Just as I promised, here's my new creation unveiled. You could say I've been observing for the past few months. Well, this is a slight Stan/ Kyle pairing. I thought since this is my first South park fic, I'd start with the easiest pairing, just 'cause I'm safe like that. So, here we go! This whole story will be told through Stan's POV.

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Stanley's bad day

-Stan's POV-

For as long as I could remember, I had always thought of South Park as my home. Born and raised here, it was always my comfort zone.

My quiet little mountain town.

Lately, it had lost all its magic. When did I realize how dirty and unfriendly people were, I don't know but I blame it all on South Park. The world is cold and hate filled and people are malicious and devious.

When someone asks how you are, they don't care. They really don't. It's just a routine. A stupid, useless track that we are all racing on. The obstacles we face in everyday life are the hurdles on this track. The minute you trip over one, people will take advantage of this.

Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and I. The best of friends. We always had been. We all had our roles in the group. I had always thought of myself as the voice of reason. The sanity to all our insanity. I mean, yeah, I had my moments. We all do. But for the most part, I always gave that speech at the end of a lesson well learned.

Now, walking to the bus stop, I reflected upon all this, the cold, bitter weather of this redneck town souring my mood. I never understood why there always seemed to be a sheet of frost lingering in the air. I never really cared either.

As I got closer to the bus stop, I could see the winter wear of my childhood friends. Kyle's green lumberjack hat, Cartman's toque, and the unmistakable orange hood of Kenny McCormick. Kyle gave me a friendly smile and waved as I came into their views. Kenny uttered a muffled hello that nobody but us three would understand, and Cartman grunted.

"Hey, dude." Kyle grinned. He was always in a good mood. I wondered how nothing ever seemed to bring down his spirit. I wish he'd loan me his secret.

A rather annoying voice butted into my thoughts.

"My, Stanley, you're looking quite cranky this morning. Are you on your period?"

Cartman hadn't changed a bit since we were nine. Now at fifteen, he was ruder and cruder than ever. Not to mention, adding fuel to my already blazing mood.

"Shut up, Fatass! Atleast his mom isn't a crackwhore." Kyle piped up. I could always count on Kyle to stick up for me. But, Kyle often seemed oblivious to his surroundings. He didn't see how cruel the world was.

Kenny's muffled laughter could be heard from under his parka.

"Aye! Shut up, you Jewish piece of shit!" was Cartman's obvious reply. I could make a script from this morning routine. It was the same everyday.

"Jesus Christ, Cartman. Fuck off."

It was the first thing I had said this morning and from the look on everyone's face, it had been a shock. It did shut Cartman up though. I wasn't usually this cranky.

What was wrong with me?

The bus came and we all got on, myself, first in line. I sat down in the back seat looking out the window. I could feel Wendy's eyes on me from the front of the bus. Three days ago, I had dumped her with no explanation, no sympathy, nothing. I didn't need to look at her to see the hurt and confusion etched in her face. I felt someone sit beside me and immediately knew it was Kyle.

"Stan, are you okay?" His voice barely above a whisper. For some odd reason, it sent chills running up and down by spine.

I turned to look at him and it was the first time I noticed that his face seemed paler. Pale and tired. Also, he had bags under his eyes that made it seem as if he hadn't slept for weeks.

"I'm fine. Just a bit tired. The work overload from History class has been crazy." It wasn't a complete lie. I hadn't slept well in days but it wasn't from the work overload. In fact, by now I had officially blamed it on insomnia.

"Is it about Wendy?"

I just about laughed in his face. Wendy hadn't even occurred to me. I hadn't thought about her in days. I almost felt bad. Shouldn't boyfriends feel a bit guilty when they breakup with the girl they said the three special words to?

Again, I lied, "yeah, it's been hard. It's for the best though."

Kyle had never questioned me on why I broke up with Wendy. If he had, I couldn't have answered.

Why did I break up with her?

He gave me a reassuring slap on the shoulder.

"Don't worry, dude. You'll find another girl that'll make you much happier."

If only you were a girl, Kyle.

What? What? What?! Why did I just think that? I'm just emotional. Just really fucked up right now.

I tried to hide a blush that had started creeping up my face and nodded instead of answering.

The bus stopped in front of the school and we all piled out. By then, I had actually cheered up a bit. Until Madison came running up.

Madison was head bitch of the school and my most reoccurring annoyance. Not to mention, I had to suffer through her more since she was Kyle's girlfriend. I tried to put up with her bullshit for Kyle. Afterall, he did put up with Wendy for me …

"Hey Baby!" she squealed.

Kill me now.

She threw her arms around Kyle's neck and pressed her lips to his ever so gently. He smiled and returned the kiss.

She was so fake. How could he not see right through her? I had been baffled ever since Kyle excitedly informed me that they were going out. Why Kyle? Sure, he's my best friend, but he isn't the catch of the day for the head cheerleading bitch. It took me months to realize and figure it out.

Madison's in our Algebra class.

Who better to cozy up to than the class genius? Kyle was smart. We always knew that, but we didn't realize just how smart till we all hit high school. He was placed in all the advanced courses aside from a few exceptions. Kyle was loyal. He didn't want to seem better. He begged to be put in a few of the classes with us. Algebra happened to be one of them.

I turned away from them, disgusted. I trudged silently up to the front doors and to my locker.

The rest of the day up to lunch went by in a blur of homework and teachers. I was stoked to be in the familiar setting of the cafeteria. Even if it did have the stench of fish fingers filling it. One thing I missed most about South Park elementary was Chef. He always gave good advice and good food.

I got my food, skipping the fish fingers that still looked partially frozen, and spotted Kyle sitting with Cartman and Kenny.

Just Cartman and Kenny?

Now, that was unusual. He usually had Madison hanging off his arm. He looked like he was working on some homework. I had to smile. That was more like the Kyle I knew. It looked like Kenny and Cartman were arguing over something. Probably something petty, as usual. Like, who was a better video gamer.

Walking over, I knew I had to cross Eli Samual. This guy was the asshole of assholes. He for sure took the cake when it came to power.

Him and I had never been on good terms. It all started when he got transferred to South Park High. Trying out for the football team, it appeared that the coaches wanted him as Quarterback … my position.

So I did what any other male would do in this position. I argued, got into a fight with him, got sent home and kicked off the team.

God knows I tried. The minute I walked by, he stuck out his foot and sent me flying. Stunned for a moment or two, I quickly recovered, got up, and threw the first punch.

The fight was on.

We ended up on the floor, kicking, punching, and shouting profanities at one another. The whole school was watching but I didn't care.

It was my fucking position.

It ended just as quickly as it had started. Him with a bloody nose, me with a black eye, off to the office we went.

When did light hurt so much? As the principal punished us and called our parents, I was quietly trying not to faint.

Mere minutes passed before my mom and dad came in.

"Stanley, what were you thinking? You know how we feel about fighting!"

Funny, they never once said anything when Shelley would beat on me for all those years. I just wanted them to keep it short and sweet and take me home. I needed to lie down. My head was killing me.

Eli was a jerkoff, but he packed a hard punch. I felt like I had a concussion. His parents had taken him home first.

"I'm sorry, okay? I just lost my temper." It seemed to satisfy them because they thanked the principal and drove me home.

Tomorrow is going to be a nightmare …

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