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Chapter Eight:


Daisuke's wide ruby eyes shined with doubt as they stared deep into Riku's direct caramel eyes. There were still glints of hope that she would change her mind. After a moment, he sighed, and closed his eyes.

"Okay, c'mon," he smiled half-heartedly.

He looked down at her and then turned away, blushing. He took off his large jacket and wrapped it around her. She jumped slightly at the gesture since she had not even realized how the snow had seeped into her clothes, leaving her nearly drenched.

"W-Wait! You'll get soaked as well," she protested.

"Yes, but…considering what you're wearing and how much you're wearing compared to me…it's best you have it," he reasoned, seeming fascinated at the white ground.

"What…I'm wearing?" she echoed, as she slowly looked downward.

The moment her eyes landed on her dress her heat flooded her pale cheeks. Immediately she shoved her arms through the sleeves and buttoned up the region of her chest. Of all the colors she chose to wear, she just had to pick white.

"T-Thank you."

"It's nothing, really," he answered, still embarrassed. He looked at her again, and then hesitated. "Do…do you want me to carry you?"

"What?" she cried, turning redder if that was possible.

"That is…" his eyes trailing down to her feet. Her eyes followed. She was only wearing slippers…in the snow…

"Oh…well, I…"

"Carrying you won't be a bother!" he insisted with a smile. He turned around and gestured to his back. "Come on."

Tentatively, Riku reached her arms around his neck. He used his hands to hold tightly around her slender legs. Thankfully, her dress was very long. Once he knew that she safely settled onto his back, he began walking. Immediately long, white streams of breath flowed from his mouth.

Riku stared timidly at him. His soft, silky hair…his pale yet flushed skin… Throughout his life, Daisuke had always looked fragile. As a girl, Riku was positive he would make a much lovelier one than herself! Yet…he was strong and masculine at the same time… He always tried his best at everything and obviously he was strong enough to carry her. He was kind and always thinking of others… Yes… this was the one she loved…

She closed her exhausted eyes and breathed in deeply, taking in his scent. It was rare now for her to ever be so close to him. She felt the tears sting, desperate to come out. The warmth from his body and jacket enveloped her quietly as white snow fell softly over them both. She could almost take the warmth for actual affection. But she knew that was not true… not in the truest sense… Her heart clenched painfully.

Daisuke…suki…(I love you…) Her hands gripped tightly onto each other, so much that her nails dug into her skin.

"Riku…you can relax," his smooth, warm voice assured her.

"Eh?" she blinked, tears still invading her sight.

"Don't worry…I won't let you fall. I'm holding onto you."

"Yes…that's right…"

His grip on her heart was so tight…was it even possible for to fall for anyone else? She didn't know. As the tears trailed down her cheek, she smiled sadly. She didn't know.

Then…what she was doing to Dark really wasn't fair. But she knew that! All along she had known that… But she had never asked for his attention. Admittedly, she enjoyed his company. After all, he did bring her mind off of Daisuke. Plus, it was nice to have someone like her for a change, but she hated herself for thinking that way. She would never wish this pain she felt on anyone else in the world, even if she hated him or her.

She buried her face into Daisuke's shirt. Her tears melted away with the snow. She melted away with him. She wanted everything to stop. Nothing would happen from now on. In this moment, there were no others. No Risa…no Dark…no anybody else… There was only endless nothingness…except… only her …and her Daisuke.

Daisuke stared up at the cloudy gray sky. He had hoped, honestly, that this day would never come. To remember all of the past… he didn't want to deal with it. A frown settled on his usually cheerful face. He hated to keep secrets from his best friend, but this secret had been harbored over the years. And it was not as if he was the only one keeping it… His gut twisted into a nervous knot. Would Riku resent him for keeping this from her? But it was for her good! For her own…good…

How long had he wished he could turn back the hand of time to stop what happened? How long had he tried to erase that single image from his head? Just…poof! And it would be all gone! But… apparently this would never be so.

As a tall building approached – was it really he approaching it with his reluctant feet? – he knew it was too late. He couldn't turn back. He couldn't do a single thing. Just like last time.

"We're here," he told her quietly.

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