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"Blah, blah, blah"

It was lunch break for the four bishonens at Koneko no Sumu Ie and Ken was assigned by Aya to get lunch. Originally, it was Yoji but he was "Busy" (if you call flirting with girls work).  Heh, I have to be the one to get lunch…this sucks! Ken was lost in a trail of thoughts when he saw what seemed to look like Omi but a little different. He blinked again and the boy disappeared. I must be seeing things.

When Ken got back to Koneko he saw the genki boy in the shop being his happy-go-lucky-self.

"I have lunch," the brunette announced

"Finally!" Yoji groaned

"Oi! You were supposed to get lunch!"

"I was busy"

"Okay, since you WERE busy you can do the deliveries," the redhead said.

"Awwwww, Aya-chan," Yohji whined.

"Youji, quit the whining you know it's not going to work" the leader of Weiss sighed.

"Heh, but it did work last night…" the lanky blond smirked.

Ayas face was now the color of his hair "Shut up and do the deliveries"

The lanky blond smirked then went off delivering.

It had been a good hour and Youji was on his last delivery when he noticed someone. That someone looked very similar but Yohji couldn't put his finger on it. He shruged it off and went to the restaurant and finished the job.

When he came out that person was gone.

Yohji just made it back before Ken closed up. Omi greeted the taller blond, "Okaeri, Yohji-kun"

That's it! "Hey, chibi, have you left the shop today?" Yohji asked.

Omi looked confused. "No, I've been here all day",

I swear I saw him outside that restaurant. "Okay" now the taller blond was thinking.

It was Ken's turn to ask Omi a question "Omi, have you been out today?"

"Ken-kun, I just told Yohji-kun, I've been here all day."

Just then Aya had come back and there was a surprised look on his face. It was something you dont see everyday. "Omi?"


"But…I thought…you…were at the park…I just saw you there"

Omi was now very confused. (just like the others) "Aya-kun, I've been here ALL day!"

As if on cue, Manx came in.

"Do you have more information about the mission for us Manx? I haven't found anything and I've been at it for two days now!" The blond Weiss leader asked hopefully.

"Actually, quite the opposite. Your target has already been eliminated. There is no mission tonight"


Omi asked "How? I thought we were the only lethal team in Kritiker!"

"You are, but we have a highly trained, professional assassin that did it in an hour."

Ken stared wide-eyed. "You've got to be kidding".

Manx crossed her arms in front of her chest "Im not, that assassin is working for us. In fact that's the reason why Im here, to introduce the new member of your group. Come in."

Manx gestured the new comer inside which caused Ken to stare, Yohjis mouth to gap open, Omis eyes to widen and even a surprised look out of Aya.

The new comer looked almost exactly like Omi aside the fact that this new member of the group had large chocolate brown eyes, silver hair and surely did not have the genki blondes happy-go-lucky personality, more like Ayas. It was an odd combination, but it was like Omi and Aya put into one body.

Manx started the introduction. "Okay, this is your new team mate."

The new member smiled, apparently for the first time in years. "Im Sei Takahashi, nice to meet you all"

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