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Chapter the First: Control


Meditating was essential to Raven's life. Meditating was the only way to really keep her emotions in check, and she meditated often, sometimes more than five or six times a day. And every night she meditated for an hour before going to bed. She was getting ready to do just that, since it was nighttime already, and the Titans had settled into their pre-bedtime rituals.

Raven was making a cup of tea to drink before shutting herself in her room, Robin had locked himself in the training room, Cyborg and Beast Boy were having some sort of Gamestation battle, and Starfire was making a 'pudding of happiness' for the fighting teens.

Then the alarm sounded and Robin rushed to see what was happening. It was two of their often-encountered rivals, Thunder and Lighting. They were coming closer and closer to Jump City, creating havoc and tearing up things.

"Titans, go!" Robin yelled, as usual, and they all dropped what they were doing and left. The battle went as they usually did, Robin taking the lead, Cyborg following first. Beast Boy changed into a green tiger and attacked lighting, who promptly shocked him with a bolt. Starfire shot starbolts at him, and Raven put up a force field around the two girls when Lightning retaliated.

It wasn't a very long fight, as fights go, but after the first two had been defeated, Gizmo showed up. Apparently, he'd convinced Thunder and Lightning that it would be fun to go out tonight as a distraction so that he could steal a new piece of technology from a near-by lab. This fight is what caused tonight to be unusual.

The battle with Gizmo had gone on and on. Every time they dispatched one of his robotic weapons, another appeared. The wings gave way to spider legs, that gave way to a hovercraft, that gave way to more wings, that gave way to some sort of blaster. This was the hardest part. Every time anyone got close, Gizmo fired. Raven spent all of her time blocking the others from getting shot. By the time they had knocked the gizmo off his back that produced all of those robotics, she was exhausted, and her powers nearly drained. She didn't even fly back to Titan Tower. She rode in the T-car with Cy and BB, while Star flew alone and Robin rode his bike.

As soon as they'd made it home, Raven went to her room, her nightly tea forgotten and cold in the kitchen. She changed out of her uniform and put on some comfy gray pajama pants and a black tank top. She sat on her bed, prepared to meditate, and promptly fell asleep.

The other Titans pretty much did the same thing. Cy plugged himself in and settled down for the night; Star threw out her ruined pudding and had a cup of mustard before going to bed; BB threw himself into bed without even changing his clothes; and Robin took the time only to do a few stretching exercises before retiring for the night. Within a half an hour, they were all asleep.


Raven was dreaming of the battle that had just taken place. Everything happened as it had happened before, and the Titans returned to Titan Towers. Raven saw herself go to her room and go to bed, and once she saw that she herself was asleep, she left the room. Cyborg's room was closest to hers, and she walked through the door without even opening it. It was dark, but she could see perfectly and she saw Cy plugged in and sleeping peacefully. Without even thinking about it, Raven entered his mind.

Cy's dream was being transmitted in a series of 0's and 1's that flashed across the back of his eyelids so fast that Raven couldn't even tell how she knew that they were 0's and 1's. Closing her eyes, she let herself drift further into his mind, into his more human half where the numbers were made into pictures and she could see his dream. He was in the lab, working on something. He was getting frustrated, and had actually just flung a piece of the mechanical puzzle across the room. Ashamed of himself, he rose to retrieve it, and knocked a pad of paper to the floor. When it landed, Cy looked at it upside down. He bent to grab it, and then froze. Carefully, he studied the drawing, and then his face lit up and he actually laughed out loud. He ran to grab the piece he had thrown, and then, to Raven's surprise, broke it right in half. He pulled some part out of the wreckage and dropped the rest in the trash. Opening a drawer, Cy pulled out a replica of the broken part, only this one wasn't fully assembled. He went to work on it busily, happy now that he was doing whatever it was he was doing.

Raven pulled out of his mind.

BB had the next closest room. Walking through the closed door, Raven found herself to be standing in a very small clearing. There were things all over the floor. Clothes, shoes, books. There were even a few dog toys. Rave lifted into the air and hung there, entering BB's mind.

Raven had no trouble understanding his dream. It was about Terra. They were at the carnival together, and Raven waited for when Terra was going to turn against them, but it never came. Instead, Terra and BB had a normal date, and they went home. He kissed her goodnight at her door and then went off to his. Raven pulled out of his mind after that.

Star's room was in a different hallway, but instead of going over there to the door, Raven simply walked right through the wall across from BB's room and found herself in Star's bathroom. It was all purple and pink, decorated with pictures of tiny baby animals, everything from kittens and puppies to alligators and snakes. Raven shook her head. The door was open and Raven could see Star, sleeping beneath a giant pink comforter and hugging a blue sparkly star-shaped pillow.

Entering Star's mind, Raven found herself in an familiar place. Star was there, in simple white gown, hair smoothed back behind an M-shaped metal headband. Raven knew without being told that this was Star's wedding day, and that Star was quite anxious. Oddly enough, a wedding ceremony on Tamaran was much like a wedding on Earth. The guests sat in a large room and watched, while the two getting married stood in front. When Raven and the others had gone to Tamaran to see Star's wedding, the one that turned out to be a hoax by Blackfire, Blackfire, as the ruler of Tamaran, had presided over the wedding. However in her place now was the enormous Galifore. But Raven wasn't so much interested in that.

She was much more interested in the groom that was now standing next to Star. Like the Gigrrisklechhh, he had green skin, but he wasn't some sort of alien. It was Robin. And the green skin wasn't as much like the alien that Star had nearly married, but darker, like BB's. Star's dream changed, and Raven found herself back on Earth. Star was still standing next to a green-tinted Robin, and she was holding a cup full of what Raven knew to be mustard. From somewhere out of the scene, a cat ran in, and Robin transformed into a green puppy and chased it away. Star, laughing, called for him to come back, and he did, flying in as a green bird and then transforming back into a green Robin.

Confused, Raven pulled out of Star's mind. She left Star's room through the door this time, finding herself in a hallway she never used. This hall was connected to the hall that her own room was in by a third hall. In this hall, you could find the training room, a way to get to the room, the hall to the living rooms and kitchen, and Robins room. This was her destination for right now. Like in Star's room, she didn't bother with going all the way around to the door, merely gliding through the wall when she got far enough down the hallway worked just fine.

Robin's room was a mess, but not as bad as BB's. She set herself down on the floor and entered her leader's dreams. He was fighting Mr. Freeze. Raven was watching from the base of Titan Tower, looking across the bay towards Jump City. Robin had his bo staff out, but he was doing little to halt the progress of the villain, who was freezing everything with his ice cannon.

Already, the bay was so frozen over that they were standing on the ice itself, fighting. She could feel Robin's emotions coursing through her body, as she had felt Star's anxiety, BB's love for Terra, and Cy's happiness at his work. Robin was terrified. He was afraid that this villain was too much for him to handle on his own, and Jump City would be left in icy ruins. Raven wondered where the rest of the Titans were in Robin's dream, and she kept expecting them to come to his aid, but they never did.

Suddenly, Raven heard a snap, and found that Robin's bo staff had been broken. The pieces landed far from each other, and Robin reached for a bird-a-rang from his belt. By the time he had thrown it, the ice monster had thrown a punch that connected squarely with Robins outstretched arm. Raven heard a sickening crack, and Robin cried out. Half-spinning, half-falling, He landed on his side on the ice, cradling his right arm. Doing something she hadn't done in her visits to the other's dreams, Raven called out. "Robin!," she yelled, one hand reaching out to him. Then she remembered that she wasn't really in his dream, that she was just watching. She lowered her arm.

He looked up from where he lay on the ice, about to be frozen permanently by the monster. "Raven?" He said. Raven's eyes widened. She looked around, but there was no dream version of her there. "Raven, help me."

His voice was laced with pain, and she quickly flew over to him, putting up a dark shield around them both, nearly not in time. The ice shards that were being thrown out of the monsters hands bounced back at him. Robin sat up slowly, favoring his arm. Raven let the shield drop, and the dream shifted ever so slightly, the ice monster gone.

They were still sitting on the ice, and Raven's legs were freezing. She pushed back the hood of her cloak and took it off, meaning to lay it on the ice and sit on it, when she noticed what she was wearing. Instead of her usual uniform, the black outfit with the purple gloves and boots, she had on a short, bright green, backless halter top dress, with white fluffy cottony material around the hemline. She was wearing white tights, and her gloves had turned green. Her boots turned into white ice skates and she had on a stupid fluffy white hat that matched the cottony stuff around her hemline.

Without being able to stop herself, she spun around on the skates and struck a pose. Looking over her right shoulder at Robin, she managed to stand on the very tip of her left skate, bending her right knee up so high that she somehow got a hold of one other the shoestrings in her right skate. Her left arm was up and she was holding her cloak by the hood, thrown out behind her. He was standing up now, and smiling at her.

And then she did the unthinkable.

Smiling back at him, she winked.

She threw herself out of Robin's dream so violently that she actually felt him wake up as she was leaving his room. She didn't bother with any doors or halls on her way back to her room, and just flung herself through every wall, table, door, and even through BB's room on her way back. She saw herself lying in bed and threw herself back into her own body.


Raven woke with a start.

She sat up, blinking rapidly. That was one strange dream. She shook her head and pushed the covers down. After going to the bathroom, she settled into a comfortable floating position and meditated for about a half an hour before she could hear the others begin to wake up. BB and Cy were already fighting over tofu eggs, and she could hear Star saying, "Please, friends! Do not fight! Let us instead make a pudding of Friendship!"

Raven dressed in her usual uniform and smoothed her hair back. Apparently, the breakfast battle was over because the two Titans in the kitchen had ceased yelling, so Raven went to the kitchen to make her morning tea. On her way down the middle hall, she passed the workout room. Through the closed door, she could hear someone hitting the punching bag, and based on the fact that she knew where three of the other Titans were, this had to be Robin. Raven's stomach flipped, and she felt an odd sensation running up her back. Remembering how she had looked in his dream in her dream last night, she frowned and moved on down the hall.

Sitting down at the table to drink her hot herbal tea, she noticed that there was already a cup of tea on the table. Frowning again, she pulled it over to her only to find that it was cold. Then she remembered that she'd never had her tea the night before, because of Gizmo and Thunder and Lightning. She rose from her seat and poured the old tea out, setting the empty dish in the sink.

Thinking of not drinking her tea last night made her realize that she'd fallen asleep last night before meditating. Mouth dropping open, she wondered if she hadn't blown up anything in her sleep. She had had an awfully strange dream, and many emotions had been coursing through her.

Raven walked back to her room and looked around carefully. Nothing looked out of place or broken, so she walked into her bathroom. Again, it didn't look like anything was wrong. Raven chewed on her bottom lip. She knew from experience that her powers looked for an outlet is she didn't meditate often enough, and she hadn't meditated last night at all. There must be something that had happened while she was sleeping.

Distractedly, Raven wondered back into the living room and sat on the couch. Cyborg and Beast Boy were having a very involved Gamestation battle, consisting of some sort of bounty hunter-type game. Cyborg was attempting to track Beast Boy's character down and kill him, and Beast Boy was trying to kill Cyborg's character before he was killed. Starfire was watching with rapt attention, looking up from the tv screen only to ask questions about what was happening. Raven stared out the window and pointedly ignored Star's questioning. Not that it mattered, really. Star was too involved in watching to pay attention to any answers anyway.

Robin came into the living room not too long after. He flopped down in a chair, eating a sandwich and carrying a magazine. Raven could see his reflection in the glass of the window, and she could tell that it was some sort of motorcycle magazine. She rolled her eyes. He opened it, and she glanced up at the movement. And just as she was looking back out of the window, she froze. There, on the back cover of Robin's magazine, was an ad for some special limited-edition flavored Camel cigarettes.

Raven didn't smoke, but she stared at the ad's reflection for a very long time. The ad had a blue snowy background and there were pictures of two boxes of cigarettes with a holiday design. There was a girl there between the boxes, posing. The girl was what made Raven pause.

She had on a short, bright green, backless halter top dress, with white fluffy cottony material around the hemline. She was wearing white tights, green gloves, and ice skates. She had on a stupid fluffy white hat that matched the cottony stuff around her hemline.

She was posed standing on the very tip of her left skate, bending her right knee up so high that she somehow got a hold of one other the shoestrings in her right skate. Her left arm was up and she was holding a lit cigarette. She was looking over her right shoulder at whoever was looking at the ad, smiling somewhat suggestively.

It was the same outfit and pose that Raven had been in last night in her dream. But Raven knew that she'd never seen that ad before. She would've remembered that ridiculous hat. She looked at the reflection of the front cover and could see an address label stuck on the bottom right corner, underneath a mud splattered crotchrocket. Robin was flipping pages like he was looking for something in particular, and then he flipped back to the front cover.

Without thinking about it, Raven used her empath abilities to look through Robin's eyes at the magazine. She looked at the date, and found that it had just arrived yesterday. Then Robin flipped over to page 54, and Raven saw another picture of the same bike on the front cover. After a moment, Raven decided that he was going to read that whole article, and she pulled out of his mind.

Starfire was looking at her oddly, but before she could speak, Raven jumped off the couch and left the room.

Raven went to the roof, and meditated, thinking about the picture in the ad and about her dream.

The alarm sounded and Cyborg was the first one to reach the computer. "It's Plasmus and Cinderblock!"

"Titans, GO!" shouted Robin. The five super heroes' ran out the door and Cyborg and Beast Boy jumped into the T-car. Robin hopped on his motorcycle, and Raven and Star took to the air. Within minutes, they'd reached the site of the attack: the rock quarry. Sliding sideways, Robin stopped the bike and tossed his helmet on the ground next to it. Beast Boy leapt out of the car, transforming into a leopard as he went. Cyborg parked, and then he jumped out too, leaving his car door hanging open.

Raven and Star were already fighting. Star was throwing Star bolts out of her hands at Plasmus. Where they made contact, a gaping hole opened up right through Plasmus. Unfortunately, after a few seconds, the holes closed right up again. Raven wasn't faring much better with Cinderblock. He was throwing boulders at her, and as soon as they were near, they glowed black and were flung back at him. Many struck him, and one was large and fast enough to knock him back several yards, but he got up again. Beast Boy leapt towards Plasmus, drawing his attention long enough for Star to fire several rounds unblocked.

They were doing all right, so Robin went to help Raven with Cinderblock. Running up, he threw several exploding discs at him. Three of them missed, hitting the ground in front of him and beside him, but two struck him. One hit his chest and the other hit one of his legs, effectively cracking his knee. Using this new weakness to her advantage, Raven threw a nearby metal I-beam at the crack. Cinderblock fell, and was unable to use that leg anymore. Raven pinned him to the ground using three more I-beams. She moved them over to him, and then attempted to bend the beams around him to secure his arms. They were too strong, so she brought her hands together in front and chanted, "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

With an extra surge of power, Raven was able to wrap the beams around Cinderblock, effectively trapping him. Robin and Raven then turned to see how the others were faring with Plasmus. Cyborg was blasting holes right through him with his cannon, and Star was doing the same, but the holes just closed up again. Beast Boy was still using the same tactic, drawing Plasmus' attention while the others attacked. Raven threw a boulder at him before he even noticed that they were there to battle him too, and it hit him hard from the side. He flew backwards, splitting from the shoulder down to his waist, and Robin threw a bird-a-rang at him. It flew around him several times before it pulled tight, tying him up.

A few seconds later, however, Plasmus began shifting, sliding between the ropes until he was free and there was nothing but a pile of rope lying on the ground where he had bee tied up. Robin swore, something he never did, and Star looked over at him, confused. That second that she lost concentration was all that it took, and Plasmus shot a spray of purple plasma-goop at her. It struck, knocking her out of the air. She fell to the ground, landing hard on the concrete of the quarry worker's parking lot.

"Starfire!" Robin yelled. She didn't respond, and Cyborg ran over to her. Distracted, Robin and the other two went back to the battle. Raven had grown angry after Plasmus had hurt Star, who, even with all of their differences, was really her best friend. Losing control of her emotions was a weakness for Raven, and with her anger now, she was having trouble picking up the boulders that she wanted to throw at Plasmus. Beast Boy's attention grabbing plan had worked for a while, but now Plasmus wasn't responding to it anymore. Transforming back into himself, Beast Boy re-grouped beside Robin as Raven flew up on his other side.

Robin assessed the new situation, and decided that their number one priority now was Star, whether Plasmus was defeated or not. Looking back over his shoulder, Robin saw that Cyborg had carried a still-unconscious Star back to the T-car. Raven dropped out of the air and landed next to him, whispering something about a hole. He looked at her, and her eyes glowed black for a moment. Then he heard her voice in his head. 'The Launch move that you and Star do, we're going to do that. Beast Boy has snuck around behind him and dug a hole. You knock him into it, and then we gotta get Star out of here."

He nodded, and she took off into the air again. Robin threw two exploding disks at the ground in front of Plasmus so that the dirt would fly up and their flying attack would be a surprise. After the explosion, Robin put his hands up and Raven grabbed them. She picked him straight up and then spun him in a circle, building momentum. Flying a little closer, she let go of Robin's hands. He readied himself for the kick, and then the metal sole of his shoe made contact with Plasmus' upper chest. Robin felt his shoe being sucked into the purple plasma-goop that made up Plasmus' body and braced himself to fall into BB's hole, too. Plasmus fell backwards, and after the point where he should've hit the ground, he kept falling. Robin hoped that he'd be able to get back out of the hole, but the impact of Plasmus hitting the bottom never came. Instead, Robin felt something grab at his upper arms and his shoe was jerked out of where it had been sinking into Plasmus.

As the smoke from his discs cleared, Robin could see that BB had transformed into a Pterodactyl and caught him just before Plasmus landed. Robin grinned. "Thanks, BB."

Dropping Robin to the ground by his Motorcycle, BB took off towards home. Robin brushed off his knees and stood up. He looked around the quarry. He and Raven were the only one's left there. He looked up at her. "Cy took Star back to the tower already. I can hear sirens coming, so the police will be here soon," she said in a monotone voice.

Her voice might've been even, but the way that she kept looking worriedly in the direction of the tower belied how she felt. "You go on." Robin said, "I'll stay here until the cops show up." Raven nodded and flew off, her cloak trailing behind her.

Robin sighed and rubbed his shoulder. Cinderblock had gotten him with a boulder and it was starting to hurt; His adrenaline was wearing off. Now he could hear the police sirens coming closer, and he put on his helmet. The first cop car came into view and her revved up his engine. The police van came down the hill and into the parking lot, and Robin pointed to Cinderblock and then to the hole where Plasmus was stuck. A team of cops ran to each villain and Robin hit the gas, white-smoking his tires for a moment before letting off the brake. Tires squealing, he went home.


Raven flew to the door and let herself in. Waiting for the elevator to come to the bottom, she meditated as best she could. She was going to need to have her powers under control in order to heal Star when she made it to the top of the tower.

At the top, Raven found BB kneeling next to the couch. Cy was standing behind it, watching out the window. Star was lying on the couch. "Has she woken up yet?" Raven inquired. BB shook his head no. Raven kneeled down next to BB and summed up her powers of healing. She directed the black aura to Star's head, and worked her way down from there. Star had a few cuts and bruises on her arms and legs, and they cleared up, but she still didn't wake. Raven breathed in deeply.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos. Azarath Metrion, Zinthos. Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos," she chanted under her breath as she tried to heal Star again. Nothing happened this time. Raven stared at Star in disbelief. She couldn't understand what was wrong. Never before had her powers of healing failed her totally. Sure, they didn't always fix everything, like Robin's arm that time, but at least she was able to reduce that from a compound break to just a simple fracture. Nothing was happening at all to Star.

She sat back on her heels. BB stood up silently and walked into the kitchen. Cy stood at the window. BB was making small noises in the kitchen, and everything else was silent. After a moment, Raven could hear a slight buzzing sound, coming from the direction of jump City.

"Robin's coming." Cy said, seconds later. Raven closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. Centering herself, she gave it all she had in one last go. Star woke up, blinking rapidly. She sat up quickly, eyes bright green and hands full of unreleased star bolts. "Whoa, Star! We're home! It's okay!" Cyborg ran over to her and put his hands on her shoulders. The star bolts disappeared and her eyes changed back to their normal color as she looked around at her surroundings.

"I do not remember returning. What has happened, Friend Cyborg?"

"You got knocked out. Plasma hit you and you fell. We brought you back here while you were unconscious."

"Oh. Has friend Raven also been 'knocked out?'" Cy looked over at Raven and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head. She had been kneeling, but now she was slumped over on the couch where Star had been lying. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing very hard and all out of rhythm.

Cy let go of Star's arms and went to Raven. He brushed her hair back off of her cheek and said her name. Her eyes fluttered open and she made like she was going to sit up, but then fell back again. Cy picked her up, despite some very weak protests, and put her on the couch. On the other side of the room, the elevator doors closed and the light that showed it was at the top floor went out, moving across the row until it stopped at the third light from the bottom. That was the garage level, and that meant that Robin was on his way up.

Beast Boy came out of the kitchen carrying two cups. One was full of mustard and he handed it to Star. The other was a steaming mug of tea, which he sat on the table beside the couch. Raven's breathing was settled back to normal now, and she wasn't near to passing out, however she was very worn out and quite tired. She had her cape wrapped around her like a blanket, and BB, sitting on the table now, handed her the warm cup. She graced him with a rare smile, and he blushed, though you could hardly tell from the tint of his skin.

A bell dinged, and the elevator doors slid open again. Robin stepped out, and his eyes immediately searched out Star. She was fine, drinking something, but something was still amiss. Beast Boy and Cyborg were still in front of the couch, looking for all the world like they were taking care of an injured person. But Star had been injured today, and she was sitting in the chair. He himself was standing right here, and Cy and BB he could see, so that only left Raven. But she hadn't been injured today, had she? He walked over and stood next to Cyborg. Raven was sitting in the corner of the couch, propped up by pillows and holding a steaming cup. "What happened?"

"I dunno. She was healing Star, and she just...went down. She was kneeling here, and then Star was fine again, but then Raven was passed out against the couch."

Robin looked at her, and she looked away. "I'm fine guys. You can go now."

"Friend Raven is well now?"

"She's not well, Star," Robin said, "There's something wrong." Robin narrowed his eyes at the dark girl on the couch. She stared him down. Best Boy and Cyborg, sensing danger, quickly left the room. Star stayed where she was, until both Cy and BB reached a hand back into the room and grabbed her, pulling her out. Her nearly empty cup of mustard fell to the floor.

"Come one, Rae. What's up? I know you didn't get hurt at the quarry." Robin crossed his arms.

"It's nothing. I'm just tired, is all. I woke up really early this morning."

"So did I, and I didn't just pass out."

"Just forget about it, okay?"


"Leave me alone!" Raven's aura glowed black and dark energy crackled around her. For a brief second, Robin thought she was going to attack him. She sat up very, very tall and the second pair of eyes that she got when she was very angry showed briefly. But then that all disappeared and left only Raven, sitting on the couch, asleep.

Robin blinked and stepped closer. When she didn't move, he went all the way to the couch and shook her gently. "Raven?" She turned her head and then lay still again. "Uh...Guys?" Robin called to the other Titans. "Cyborg? ...BB?......Star?"


Giving up on them and not knowing what else to do, Robin got a blanket for Raven and then turned out the lights. Grabbing an apple for dinner, he went to his room.


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