yeah, actually, I would.

Kohaku: (hangs head and sighs) I give up.

(it is kinda annoying, though, u gotta admit)


(scene on the island when Shippo wakes up)

Shippo: (stretching) I feel like a weight's been lifted from my shoulders!

boombox: Halleluyah!

Sango: ... Okay, that's just getting annoying.

Kanna: (sweatdrop, embarrassed smile) Couldn't resist.

(episode 111: Banryu vs. the Wind Scar)

(when Kohaku and Kanna run into Bankotsu and the other guys)

Bankotsu: (seeing Kanna for the first time) Who's this albino child?

me: (whaddya think? I crack up.)

Bankotsu: Do you mind?'!'?'!

me: Sorry, that one I couldn't help.

Bankotsu: (rolls his eyes)


(like, a second later, as Jakotsu checks out Kanna's mirror)

Jakotsu: (lookin, lookin, mirror sucks up his soul) ... Well that can't be good. (drops to the ground)

Bankotsu: O O ... Cool! Do it again!

Kanna: - -

Kohaku: (laughs) Albino child.

Kanna: Yeah, keep it up, buddy. You're next.


(about another second later as Kohaku and Kanna walk away)

Bankotsu: (says something about Kohaku being a ninja)

Kohaku: (groan) For crying out loud, I am not a ninja!

Bankotsu: Then what are ya?

Kohaku: Didn't we just go over that last week? Ugh, I can not believe I even took this job!

Bankotsu: Yeah well--

Kohaku: Don't even! I'll be in my trailer!

Kanna: (calling out to him as he walks away) Door's open to mine if you want!

Kohaku: (slightly annoyed at her) I'll keep that in mind.

(episode 110: Enter Bankotsu, Leader of the Band of Seven)

Bankotsu: (trying to write a ransom note or something as the others get there) ... Renkotsu!

Renkotsu: Yes?

Bankotsu: (throws him a brush and a piece of paper) You're the smart one.

Suikotsu: Well, it is safe to say you're not.

Bankotsu: ...And exactly what is that supposed to mean?

Suikotsu: (mocking a line he has later, in a kinda dopey voice) 'Ooh, look how shiny it is!' (regular voice) Sound familiar?

Bankotsu: (growl) Y'know, Renkotsu may be smart, but I'd say you're the obnoxious one!

Jakotsu: Yeah, totally!
Bankotsu: Shut up, Jakotsu.

Jakotsu: Yes sir.


(after Bankotsu gets his sword back from some kind of castle)

Jakotsu: So, you got your companion back? (twitches)

Bankotsu: ... You okay, Jakotsu?

Jakotsu: Oh yeah, I'm fine. (twitch) Why do you ask?

Bankotsu: (as if it's obvious-- not that it isn't) You're twitching.

Jakotsu: Me? Twitching? (twitch) That's ridiculous! You know I only do that if I'm jealous!

Bankotsu: Right... (takes a step away from Jakotsu. turns to camera guy.) Save me.

camera guy: (in bandages) Hey, I want no part of this!

Bankotsu: - - Thanks.

(episode 92: Plot of the Walking Dead)

Inu: (to Miroku) Those clay soldiers have miasma in their chests!

Miroku: Oh, so now you're the asthmatic!

Inu: - - Shut up.

Miroku: What, I don't get a say in this?

Inu: Not really, no.

(episode 32: Kikyo and Inuyasha, Into the Miasma-- not a word outta you, Miroku!)

(when Kikyo goes into the cave)

Kikyo: ...The dead souls are trying to escape.

boombox: You love me but you don't know who I am/ I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand/ And you love me but you don't know--

Kikyo: Kanna! For cryin' out loud!

Kanna: (shrug) Just speakin' for the souls.

Kikyo: (raises an eyebrow) By saying...?

Kanna: Let Me Go! Have you been living in a hut?

Kikyo: Well where do you suggest I live, in a non-existent mansion?

Kanna: If that would get rid of you, yeah, why not?

(episode 33: Kikyo, Captured By Naraku (yay!))

Inu: Who, though? Who else am I supposed to protect?...

Sango: Should we tell him?

Miroku: He's a big boy, Sango. He'll figure it out eventually.

(10 minutes later...)

Sango: - -

Miroku: (checks his watch)

Inu: (stiiill thinkin...)

Kikyo: (looong gone)

Sango: (annoyed) He'll figure it out eventually, huh?

Miroku: Uhmm... yeah. Give him a minute.

(long pause)

Miroku: Or two.

(half an hour passes)

Sango: Or thirty?

Miroku: (turns around and walks away) I give up. I'm leaving.

Sango: (follows him) Hold the elevator.

Inu: . . . Hey wait! I know! I gotta protect Ka-- (realizes everyone left) Uhh, guys?. . . Gu-uys?. . .


Kikyo: Demon Naraku? Or is it... (zoom in, like the camera's supposed to...)


Kikyo: OW! (puts a hand to her face where she got hit) Who the heck is working that stupid cam--

me: (whistles inncoently)

Kikyo: . . . You...

me: ... (looks around. points to herself 'innocently') Me?

Kikyo: Yes. (grabs a bow and arrow) You.

me: O O ...Uhh... (gulp) (runs away screaming)

Kikyo: (puts her weaponry down) Tsch, yeah. Quite a threat. (gets whacked with a slipper) ... (eyebrow twitches)

me: (far away) Sorry!... kinda.

(episode 37: The Man Who Fell In Love With Kagome)

(just one thing you need to know about this one: I only watch the English version of IY. think 'English voice actors.')

(I cant remember what was going on here, but I think one of the birds of paradise was gonna attack Kagome)

Inu: (to the rescue!) MONECAAAA!

Kag: O O

crew: (snickering, holding back laughs, etc.)

Inu: (realizes everyone's staring at him) ... What?

Kag: Uhh... I'm Kagome.

Inu: Yeah, I know.

Kag: I don't think ya do.

Inu: What? What'd I say?

Kag: You called me Moneca, you idiot!

Inu: You're the idiot! I mean, isn't that your name?

Kag: I'd prefer Kagome while we're filming, you lunk!

Director: (sigh)

camera guy: (eating popcorn. well, actually, his friend has to give it to him b/c he cant move his arms. the other cg is throwing it into his mouth, occasionally missing him and hitting him in the face with it.)

Sango: (still watching Inuyasha and Mo-- pardon me, Kagome) This could take a while.

Miroku: Yup... Wanna go get lunch?

Sango: Sure. (walks away with him. Shippo and Kilala follow)

Hakkaku: . . . (to Ginta) Y'know, I have been wanting to see Fantastic Four lately.

Ginta: (shrugs) Ah, what the heck? We got nothin' better to do. (walks away)

Hakkaku: (walks away)

(well, this isn't really going anywhere, let's just move on.)

(episode 84 again. I think.)

Inu: I hope you're safe, Moneca.

crew: (cracks up)

Inu: I did it again, didn't I?

Director: (actually laughing) Yeah.

Inu: (hangs his head, ashamed)

Miroku: Man, get it together, will ya?

Inu: (glares at him)

(episode 27: Lake of the Evil Water God)

(just before 'my intentions were honorable')

Miroku: (trying to wake Sango up) Sango. Sango! Kelly! (growl) Why isn't she answering me?

Director: Gee, I don't know, it could be 'cause you just called her KELLY.

Miroku: O O . . . I did?

Director: You did.

Inu: Who's gotta get it together now, huh?

Miroku: (growl)


(I loved when he said this! no surprise, though)

Inu: Saving Kagome has to come first!

Miroku and Sango: (look at each other. smile) Kagome and Inu, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G--

Inu: Hey, it's not like that! She... she, uh... o-ows me a bowl of ramen!

Sango: (laughs) Yeah, sure she does.

Miroku: (also laughing) (sigh) Oh boy.


(final scene)

Kag: Y'know, I gotta admit, that was probably one of our easiest battles yet.

everyone: (stares at her)

Kag: . . . What?

Inu: Just shut up and gimme that ramen you owe me.

Kag: Ramen? I didn't even bring ramen for this episode.

(episode 117: Vanished in a River of Flames)

(final scene)

(Kagura is sitting on the side of a bridge. I could only imagine there's some kind of bottomless pit underneath it.)

Kanna: (apears out of nowhere (that was just freaky, btw)) Kagura--

Kagura: (freaks out and falls off the bridge) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Kanna: Wow, look at her go. (watches her fall until she hears a very faint smack) . . . Cool! Do that again!

Kagura: (just barely audible) Oh, shut up!



(everybody's been talking pretty quickly)

Sango's voice: Next time, Into The Depths of Mt. Hakurei.

Miroku's: I'm sorry, Sango, but you at least must live.

Kanna's: ... Who the heck is everyone talking to?

Kagura's: Do you ever shut up?'!

Kanna's: Hey, be thankful I didn't have the boombox this time!

Sango's, Miroku's, and Kagura's: . . . Good point.

I think I'll stop here for now.

sorry for the wait. but expect more soon! I'll have The Twin Factor updated in a little bit!