Angel of Mine Series

Episode: Uniqueness

The eighteen-year-old lady crossed the school fields in a hurry, passing by other students who were now leaving the building as the morning classes had already finished. Overwhelmed, Joanne had come out of the music department where she had just been through an audition and on her face there was a mix of contradictory emotions: joy, fear and shock at what she had just been able to do. The girl's footsteps only ceased when she left the crowd of students behind and she approached the gardens. There, she leaned against an old tree and tried to catch her breath, still wondering how in the world she had managed to go up on a stage and sing so beautifully, enchanting the music director and his co-workers. She never thought she mattered that much.

"I hear you made a wonderful presentation just now..."

The Irish angel's soothing voice did not startle her and the girl seemed happy to see the school librarian, who she had grown so fond of for the latest month.

"Monica? You saw it?"

"I did. And it looks like you are more surprised with your wonderful performance than I am!" She replied, with a cheerful expression on her face.

"I don't know how I had the courage to do it..." She said, taking her breath and initially staring at an invisible point ahead of her.

"Oh, I do." Monica replied, placing a supportive hand over her shoulder and finally making the young student look at her. "This talent of yours was so strong inside your heart that it was screaming to be shown to the world. it's such a precious gift and your loving Father is so happy to see that you've finally used it the way He intended you to."

"Everything you told me... about how much I mattered to this world... Nobody has ever told me that with so much truth..." A tear rolled down her cheek. "I spent my life looking at myself in the mirror and loathing my image, wondering how someone overweight like me would be loved and special the way my parents used to tell me if I'm not equal to everyone... if I'm not as beautiful like everyone."

"Joanne, every human being is different and I'm not talking about physical appearances. Everyone comes to this world with a special gift and is special in God's eyes. Do not let others tell you that this gift is less than precious. Do not allow people who don't know you take you for granted just because you do not fit their beauty or character standards."

"I guess I did, right? I guess I spent my whole life listening to lies and believing them... Believing that I was not capable of doing anything important, that I could never be 'beautiful' because the ideal of what beauty that some people wanted me to believe in did not match what I looked like."

"And then you neglected yourself and everything that you are, your gift for music included."

"Do you think that I'll be accepted in the choir?"

"I know you will." Monica replied, and before the girl could say something else, a beautiful glow involved Monica's form, causing Joanne's heart to beat faster once again. "Monica?"

"Please, don't be afraid, Joanne. I'm an angel."

"An angel? You mean, like a guardian angel?"

"Sort of. I'm actually the angel of truth. I was sent by God to let you know how much you matter to Him. To help you discover the precious gift he has graced you with on the day you were born so that you could bring joy to many of His other children. Through your voice, you'll reach many hearts all over the world and inspire other youngsters to develop their own talent, just like someone has done to you when you were a little girl."

Joanne's mind travelled back in time and she remembered her first concert, the first time she had heard a soprano live and what she felt despite being so young at age.

"It was so... I just cannot explain what it was like."

"Don't worry, I guess I have an idea. And most importantly, God knows what is in your heart, Joanne. He knows how much you love music and how your spirit rejoices every time you sing. It is your way to offer your prayers."

Joanne's eyes were filled with tears and she managed a trembling smile. "I want to do it, Monica... This is what I want to do for the rest of my life!"

"Then go ahead, Joanne. Do not be afraid or feel inferior because of the colour of your skin or because your hair isn't long enough or because of the size you dress." The angel tilted her head and looked straight into her assignment's eyes. "What I mean is that you are unique. What people consider 'beauty' may cause powerful impacts and become ideals. But what is the ideal beauty? You see, humans tend to pursue it from paintings to magazines and television... But the truth is that ideals change from time to time and it seems that reaching beauty is all about trying to live up to an ideal. Which is pretty much a hopeless pursuit, because ideals are not real. You are!"

The angel reached out and stroked the girl's teary face, aware of the great amount of suffering Joanne had been under during her entire life, the bully and even the prejudice for not having the "perfect" human form as some of her school mates had established. "You are beautiful, in and outside, and perfect in the way God intended you to be. So please don't listen to anything different. Those who really love you, will never compare you to others because it is you who makes the difference in their life."

Wiping her tears, the young lady nodded her head. "Thank you so much, Monica... I knew there was something special about you, just couldn't tell what..." She said. "May I give you a hug?"

"Of course you can."

After she bid her assignment goodbye, Monica still remained there in the school garden, watching as Joanne walked back into the building so that she could receive the news about her joining the city choir. She especially noticed the young boy who approached his colleague to congratulate her for the performance, as the news was spreading fast. The angel smiled, aware of the extra spark in the boy's eyes when he looked at his friend and at the future she could trace for both of them.

Only when the two students were no longer within her view did Monica turn away. And, still in angelic form, she was suddenly surprised to see who had been watching her from a distance, also glowing with God's love.


With a broad smile, he started a walk over up to her now that she had realised his presence, but Monica's footsteps were faster and in a matter of instants, she was already in his arms.

"You look gorgeous when you glow like that!" He said, lovingly kissing her cheek.

Enjoying his warm embrace, she smiled back at him. "Well, you look quite handsome yourself too when you are in your angelic form!" As words came out of her mouth, her face suddenly turned into a serious one. "Are you here on assignment?"

"Oh, no, no! I actually got the day off and spent the morning playing with an adorable little angel in the fields of God!" He happily informed, placing a broad smile back on her face.

"Ah, Andrew! You have no idea how much joy I feel when I hear you and wee Angela get the chance to spend some time together!"

"She fell asleep right here in my arms!" He happily informed.

Monica wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed herself against him. "I can't think of a more comfortable place!"

"Good that you think so because I have a message for you, my beautiful angel of truth!"

She raised her head up to face him with a curious expression. "What is it?"

"Well, I got to spend half of my day off with little Angela and the other half I was granted with another a lovely companion!"

Andrew winked at her and chuckled at the way she eyed him back. "Hum... I see... I wonder who that might be!"


The silence of the night was occasionally broken by the noise of a cricket and by the sound of the wood logs burning in a bonfire carefully lit up in a clearing a couple of hours before. It had been a hot summer day and despite the temperature fall after the sun went down behind the mountains, the night was a pleasant one. Thousands of stars beautifully spread over a black canvas where one would gaze at and be certain of a higher power and a bright full moon lightening up the forest in that secluded part of the Earth, where only the fire and a small tent were the indication that there were visitors around.

A soothing voice, nearly an angel's whisper, echoed in the nearly untouched woods.


The angel of death had thought that his dear companion had long fallen asleep in his arms as he had not heard her since she had found similarities between a constellation and an espresso machine. The two angels in human form had set that campsite early in the morning, when Andrew had gladly brought his sweet valentine for a one-day-escapade during their time off.

"Yes, angel?" he spoke, tenderly running his fingers along her auburn tresses.

"Do you remember the first time you've been in human form?"

He frowned slightly at that question, but knew that it was a result of Monica's inquisitive mind, which remained in full activity even when her body was almost succumbing to sleep.

"Yes, I do. It's been a while, though!" he half joked, giving her a light squeeze.

The Irish angel had been resting her head over his chest but once she got his attention, Monica stirred and turned her face up to meet his own, propping her chin on her folded hands. "How did you feel? I mean, when you first materialised in your human body?"

Andrew considered that question for a while. "Hum... Heavier... Stuck to the ground, I might say.'

"I see..."

Noticing that she was working on something in her little mind, Andrew playfully touched the tip of her nose. "Why are you asking me this?"

"Joanne, my latest assignment. For her entire life she felt imprisoned in her body and grew up believing that it was imperfect and wrong. And at first I was thinking that how could someone feel so unhappy about such a precise and valuable gift just because it does not meet other humans expectations. What about God's expectations?"

"It needs a good amount of faith for people to realise that, or perhaps only an angel to deliver the Father's message." He spoke. "Did she have any health problem?"

"Not at all, Andrew. And what a beautiful voice!" Monica replied, with visible admiration. "I had a glimpse of her future and saw that this voice will reach ears all over the world and bring much joy and enchantment to many. Isn't it a beautiful way to show one of God's wonderful creations?"

"I believe that you made her realise that fact right before I showed up and invited you for this day off, right?"

She smiled at the memory of the eighteen year old soprano giving her a warm hug and thanking her for everything she had done for her over the latest couple of weeks and then of her beloved Andrew appearing behind her moments after her assignment walked away. "She had a spark of joy in her eyes that I'm sure will never ever fade again."

Andrew straightened his body and tilted his head, searching for her soft brown eyes. "What about you, angel? How did you feel when you first materialised into this beautiful human form of yours?"

"Well... I guess I felt... astonished... All of a sudden, there were all these veins and bones and... and blood running through me... I could feel my heart beating and my lungs filled with air..." She made a short pause and then spoke again, "I confess I was a wee bit afraid but at the same time, I felt curious..."

Chuckling, Andrew placed a loose hair strand behind her ear. "Curious? You? I'd never tell!" He joked, eliciting sleepy giggle from her.

"Above all things, it seemed a great challenge." Monica finally concluded.

"I know what you mean, baby." He said, leaning over and brushing a loving kiss against her forehead.

"Until then I had been a wee angel who would spend time walking through heaven rejoicing at God's infinite love and listening to the singing of the choir. And then I was suddenly dragged to this world, setting my bare feet on the fields of Ireland."

Andrew smiled, picturing his beloved angel girl at that time, wondering how scared and marvelled she might have been then.

"I wish I had been with you..."

"Well, I wish I had met you then too. But I guess the Father decided that first time on Earth and falling in love at the same time would mean a lot of wonderful new emotions!"

He laughed at her words and gently wrapped both arms around her small form.

"Of course there are many other wonderful moments, such as tasting a good espresso or a double mocha latte... But I guess I only felt as astonished as I was when I first took my human form in two other occasions."

Still chuckling, he encouraged her to keep on speaking. "And which were these, angel?"

Andrew watched as her face became suddenly blushed and she gave an equally embarrassed smile.

"Well... One of them was when we... first loved each other..." His smile grew wider at that memory and at the extra spark he could see in her doe-like eyes.

The blond angel traced a line along her cheek and jaw; lovely flashbacks crossing his mind. "That night is certainly going to be in my memory for the centuries to come, baby. Experiencing God's love, having the honour to love and belong to you and watching Angela's birth... There's nothing in this whole universe that can be compared to these moments."

Holding his gaze and with a broader smile, Monica inched closer and kissed his cheek. "You are right. The other moment was exactly when I got pregnant with Angela... Feeling her growing inside of me and then brining our little angel to life... It's such a strong emotion I can hardly put into words."

"You looked so beautiful when you were expecting her!"

Monica playfully raised her eyebrows. "You are a wee bit biased to say that since you were directly involved in the event, don't ya think?"

Laughing, Andrew straightened his body to look at her entire form, protected by a warm sweater and jeans, and under a thick blanket due to the slightly chilly night air. "Well, then I guess I should confess that even before we first kissed I already thought you looked great in tights!"

Enjoying her giggling, the blond angel inched closer and silenced her with a soft kiss and it took her only a moment to adjust to that loving caress.

"I love you so much..." she whispered afterwards.

"You'll have my love forever, Monica." Came his soft reply, green eyes lost in her brown ones.

"Will you be here when the morning comes?" She wanted to know, secretly hoping that he would say yes.

"Not only will I be here but we'll also leave together for our next assignment, so I was told."

Her lips curved in a contented smile and she rested her head over his chest moments later. "It's been a lovely day!"

Andrew nodded slowly, with a pensive yet smiley expression on his handsome face. "You're perfectly right, angel..." he looked down at her, noticing that her bright brown eyes were still open and that she was probably reliving the events of the day. "And, erm..." The blond angel cleared his throat, visibly selecting his words. "Do you think you'll sleep right now? I mean, you've been in human form since we got here and could be tired..."

Slightly amused, Monica looked back at him with a raised eyebrow. "And why exactly are you asking me this?"

"Well, I was just checking..."

She lowered her voice, playfully trying to add a tone of suspense to her next words. "Are you planning to go on a 'night excursion' through the woods?"

He gave her an amused smile, aware of her joking mood. "As a matter of fact, I'm not. What happens is that all this talk about happy moments in human form kept me wondering how we could keep on exploring the human form perks once we are on Earth!"

"Ah, I see..." She said, clearly capturing his mischief and with a hint of it herself. "And do I sense you have something on your mind?"

"Hum... actually, I do..." he lowered his voice and whispered against her ear. "...And we only have to go inside so that you can find out what it is!"

Giggling, the Irish angel inched closer and rested her palm on his face, and then kissed his lips lovingly, affectionately, grateful for that day and for the opportunity to have her eternal valentine by her side, either they were walking on the fields of God or enjoying his beautiful creations down on Earth.


To be continued.