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Author's Note: Originally written for Gina Ivy's fine, and now retired website, Knight Files.

* * * * *

She Dreams That She is Flying
By Gen X

* * * * *

She dreams that she is flying.
She is soaring through the air.
City streets are very small,
She is flying without fear.

He dreams that she is laughing,
While wearing yellow and black.
They are living on the edge;
There's no time for looking back.

She dreams that she is falling,
The bullet does burn her still.
He is nowhere to be found,
His vigil is unfulfilled.

He knows that she is hurting,
Despite her strong appearance.
He wants to regain love but
It'll take some perseverance.

She smiles as she is sitting,
Her fingers are on the keys.
He's out swinging through the air,
She watches him soar with ease.

He sees her as she's working,
She no longer flies on whim.
But none of that does matter,
She is beautiful to him.

She watches as he's sleeping,
The friendship line is a blur.
Friendship's not enough for them.
He is everything to her.

He dreams that they are kissing,
But then wakes to find it real
They're starting their lives anew,
By admitting how they feel.

She dreams that she is flying,
She is walking on pure air.
They're looking at the future,
Their love will lead them there.