disrupted by the pull of contrary forces; "torn between love and hate"; "torn by conflicting loyalties"; "torn by religious dissensions"

He looked across his table to the Slytherin table. His eyes followed a girl with midnight black hair and an obvious, but cute pug nose. The green and silver robe was a stark contrast to the girl's pale ivory skin, and ice blue eyes. He could not help it when his heart skipped a beat, whenever he heard her cold laughter mocked a helpless person. The same way he could not help it when his heart skipped a beat when he heard that same laughter become warm and affectionate whenever it was directed at him. He could not imagine what it would feel like for an enemy, or even a friend, when they looked into her ice blue eyes. To stare and not turn away from her piercing gaze that looked upon your very soul and judged you then and there. He could not help but lose himself in those ice blue eyes that pierced his very soul. Whenever he looked upon those eyes, he saw a tender yearning, a wanting for his love, his approval, and his affection. Her touch was ice, a touch others jerked away from, an ice thought so delicate that when touched people jumped away, fearing that it would be marred by their careless touch. Her touch, to him, melted the ice he had built around himself after the trials and tribulations he had endured. Her touch mended his wounds and made him whole. Her touch made him want to jump into her arms, to hell what anyone else thought. Her erserhfgjsasdasdsfsfsrse..............

Suddenly he heard another voice call pull him out of his revere, "Hey Ron why in the hell are you gazing at the Syltherin table like a hapless git?" Hermione asked him rather innocently in that lofty superior tone that he has grown to hate.

He suddenly could not help feel torn. Torn between the girl he loves and the girl he is expected to love. Torn between the houses he owes his loyalty and the house he is supposed to hate. He is torn between the acceptable, comfortable, and forced love for his housemate, and the forbidden, primal, and passionate love he carries for this girl.

"Hey Ron why are you staring at the Slytherin Ice Queen?" another voice chimes in.

"Naw Harry, I was just day dreaming about that muggle play Hermione had me read to prove I was dedicated enough to go out with her. I don't know if you heard of it, but it's called Romeo and Juliet. I wonder about what they felt when they realized that their love for each other would be tested and challenged every step of the way" Ron responded with a weary sigh.

"Why do you care mate?" Harry asked while he buttered his toast.

"Just wondering if it could ever have a happy ending, that's just all" Ron said as he played with his bangers and mash. "Would I betray my whole house for love?" he asks himself. A thought suddenly came into his mind, a thought that would haunt his dreams for the days to come "Yes, I would betray myself, my family, and my friends. I would willingly damn myself and discard the only way of life I have ever known. I would sacrifice all just to spend one burning, INCANDESENT moment with her in my arms. Everything and more for my Pansy." With that Ron left the table without eating a bite of his food.

Author note: Unconventional pairing and it's the first story I have ever written. I wrote it to the fact it was real late when I wrote this. So its not every good. So any comments welcome and advice appreciated.