Angel of Mine Series

Episode 67: A helping hand

The angel of death watched as the sun made its decent on the horizon and despite the peaceful atmosphere around him, in his green eyes it was possible to see great worry and uncertainty. With his hands tucked in his pockets, he let out a tired sigh before some words escaped from his lips.

"I don't know what else to do, Father…I wish I could but I don't know how."

Silence came next as the soft sea breeze blew softly against his handsome face, leaving him lost in thoughts about his latest assignment and how he would accomplish it. A few seconds later, however, the blond angel felt a warming presence flooding his heart and it quickly placed a smile on his face.

Andrew did not have to turn around to see that Monica was standing right behind him, nor to see her matching smile for meeting him once again.

"When I prayed for some help, I did not expect the Father would grant me with much more than that…" He said, still not turning around but letting her know that he was aware of her presence.

"I always feel great joy whenever I'm allowed a little escapade during an assignment to go and find you whenever you are…" She said, and gave two steps forward. "…And amazingly I never lose my way when I do so!"

Chuckling, Andrew turned around to face her and offered his hand. "I would always find you anyway."

Monica gladly placed her hand in his one, allowing Andrew to pull her small form to him, and on the following second, the two angels were in each other's arms, wrapped up in a tight embrace.

"I know you would. I always say my prayers of thanks for being granted not only with a soul mate but also with a guardian angel." She pulled away just a little so that she could look in his green eyes and frowned with a little concern. "Hope I'm not interrupting your assignment, though."

The joy on his face never faded as he contemplated her beautiful Gaelic features – her sweet doe like eyes and captivating smile that would always make the dimple on her chin and cheeks be more visible.

He shook his head and lay a gentle hand against her right cheek, caressing her porcelain skin with his thumb. "Your presence is always a blessing, angel."

"I'm glad to know it! Sometimes I'm a wee bit clumsy when it comes to timing!" She joked, purposefully lowering her voice as if telling him a secret, and causing Andrew to laugh – his sweet angel girl was indeed precious.

His eyes were then focused on her brown ones and the expression on his face softened a little. "How long can you stay?"

"Not too long, I'm afraid. But I hope enough for you to tell me what is troubling your heart."

Sighing softly, Andrew nodded his head. "Looks like your angelic skills are perfectly intact even though you're in human form." He half joked.

"They might be. But I do not need any special skill when it comes about everything that is related to you!" She winked at him, also eliciting his small laughter at her following remark. "Well…except meeting up with you so fast even being in the other side of the country!"

Still amused, Andrew lay both hands on each side of her face and kissed her lips very softly. Then, he took her by the hand, guiding her to a nearby bench, where they sat facing the ocean.

"I…was assignment to this couple, Steve and Karen Parker. They've been married for four years now but the constant arguments indicate that they might not have their 5th anniversary."

"You mean bad arguments and…"

"Nothing violent. But about trivial things that can ruin a relationship if they become a constant…" He let out a small sigh and looked at the waves crashing on the white sand. "It seems that people don't know how to share a life…that they don't understand that when you agree to spend a life with somebody it means worrying about each other's feelings and wanting to see the other person's happiness…"

"It's difficult for them to see those simple things in days like these, when everybody is always so busy…"

"Yes, but God sent his angel to make this couple realise that. I should know how to communicate with them in a way to touch their hearts, but it seems I'm failing."

Frowning with concern, Monica reached for his hand and squeezed it. "Oh, Andrew…"

"And there's a reason why I was sent to Steve and Karen. I myself have experienced what marriage is and I should know what to say to them. But all this time they still keep fighting over silly things regardless my presence in their house and my attempts to make them see what they are doing with their lives!"

The Irish angel reached out to caress his handsome face with affection. "Because they are human beings."

Andrew turned his green eyes back at her, finding in her warm gaze so much comfort and wisdom that it put his heart at ease almost immediately.

"We were blessed with marriage and allowed to be joined for the rest of our existence, but you and I will always be angels in the first place. And one of the consequences of our nature is that there aren't any doubts in our hearts concerning our feelings. I can see what's in your heart and I can feel your love right here…" She took his hand up to her own heart.

Moved to hear those words, Andrew wrapped his arm around her shoulders and brought her closer to him, kissing the top of her head. "And I promise you'll always feel it, angel."

Smiling, she looked up at him and kissed his cheek. "I know that. You know that. But if we were humans, the challenge would be incredibly greater once we would also have to deal with so many other troubling emotions such as fear and anger, caused by a life that is already filled with so many tribulations. These things block their vision to what's pure and good."

"You're right. And I feel like I'm losing a battle and watching as my assignment and all those who are connected to him will suffer…"Andrew said, and his eternal valentine could easily read the meaning behind those words.

"You mean that…"

"There is another reason why I was sent to this family. Steve…his life might be at risk…"

Monica's heart was immediately filled with sadness. "Oh, Andrew…I'm so sorry!"

"I found out yesterday…" He turned his eyes to the ground. "Time running out and I'm afraid that I won't be able to accomplish this assignment. Not in the way I intended to."

Monica cupped his chin and gently made him look at her again – Andrew would swear she was nearly glowing like she would always do during a revelation moment. "Then what you must do is open up their eyes to a greater love, Andrew! Dealing with all those troubling emotions is already a heavy burden to any human being and even to angels eventually, as we are not perfect. But if Steven and Karen are aware that God is guiding their steps and that He loves them, their hearts will be comforted and open to the love they can offer each other."

The expression on Andrew's face softened as he listened to her and a slight smile appeared on his lips. Then, he turned to look into her brown pools with a hint of hope in his green ones. "You are a very wise little angel, have I told that?"

She also smiled, happy to see that she had managed to insert some hope in his troubled heart. "How could they be aware of what the other is feeling if they're not aware of God's love in the first place?"

The blond angel nodded his head in agreement.

"And I know you will be able to find the best words to deliver His message…Talking about His love for them will open up their eyes for the precious gift they've been granted."

Andrew took her hand to his lips. "Thank you, angel. I'm…really grateful to have you as my angel."

With a mischievous smile, she narrowed her eyes. "Well, I do not use to kiss my assignments but I'll make an exception for you, Mr Angel of Death!"

Saying that, Monica inched closer and captured his laughter by pressing her lips gently against his lips, in an affectionate kiss he immediately returned. And when they parted it was just an inch so that they could rest their foreheads together.

"I love you." He said, searching for her brown eyes.

"I know…But I like hearing it anyway!" She winked back at him.

Andrew placed some strands of hair behind her ear, still admiring her meek face. "What about you, angel? What's your assignment like?"

The smile remained on her face. "Oh, a very joyful one, I'm afraid. You see, Mrs Harris and her school choir will finally be able to make their presentation at the Utah Summer Festival and to be honest what Tess and I must do right now is just be there at the audience to watch them."

"I'm sure it'll be beautiful!" He said, happy to see the joy in her eyes.

"I hope so…" She made a small pause and then kept on talking. "I helped them, you see…" The Irish angel finally spoke, as if confessing a secret.

Trying hard not to show his amusement at that piece of revelation, considering Monica's singing abilities, Andrew smiled. "You did?"

She nodded her head with childlike excitement, which only made her even more adorable to him. "And do you have to come back to your assignment right now?"

"Actually, I still have some minutes."

"Good!" He rose to his feet and offered his hand to her. "Would you care for a walk along the beach?"

She gladly took his hand and they started to walk. "I'd love to! I remember there's an ice cream parlour not far from here and I went to it many times!"


"When I was pregnant with our wee Angela I used to crave for pistachio almost as much as I do for a good mocha latte!"

He chuckled at that memory. "That's right, you did..." But suddenly, he stopped their walk and looked at her with sudden worry. "And are you craving for pistachio again?"

Monica initially did not get the source of his concern, but when she saw the look in his eyes, she let out a small laughter, now aware of what he was thinking. "No, I'm not!" She said, "But I heard they also make some good coffee now, after the suggestion of a costumer a while ago!"

"A 'costumer,' I see!"

Highly amused, Andrew kissed the top of her head and they started a pleasant stroll along the beach, during while he could listen to his beloved valentine's report on her latest assignment and it totally delighted him. "Let's check it out, then!"


The dark-haired man walked along the path along the waterfront with his eyes lost in an invisible point ahead of him, but the expression on his face held much distress. He kept on walking up to the railing and pressed his hands against it, searching in the horizon and in the waves that crashed on the rocks for a solution to the evident problem that was troubling his soul.

"Running away won't help set things out."

The familiar voice coming from behind him caused Steve to turn around and face his chauffeur. Over the last month, that blond man had been a good listener and made some good points about the constant arguments Steve and his wife regularly had.

"Hey, Andrew."

In silence, the blond angel approached his assignment, who lowered his head with regret.

"Bet Karen and I were not very good at keeping our voices low earlier this morning."

"I'm sorry, sir."

"I'm sorry too. Why do women always have to look for a reason to start a fight? It seems that while they're speaking, there's something else working on their minds; it's as if they were preparing for the next move." He looked at the angel and added. "You know I'm right. You've probably have experienced this too!"

With small, bittersweet smile, Andrew gave one more step and stood next to him. "Marriage is not a game, sir. You're not 'against' each other, you're 'for' each other, remember?"

"It's 'easier said than done,' some people might say. I personally believe this is a lie."

"And what happened with the love you felt for each other and that made you get married? Was it a lie too?"

With sadness in his eyes, the man starred at the ground. "It might have ended."

"If it's true, then why do you suffer so much every time you argue?"

"I…don't know…"

"Forgive me for saying this but Mrs Parks probably doesn't know it either."

That piece of information called his attention. "She was crying when you left, wasn't she?"

The blond angel nodded his head.

"And there might be a good reason for that, don't you think? A motive that is not 'hidden' but which you cannot see from the start."

"I just cannot help thinking that if I go back and try to talk to her it'll end in another argument."

"That's because you're getting ready for another argument yourself. Be honest. And keep your heart open, Mr Parks. Everybody makes mistakes but you don't have to keep pointing them out, bringing up the past to reinforce how right or how wrong you were. Use the past to learn and try to build a new life from your present." After a short pause, the angel kept on talking. "And have faith that God is in control of your life and will get you through whatever you and Mrs Parks are facing."

Steve turned his eyes to his interlocutor; the sadness in them was nearly palpable. "God?"

"You may have a good house, a nice job and plan your day in a way that will suit your schedule...But never forget that God is in control and in times of trouble, He is the one to relieve your fears and fill your heart with hope."

"Do you think that there's still hope for Karen and me?"

"Of course I do! And God does too, otherwise He wouldn't have blessed you with your love, with a life in common!"

"I do believe in God, you see. I believe that He cares for his children and is probably watching over us all. And I wish you were right about the love He gave Karen and me, Andrew, but lately what I feel is that she is further and further away from me..."

Those words conveyed so much hopelessness that the angel did not know what to say next. "If you believe in God, then where is your faith and your courage to fight for a gift that He blessed you with?"

Steve shook his head. "I don't know...But what I do know is that we cannot go on like this." He looked at Andrew. "She sent you here, didn't she?"

"Y-yes, she did, actually."

"Bet she told you to look after me so that she knew I wasn't searching for reassurance with some other women."

With a slight frown, Andrew shook his head. "I believe Mrs Parks wouldn't do something like that."

The man turned around and started a walk up to his car. "Thanks for the reassurance, Andrew."

"The real reason why your wife sent me here wasn't to see where you were...She asked me to buy some..." All of a sudden, Andrew's green eyes were wide open as if a revelation had been made to him instead of his assignment. "...some ice cream..."

He hurried towards Steve and placed his hand over his shoulder. "Please, Mr Parks, give you and your wife a chance! I believe there's a special reason why she's been acting so confused lately..."

"Why do you say so, Andrew?"

A sudden glow finally involved the blond angel's silhouette and for the first time, Andrew smiled, despite the man's astonished look. "I'm an angel. Sent by God, with a mission to reunite you and your wife."

"An angel?"

"Yes. But for a while, I have been wondering what I could possibly say to open your eyes to the gift you've been granted; and everything became so clear to me all of a sudden..."

"I don't understand..."

"Your wife is pregnant, Mr Parks."


Later, that night...

When Andrew saw Monica standing by the window in the cosy wee cabin the angels used to stay at during their time on Earth he watched her in secret for a few seconds. He knew that although they could feel each other's presence, that visit was totally unexpected and it would take her some instants to understand that he was standing right behind her.

Surprised, Monica turned away from the window almost at the same time as his form materialised in the room. "Andrew?"

Her sparkling doe-like eyes met his green ones, first with great worry as he had previously confessed that his assignment was not going very well. But his tender smile immediately put her heart at ease, leaving Monica to wonder why her beloved angel was paying her that totally unexpected visit.

Holding her gaze, the angel of death gave two steps forward and, without saying a word, he wrapped his arms around her waist and gently pressed his lips against hers. It was a soulful kiss, which had the usual mix of love and tenderness that would always fill her soul with much joy.

The Irish angel returned his caress with the same intensity even though there would soon be many questions on the tip of her tongue once they were parted – why was Andrew there? What happened with his assignment? Monica thought that she, wee Angela and Tess would be the ones to spend the next two days at the cabin, but now would they be blessed with his company too?

When they finally pulled away, however, the little angel eyed him with wonder, slightly lost for words as she was still under the impact of his unexpected arrival. "Well...I'm...happy to see you too, you know..."

Those words caused him to chuckle. Lost in the beauty of her Gaelic features, he lay a gentle hand against her cheek. "I'm glad to know it, as I plan to stay for the next two days."

Her eyes grew wide with surprise. "You do? So your assignment..."

"Well...Let's say I had a helping hand with it!" He said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "An 'angelic helping hand', to be exact!"

Monica's eyebrows knitted together with an adorable mix of confusion. "I don't think I understand it..."

Amused, he kissed her lips once again, now in a soft caress before he took her by the hand and guided her up to the couch. "Where is Angela?"

"Oh, she fell asleep right after I sang 'Miss Molly had a Dolly' for her!" She said, causing him to chuckle as he pictured that cute scene. "And if you ask me, I think Tess was a wee bit jealous as Angela kept on laughing and making those baby sounds in all the songs she picked for her!"

The blond angel looked at the stairs, aware of the silence in the cabin and in its surroundings. "I'll go see her soon."

Monica caressed his face with the back of her hand. "I treasure all these moments when all of us have the opportunity to be together...Either here on Earth or in our heavenly Home."

"Me too, angel." He said, kissing her palm. "It's the greatest gift the Father has ever given me." Andrew then winked at her. "Besides a certain little angel who comes to help me out in my assignments even now and then!"

"I wonder how I could ever do that," she said, narrowing her eyes, "but I sense you'll tell me everything about it once you check on Angela and then come downstairs to share a good double mocha latte with me!"

Laughing, Andrew nodded his head and kissed her lips once again. "You're precious, angel. And I love you, very much!"

"You are precious to me too, Andrew. And you'll always have my love!"


To be continued