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Full Synopsis: It was the best of times, it was the worst of time… NAH just kidding… Well this time Kagome dates a real asshole and once she's fed up with his abuse she decides to stay at Sango's ranch far away. There Kagome meets a whole crew of new people Sesshoumaru, Kouga, Keade, Hojo, Shippou, etc. But when she meets Inuyasha will he be able to draw her out back into the world from out of her shell and show her a life of new adventure?


.·¤¤·Thick Throaty Molasses·¤¤·.

¤ By: Telpelindewen ¤

¤ Chapter One ¤

Kagome reread the letter as the van picked up speed and drove her through vast plains and mountains.

Dear Kagome-chan,

How I've missed you lately. Sorry I haven't written in a few weeks but I've had my hands full here at the ranch. I'm glad to hear that you're going to be spending the summer here, finally! How many years since we graduated high school? 4 was it? It took you long enough to get out here girl! I have many people to introduce you to: Shippou, Miroku, Kouga, Sesshoumaru, Rin, Jakotsu, Kaede, Bankotsu, Hojo, and Inuyasha, but oh so many more too, and I'm sure you remember Kohaku. So, when you get to the airport we'll have the ranch van pick you up, Ivan will be driving – he was my grandfather's good friend. I'm proud of you for leaving that bastard. So, I can't wait to see you ahhh!!! We'll have tons of fun, and if you decide to stay past the summer we could always use another hand around here. Can't wait to see you. Hugs and kisses!

- Sango-chan

Kagome laughed to herself as the bumpy van coasted along the road. She had received that letter two weeks before at her apartment. Last year Kagome had graduated college and took a job as a photographer in the closest city to her original hometown. She had a boyfriend but he turned out to be dangerous. Kagome's new boyfriend was a man handler and she constantly suffered from his wrath. So finally Kagome decided she had had enough and left him for good… thus leaving her with no where to stay. She missed her old high school gang. Sango and her had kept in touch after high school when they parted ways. Sango's grandfather had died her junior year in high school and she and her brother (who were under his care) had inherited his property and all his money (which was no small amount). Sango would never need to go to college. But she now ran a full operational ranch with cattle, horses, chicken, and all.

"So Myoga how bout telling me about some of your crew at the ranch." He smiled at her quip.

"Well lets see. We have the older woman Kaede, she's a feisty one she is, and her helper is Hojo. Then we have Miroku who's family line were all priests but he became a cowboy – by the way misses watch his hands at all time. (she sweatdropped) Then there's Kouga who is a speed demon by all means, Bankotsu and Jakotsu – they came to us together fresh out of high school. And then there's sweet little Rin, she's a rough one, cowgirl 100, she lost her parents when she was very young and was taken in by Sango's grandfather. Then there's the two famous cowboy brothers, Sesshoumaru, and Inuyasha. They are certainly a handful. Sesshoumaru is a cold fish he won't say one word to no one, but he seems to have taking a liking to our Rin. Inuyasha on the other hand is a handful. He's got a rotten temper and whenever he talks its usually something filled with sarcasm or rudeness. Ahh here we are good old Shikon No Tama Acres." Kagome gripped the seatbelt as she felt the van screech to a stop.

As soon as Kagome stepped from the van she fetl a woosh and was pushed back into the van as her friend rushed up to hug her.

"Kagome! Kagome! Oh my god I've missed you so so so so so much!" Sango stepped back as Kagome winced. "Whats the matter?"

"Nothing sorry Sango you just knocked the wind out of me." Kagome lied but her good friend saw through her and decided not to push her friend wondering if she was suffereing any parting gifts from her now ex-boyfriend.

"Oh Kagome I'm so happy you've finally dumped the jerk and come to stay with me!" Sango grabbed her luggage out of the van and set it down besides them. "Kagome, any parting problems with you know who?"

"Are you kidding? I had to bust my way outta there. I don't regret it either, although he claims we're not finished." They both sighed as Sango grabbed her bags and headed towards the house. Sango refused to let either Myouga or Kagome help as she headed towards the house. Kagome quietly thanked Myouga for the ride and rushed after her friend. As he watched the two rush up to the house a small boy walked up to where Myouga was standing, he was about 16 years old and looked very much like…

"Myouga who was that? Did Sango bring a guest to stay for a bit?" The boy watched as they disappeared into the house.

"Well Kouhaku that is Kagome Higurashi. From what I've gathered she's staying for the summer." He turned to close the doors of the van.

"That's Kagome Higurashi?!!!!! She's changed a lot. Oh man there's going to be a commotion around here."

"Why'd you say that boy?" Myouga accidently cut himself slightly on the sharp corner of the door jam and like a paper cut he quickly covered his finger with his mouth trying to stop the little blood flow.

"The last girl that was brought around here was Rin, and Sesshoumaru's made sure that no one else can even look at her. Therefore I'm pretty sure since these guys only get to go into town every week or so…"

"And since that there girl is so pretty…"

"Yeah" They both agreed "There's going to be a commotion."


"Well Kagome this is your room. Now you have your own bathroom and closet and all. You don't have to worry about cleaning anything Kaede takes care of all that. We have a really nice lake, and there are about 3 hot springs spread out in the forest, if you come over by the window here." Kagome walked over to look outside the window. She could see for miles. To her right were some far away mountains, and to the left a forest which past that was a glistening and most inviting lake. But closer were the stables and many acres of ranch land. There were pastures and many acres just for the stables and horses. But on the right were man more acres that donned land for cattle and it looked like maybe a chicken house.

"The stables, the horses, the pastures, the lake, the forest, the cattle, and oh yes the corrals for the fun." Kagome could see many ranch hands watching someone on a bucking animal, but as they cheered he quickly fell off the bull. On the other side where the chicken house was a boy ran out of the chicken house running and panting. Kagome arched her eyebrow at the fragile boy.

"Ah yes that's Hojo. He's Kaede's helper with chores and such." She laughed when she saw him running towards the house, "He's better with the housework then the ranching part anyway."

"So then what do the ranch hands do, more like what do you all do around here, and where does everyone stay?" Kagome followed Sango as they walked around the rest of the house.

"Well you, Hojo, Kaede, Kohaku, Rin, and myself stay in the main house. All the ranch hands stay in the smaller house that's connected to the main house, its connected through the kitchen and dinning room. All of the boys are in that portion of the house except for Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha who get the house by the lake, but even so Inuyasha tends to sleep in the loft of the barn. Anyway the younger boys have to bunk together in the largest room and then the others get their own in the ranch hand portion of the house. We have breakfast every morning 6 am sharp, lunch at 12 and then dinner at 6 pm. Usually every Friday night, Tuesday night and all day Saturday are given off to the guys – lord knows what they do on their days off. But it depends because when we have seasonal cattle drives and rodeo's, and carnivals and other such fun things."

"Whoa that sounds like a lot of fun." She smiled shyly as Sango and her went down the stairs and onto the porch in the hot sun, but apparently Sango wasn't done yet.

"The boys tend to participate in whatever they can." She rolled her eyes, "Seeing that it's Thursday and you just missed the last cattle drive, the boys are probably practicing for the upcoming rodeo in two weeks. Everyone here has their talents. Watch out for Miroku and Kouga, they are extreme womanizers. Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha are a bit cold. Rin is a sweet heart, and the others have their quirks as well. You remember my brother right?"

Kagome smiled as she leaned against the poll of the porch, "Of course I remember him, he was such a sweetie."

"Common then let's go introduce you to everyone." Sango pulled Kagome off the porch right before she was going to protest. Kagome who was pulled after watched as two men rode up on horseback along side one of the fences. There were many cattle in the coral on the other side.

"Hey Sango who is this lovely lady?" The two men pulled up on their sweat glistening horses. The other didn't even glance her way.

"This Miroku is my good friend Kagome. She's here to stay with us for a while." Miroku smiled and tipped his hat and head towards her. Kagome smiled shyly back and looked to the other man who couldn't care less.

"This Lady Kagome is Sesshoumaru." Now here was an attractive man. Even though they were both good looking this Sesshoumaru had long white flowing hair and a cold featured look about him. Sesshoumaru rode a gray horse while Miroku's was a bay., the horses were both sweating. But even so Sesshoumaru only looked at Kagome and then to Sango.

"Rin?" That was all he said?! Kagome looked at this man who said few words.

"She's probably in the barn hosing off Ah-un, she returned from checking the south fences an hour ago. Your brother kindly did your share of the north fencing, and Kouga did the rest. So now they are all playing in the main corral. Join them if you want." Sango glared at Miroku as he dismounted and walked towards them.

"Why would I join them when I have to lovely ladies standing right before me?" Sesshoumaru glanced towards them silently asking Sango permission to leave them.

"Rin's might need some help in the barn Sesshoumaru." He turned his horse to the left and trotted off towards the barn.

"That man is such a sucker for that girl." Sango told Kagome who nodded, "Miroku you're lucky that this fence stands between us otherwise I know you would let your hands wander on our new and welcome guest." He coughed and looked away.

"Sango my darling how could you say such thing when you know I have such feelings for only you?" He smiled at her his most charming. This caused a red tomatoish blush to seep into her skin as she pulled Kagome away from him towards the others.

"Nice to meet you Kagome-chan!" He chuckled as he watched Sango storm off.

Sango dragged Kagome yet again and she laughed to herself as she saw her friend blush. Finally they were walking side by side when Kagome finally got the courage to ask her friend, "Sango-chan? Do you have something with Miroku?" She watched as Sango turned red yet again.

"Not exactly Kagome. He's different I'll admit to that, and I would like to get to know him better but he can be such a… such a…"


"Yes!" She was exasperated, "Miroku's been around for a while, and I've come to enjoy his company a lot Kagome, but he can be so perverted sometimes that I can't stand it, and I know that he enjoys to see me ticked off so!" They approached a fence and Kagome glanced over to where Sango was now looking.

She stopped and gasped out loud........