Someone Just For Me

By: Naru-chan

Summary: Riku knows who that "Someone Just For Me" is. If only he felt the same way. Daisuke loves her twin, Risa, instead. So when this hot transfer student appears, Riku's heart is stirred. So who really is that "Someone"?

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Chapter One: There, Then, And Now

"Did you hear?"

"No, what?"

"Risa and Daisuke are going out!"

"Ooooh! This is new! Tell me, tell me!"

"Well, you know, they've known each other since middle school."

Riku let out a sigh and continued walking, enjoying the clicking of her black shoes on the hallway floor. News that her twin sister and her best friend had started going out was the latest gossip in school. Everyone couldn't stop talking about it. Riku wish they would. But the further she walked, the more people she met talking about it. And in her classroom, she would have to see them together.

Riku, however, avoided being close to them. Instead, she sat at her assigned seat and tried to distract herself by braiding her hair. It was at shoulder's width, and a simmering mocha color. She had bangs that reached her wide eyes that dulled whenever she thought too much. Her hair was parted on the left side, making her face appear wider. She absently remembered that she had been meaning to get it cut again. Braiding, however, didn't help much, so she tried to adjust her uniform.

Their school required the girls to wear blue, pleated skirts, with a school vest, blazer, or sweater over a white blouse and red tie during the winter. Riku was wearing the skirt with long black socks, and a sweater. She brushed off some lint from her skirt, and after fidgeting around for quite some bit; she finally gave in to her desire. She laid her head down on her arms, which were on the table, looked up and stared at them.

They looked so happy. Daisuke was smiling down at his love-her younger twin sister- Risa. To others, it would seem obvious why Daisuke loved Risa. She was very pretty, with her long, wavy chocolate hair, parted perfectly in the middle. Her warm, chestnut eyes had long lashes that envelop them gracefully when she closed them. Her bright smile seemed to literally shine no matter what. But Riku still couldn't see why. Daisuke…Daisuke wasn't the type to fall in love with someone because of his or her looks! Daisuke…wasn't like that!

The red head always cared about people. It never occurred to him why he should help them, or with what he could gain from doing it, but he did anyway. So…why would he fall in love with someone selfish and spoiled? Riku just didn't see it! Risa…all she cared about-she was just so goddamn shallow! Not that Riku hated Risa... not at all, but…

She felt heat flood her face. But the thing was, Daisuke had liked Risa more than her since…forever, even though they had been friends first. Daisuke had been the little boy at the park whom Riku used to play games with when she had been alone and lonely, but then Risa, who had gotten over her sickness, had joined them. From then on, it was always about Risa. Risa who fell-Risa who had been cut-Risa who was crying! Risa who wanted to play something else! Always, always, ALWAYS! And Daisuke had always cared…

Riku buried her face into her arms. She wanted to stop thinking about it, but she couldn't. It had been bad enough watching her first love falling in love with her twin sister, but Risa had been too dense to notice. But now, after Daisuke finally confessed his love, Risa decided to return it, making everything that had been bad, worse. Much worse. Riku squeezed her eyes shut, hoping everything would just go away, but knowing it wouldn't.

"Riku, are you okay?" a voice asked with concern.

Riku didn't need to look to know who it was. She already knew that she would see a certain redhead's red, worried eyes. She knew him well enough to know that his hands were probably on her desk, and he was leaning over her slightly, in his black coat and black pants (school uniform). There would be a concerned frown on his face, and his eyebrows would be scrunched up together from worry.

"No, Daisuke, I'm not."

"Oh no, is it the flu? It's been going around. You need to be careful about what you wear out," Daisuke warned her. There was a bit of a scolding tone in his voice. "Is that it?"

"Must be," was her muffled answer.

"Then you should take my scarf!" he declared suddenly.

"WHAT!" Riku cried, finally lifting her face out of her arms. Immediately she wished she didn't because Daisuke was smiling in such a cute way, and she was blushing hard.

"You don't have one," he replied simply. "And since you're getting sick, you'll need it more than I do."

"But-But," she protested. "What about Risa? What will she think?"

"Oh, something as small as that?" Daisuke laughed. "Don't worry. She knows that I love her."

Riku's heart, which had felt temporarily in high spirits, froze. The color drained from her face. So… she wasn't a threat at all. Nothing to worry about.

"You know what, Daisuke…? That's okay. I don't need a scarf," she said coldly. She wished fervently again that she hadn't lifted her head from the table

"What?" Daisuke blinked. He had thought he had gotten to her. He knew how stubborn she could be. He tried to persuade her once more. "Oh, come on Riku… Don't be like this…"

"No!" she nearly screamed, getting up from her seat. "I won't repeat myself! I don't want your scarf!"

With that, she left the room in a huff.

"What was…that about?" he wondered aloud, confusion clouding his eyes.

Riku stormed down the hallway. Who did Daisuke think he was? He couldn't just…GIVE her his scarf! What would people think? It'd be a total scandal! Besides… she thought, her face flushed, she didn't want to have confused feelings for Daisuke anymore. She didn't want what seemed like hints that he liked her because she knew for a fact-everyone knew for a fact-that he didn't. His love had always been Risa. Always.

Her anger diminished and she was left with an empty feeling. She let out a sigh and stared out the two-story window. The leaves were beginning to fall, she noted. They had already turned brown and orange ages ago. Distantly, she thought of the fact that they would be sweeping the school from leaves and then snow.

She glanced at her watch and sighed. She had to get to class. Which sucked after what just happened a few minutes ago. Daisuke hadn't even followed her to try to see what was wrong. Probably because Risa had began talking to him, Riku thought with vexation. But then, Risa wanted attention all the time. Maybe it was because she was technically the youngest by five minutes.

Riku dejectedly trudged to the classroom. That's when she noticed the boy walking toward her direction. She blinked, not sure he was really there or not since she had never seen him around before. Plus he seemed too… hot to be real! His long purple bangs hung over his matching, rather wide purple eyes. He had a trace of a smirk on his lips, giving him a mischievous look. Even though he wore the school uniform, he held his black jacket thrown over his shoulder. Not to mention…he was even wearing a necklace of an elaborate silver cross. At the sight of him, Riku felt her face flush slightly, but she shoved thoughts of this stranger out of her mind and tried to concentrate on what would happen if she were late to class.

She quickly opened and entered her homeroom, closing the door behind her, but wished slightly that she knew where the guy was heading. She retook her seat and ignored the looks coming from Daisuke, who was trying to get her attention. Still, she refused to look at him with firm determination, even though she felt her face redden.

Damn that Daisuke, she thought angrily in her mind. Damn him, damn him, damn him! All he ever thinks about is Risa anyway!

"Class, I'd like you all to meet our new transfer student," the teacher announced cheerfully.

Riku hadn't heard, too busy consumed in her own thoughts, but when the classroom erupted with awe, she blinked and slowly looked up. Her brown eyes widened. It was…

"Pleased to meet you. I'm Dark Mousy," the purple-headed boy grinned cheerfully. His violet eyes stared right at Riku's it seemed. "I hope we get to know each other very well."

Riku felt her face flush, must to her displeasure.

"And you're related to…Daisuke Niwa are you not?" the teacher inquired.

"So we are," Dark's grin widened. He grabbed Daisuke's heave and messed up Daisuke's already messy hair. He winked at his audience. "We're cousins, but like brothers!"

"L-Let go Dark!" Daisuke cried out in distress. He blushed because of all the interest they were receiving. He liked to be quiet… not that noticed! B-But Dark…Dark always wanted to be the center of attention, and just because he was new-or perhaps because he was new, this was no exception.

Riku stared at the pair, not knowing what to say. Dark was…so unlike Daisuke. They couldn't possibly be related… Just that moment, Dark looked up straight at Riku, and grinned. Riku blushed yet again and looked away quickly. Definitely couldn't be related!

Dark noticed her blush and continued to grin.

"Neh, Teacher, can I choose where to sit?"

"Why…certainly…" the teacher answered, surprised. Usually transfer students were…less bold than this.

He strolled down Riku's row, whistling happily, obviously pleased with himself. He stopped at the desk next to Riku.

"Is this seat taken?" he asked Riku, all smiles. The atmosphere around him seemed so happy.

"N…No," Riku stuttered.

"What was that?" Dark smiled, his expression never changing. He cupped a hand against his ear. "Speak up."

"NO THAT FREAKEN SEAT ISN'T TAKEN!" she screamed. She blushed madly when she realized that she had just shouted so loudly. Everyone in the class, including Daisuke of course, stared at them. She wanted to duck her head under her table and just die, right then and there. Not to mention killing this new guy as well.

"Feisty, aren't you? Well, I like that in a girl. Adds spice to life," he laughed, though his ears were ringing.

"If you two are quite done…" the teacher interrupted. "May you please take your seat, Dark?"

"Yeah!" he laughed, jumping into his seat. He then noticed that all the girls were looking at him, so he gave them a charming smile, making them blush, quickly turn back to the board and sigh, wondering if something would happened between this new hunk and themselves, Risa included.

Riku, on the other hand, glared at him in disgust. He was such a…ladies man! Really! Daisuke was so much better! She glanced over at Daisuke, who was busy looking at Risa, who was staring at Dark. Her heart sank. Okay… so maybe Daisuke wasn't that great either.

"Hmmmmm," Dark said to himself. He was leaning on his hand, watching Riku. There was something about this girl that intrigued him. Maybe it was the fact that she seemed to dislike him and yet was slightly attracted to him.

"W-What is it?" her voice brought him out of his daze. He blinked and found himself staring into eyes that made him think of so many different things…chocolate, caramel, coffee, mocha…


"Why are you staring at me?" Riku demanded in a whisper, not wanting all the attention once again. He was seriously getting on her nerves!

"Because you're nice to look at," he answered with a smile.

"W-W-What is that supposed to mean?" Riku nearly shouted, but held herself back this time. She felt her face flush, but tried to will the color to go away.

"You're cute when you're bewildered," he chuckled lightly. Then he winked.

Riku couldn't stop her face from turning red again. She hastily buried herself in her book, trying with all her might to get this guy out of her mind. He was…sooooo….SOOOO-!

"He's SO cute!" Risa squealed, pressing both of her hands against her face. She and Riku were on the top of the school roof. They were both on break. The air was chilly and the sky, an ominous gray. When they spoke, a white puff of air came out as well. "Don't you think so Riku?"

"That's beside the point! Aren't you going out with Daisuke!" Riku demanded, pissed off. Who wouldn't be? How could Risa even THINK of another guy! She had Daisuke! The guy of her dreams! What more could she want! She felt like calling Risa a brat and slapping her as well.

"Geez, it's not like I'm going to break up with Daisuke just because I think his cousin's cute," Risa frowned. She glared at her older twin. "What's your problem anyway? You've totally been on my case about Daisuke!"

"Well he's my best friend and I don't want him hurt," was her reply. "Besides, then I'd have to look at you and be pissed off all the time. You two are my friends."

When Risa didn't reply, Riku turned and looked at her closely.

"Do you want him?"

"What?" Risa blinked, turning. Surprise filled her dark brown eyes. There was also a hint of annoyance glistening in them, but Riku ignored it.

"Do you want Daisuke?"

"Of course I do!"

"Then why are you thinking of Dark?"

Riku splashed cold water into her face. She looked up into the mirror, looked at her reflection. Water was dripping down her flushed face. Her wide set of brown eyes stared right back at her. She traced a finger down her pale face. Her hair was fizzy and messy. She looked like a mess. She was grateful that no one else was in the restroom.

She suddenly sniffed and wiped the water off her face, but it was really tears. Once they started, they refused to stop. She felt herself slide onto the floor. The spiteful words still stung.

"What the hell do you think you are! What-do you love Daisuke or something! Are you afraid of losing your best friend! Well you know what! It doesn't matter one bit! You know why? Because HE loves ME! So stop acting as if I'm such a horrible person if I just look - not think - at some other guy just because you don't have one - don't have anything!"

It hurt. Riku knew Risa just blew up in her face and probably didn't mean it that way. But still, it hurt so badly. All of it hurt, but…the part that hurt the most was that it was true. Daisuke did love Risa. Riku had no right to bug Risa. It wasn't a crime if Risa looked at Dark… but what hurt mostly was that she did love Daisuke… so much…! Riku buried her face into her hands. She… loved Daisuke…! Always!

When she composed herself (which took quite some time), she cleaned herself up: combed her hair, wiped her face… She took a deep breath and looked at herself again. A shaky smile occupied her face. She quickly pressed her lips together firmly, holding back the tears that had begun to resurface. She swallowed hard. Then smiled coolly.

And that's how she left the bathroom. No one would know. No one would figure out anything. No one ever did. Or so she thought. Behind her, sitting on the ledge of the hallway window, Dark watched her every move. He'd been there all along. He'd been there… all along.

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