This is going to be short because I am in school, english class I finished early...spelling and grammer most likely will suck sorry...also I know that ginny and draco are out of character most of the time, that will change also my muse hehe the guy Draco is based on, is in my english class so the story shall be better.

"Draco I really wish that you would talk to me, I could help you out and I could keep you father off you back." Snape said.

"Its not my father that I am worried about sir, I mean she is a pureblood, she is not as high in the social latter as the Malfoy family is but people know her name. I am afraid that she will not like me because I haven't been civil towards her family in the past, I dont hide the fact I hate her brother." Draco said with a sigh.

"Well Draco here is your pass you better get to class, I'm sure Miss. Weasley will be disapointed if you dont show up." Snape said with a small smile.

Draco smirked and picked up his pass, "I'm sure she wont." He got up and walked out the the class room.

Ginny POV

I sat in my dorm room I didn't have a class at the time, so I just sat there to think. I closed my eyes and pictured his bleach blond hair, dalzling gray eyes, pale skin, and that perfect smile. I pictured him wearing his long-sleevedblack shirt that huged his chest, his black jeans that fitnice and snug.

"Ginny are you awake?"

Iopen my eyes to see Hermione standing over me, "yes, what do you want?" I asked with annoyence.

"Dinner is about to start youmissed you afternoon classes"

I sat up in bed, 'ohShit'...

once again sorry that its short I am in school so I will try to up date again tomorrow in crative writing because I think that we are in the lab then I try to write out more so I can update whileI am at home.