He couldn't believe it. And here he was, all alone. He'd been chasing Naraku's trail for days, but Inuyasha had gotten separated from the others. And now, he had found a dried up well. It was emanating magical energy and he knew this was another time warp like the one Kagome used. But what if it was misused for the wrong purposes? He would have to go through and find out what would happen. Little did he know what this would do to his life.

"Great, I'll have to do everything myself - AGAIN," complained Inuyasha, his ears flicking in frustration. He hopped to the bottom of the well, and at once, he found himself in a different place. Something smelled horrible.

"UGH! What is this?!" he yelled. He climbed out of the well. It appeared to be the future like in Kagome's time, but... different.

"Dammit Frylock! Where's my TV Guide?!" yelled Master Shake, his voice clearly audible through the shattered open window of their South Jersey home.

"I told you Shake, that's Carl's and we shouldn't steal it!"

Inuyasha listened intently. This 'Frylock' sounded pissed.

"Listen," Shake replied soothingly. "Carl can fend for himself in this world of media entertainment. I however am a victim of circumstance. And the government owes me these things that I have to steal for myself."

Frylock just groaned in disgust.

"Meatwad knows. Tell him, Meatwad," Shake added.

"Oh, I know," Meatwad said, having just entered the room. "Boy, I know all about it. I got an education - now get this - through the mail."

"That's not what - when did you get an education?!" Frylock asked.

"This mornin'," Meatwad answered. "Best four years of my life."

"So you got a four year education... this morning." Frylock's tone was heavy with doubt.

"Did I say four years? Cause I still gotta go back for my masters," Meatwad added.

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Frylock yelled.

"Listen to you!" Shake yelled back. "You're always telling him to get out there and get a job! Now he does it and you're all over him like gays on fags!"

"I tell YOU to get a job, Shake!" Frylock corrected at the top of his lungs.

"Me, Meatwad. It's all the same," Shake explained all-knowingly. "We're all brothers under one roof. And he can get a job and make me money to live off of - because he's that kind of person. And I don't think you should judge him for that."

Frylock was silent.

Shake continued. "I mean, look at yourself. Really LOOK at you. Over there... floating... orange and yellow... and other things. All at once."

Frylock sighed. "I'm getting out of here."

"No, you listen to me," Shake demanded as Frylock left the room. "That's right! Run from the truth, because you can't handle the lie that is your life!"

Frylock's door slammed.

"Meatwad," Shake said as he sat down on his chair. "Go get a job."

"What's my major?" Meatwad asked, flailing a college diploma around in his greasy arm. "Cause I can't read whatever this paper is."

"Shut up," Shake barked. "College is just one big thing. And you did it. So go do it. For me."

Meatwad slithered off with no idea what he was going to do. Inuyasha shook his head. "I thought people would get SMARTER in the future," he said to himself. He walked curiously out of the Aqua Teen's yard and into one with a somewhat recently mowed lawn. That's where he saw a man. A certain special man.

"Hey there, you're uh, you're on my property there guy," Carl said from his above-ground pool, where he was wading around in a feeble attempt to tan his pasty skin.

"Sorry," Inuyasha replied.

Carl shook his head. "Oh, you know, that's no big deal, I mean you came from 'their' yard but I notice you have arms and legs. And you ain't leavin' no trails of poison gas or firin' lasers at me. And - hey! Are those MC Hammer pants?"

"These are called Hakama," Inuyasha answered. "They're woven from the hairs of the Fire Rat."

"Those are badass my friend, it's like you're from the 1980s but you just don't care, you know? Maybe I oughta go up to my room and get my leather jeans on and you and me can hit up some dance clubs! I mean, I still got it... well YOU still got it, and maybe that'll be enough to get me lucky."

Inuyasha just stared at him for a moment, then he started to walk over to the pool to rest his arms against it.

"Stop!" Carl yelled, looking at Inuyasha intently. The dog-demon paused midstep and gave him a puzzled look.


Inuyasha stared some more as Carl broke out laughing. "Oh, I'm sorry. You, uh, must not listen to the radio. But that don't matter. Look at that hair. You start headbanging down at The Lounge and the girls are gonna jump outta their bras."

Inuyasha took a few steps closer until he was looking Carl in the eyes from only a foot away. "Why would I want girls...?" he asked softly.

"Oh god," Carl whispered, a bead of nervous sweat racing clunkily down his back.

"Carl, was it?" Inuyasha asked, his eyes gleaming.

"Uh, y-yeah, that's me," Carl answered weakly.

"Let's do something. Just you and me." Inu smiled at him.

-To be continued-