This is one of my rare ones, I'm trying to work on Cid's point of view. I'd like to say I have Shera down easily, but there is always room for improvement, especially in my case.


His first day. It was finally his fucking first day.

It was his first day and the assistants Shin-Ra gave him couldn't be more of a motley crew. Not to mention they all shifted under his imperious glare, a cigarette never missing from his protruding bottom lip. The ashes fell about his boots, steel-toed and aggressive.

He looked around the conference room, obnoxious posters lining the walls and tables aging beyond their regular lives.

One person coughed. He glanced immediately in their direction. The assistant shrunk more so than she was before, hands sunk into her lab coat pockets, a brilliant green patch stitched onto her right arm. Shin-Ra, he scoffed, scraping a boot across the metal floor and removing his cigarette from his mouth. The pilot hoped this was damn well worth it.

She coughed again, head ducked low. He was irritated, it was the only noise in the room and he was still struggling with an introduction speech. Cid Highwind had never been good at speaking. He was better off doused in grease and handed a wrench.

"Stop that, dammit." Her eyes widened. He paused, head tilted just so, fingers picking at ashes. "S'your name?" he questioned.

"… Shera-" she started, barely higher than a whisper. He had cut her off, "Don't wan' your last name, it ain't gonna matter soon anyways..."

Everyone looked at him, and he exhaled.

"Since thas' clear, my name's Cid. I'm your pilot, I'm your Captain now, ya'hear. Better get used ta me, cause I'm gonna be here awhile now." He brimmed over with confidence.

Shera gave him a small smile, and he realized this wasn't so bad.


I always wanted to write pre-game scenarios. I guess here's one of the first. I know I've done before game but after rocket stuff, yet this is way, way back when Cid was a happy lil' feller. So, anyways. I don't have a beta reader. Yeah. I think it would help me a lot if I did so.. feel free to offer me help, I will take it graciously, and you get to see my writing first hand. :D

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