The streets of Sentinel 3 were deathly quiet and deserted

Unlikely Circumstances- A Outlaw Star Fanfiction

Prologue- One Normal Night

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The streets of Sentinel 3 were deathly quiet, deserted. Being the wee hours of the morning when most where asleep, a feel of loneliness and desolation settled onto the sidewalks and roads, still hosting wisps of paper and trashed that danced on a swift, night wind. Casting streams of light over the frames of houses and shops, filled with activity and bustle during the day, streetlights offered their soft hum as the only noise of the night save an occasional dog barking or car wheels screeching a far way off. There was no moon that night and all seemed colder then normal. Jim Hawking fumbled with the keys as he sat shivering in the parking lot. Gene was back at the bar, plastered.

/Gene's definitely way to heavy for me to carry all the way to the car/ Jim thought, trying another key, not getting a match. /And he's too drunk to drive home. What in the world would he do if I wasn't around to take care of him ne?/ He asked himself. /Maybe, one day I'll just leave the big lug here, that'll teach him not to chug 9 Flaming Rumbombs/

Since collecting the bounty on a scoundrel named Green Atlas earlier that day Gene had been hell bent on getting to a bar. The red haired outlaw had planned a good drink as celebration for the much-needed money. Starwind and Hawking hadn't been doing so well for a while. This bounty would keep them going, for a little while at least.

Jim tagged along just because Suzuka and Melfina had gone out to the movies and Aisha was working another seafood restaurant, her eighth such job in a month. Of course nobody could have expected that Gene would get into an argument with a fat man at the counter. The two had decided to settle their quarrel the civilized way, a drinking match. The result: one very drunken Gene Starwind who kept asking for his socks and insisting that the table was spinning.

/At least he beat that fat guy out of 75 wong. Maybe Gene's found a new skill in life/ Jim thought, grinning. /But I sure as hell don't want to drag his drunken bulk all around town… maybe it's best to just stick to the regular stuff. Like shooting and space fights and pirates is regular stuff... Sheesh, he always manages to get into so much trouble. Urgh! These stupid keys!/

Jim flung his arms up in despair as he came to the very, very last key. Some days you're lucky, some days you're really unlucky. Today had been one of those bad days. Actually, Jim had been feeling more and more depressed lately. It wasn't the lack of money; it was Gene that was missing. The two long time friends and partners had been talking significantly less since the whole incident with Hot Ice Hilda and Melfina, Suzuka and Aisha coming to join them. But Jim cast aside the thoughts of sadness as the key finally clicked into place and the motor roared to life.

"Yes! Finally!" Jim breathed a sigh of relief. "Wow it's already 4, man I'm exhausted."

There were few cars in the lot and those remaining sat unoccupied but Jim instinctively checked the rear view mirror for any other car behind him. Seemingly out of the blue there was a dark figure moving right next to the car, one hand tucked away in a trench coat, the other holding a long, rod-like object.

/What the hell?/ Jim thought, confused. Dread and cold fear making his heart beat faster.

He heard a soft whirring noise and noticed a flash of light but then Jim knew no more.

-end prologue

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