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A schoolgirl in her school uniform arrived in front of a great building; she had informed the employer about her wanting to be a model about an hour ago. Guards let her in; she felt their eyes staring at her and shuddered at the feeling.

She reached the office and entered. There she saw a man at his desk smirking at her. She smiled shyly at him and fidgeted.

The man was undressing her with his eyes; not in these many years of being head of his "company" had he seen a child so pretty.

She looked up at him, her smile turned cruel and she brought out three knives; one in between two fingers each. She charged at him and before he could blink she was right in front of him with her knives at his neck.

He was about to press the security button but she stabbed his hand to his desk. He screamed in pain.

"Does it hurt?" Her voice whispered with danger painted on it.

Before he could speak she covered his mouth.

"But I bet the children that you abused had worst pain than you. They're scared for life because of your sick sadistic mind."

She used he other knife to pin his other hand to his desk. The pedophile screamed at the pain once more. Her eyes became cat-like and she licked her lips like a cat watching its meal about to be killed.

"I won't take anything from you but…" she slashed his arm with her final knife "…I'll give you death." She slashed his throat then his face then repeatedly slashed the rest of him. Blood flew everywhere; droplets flew to her face. The room was covered in blood and so were her clothes.

The schoolgirl gazed at her work; she smiled, "Have a good time in hell you son of a bitch." She turned to her bag that she had brought with her and got changed. She, no, He wore navy blue jeans a black turtleneck long sleeve top that had crimson red at around his stomach area, black gloves and a black bandana to finish off his outfit.

He turned back to the man and retrieved his beloved three knives. The silver haired assassin wiped the knives with his now eliminated target's suit. Once all of his positions retrieved; he talked into the headphone that he now wore, "Mission complete."

"Good work Slasher, now get out of there quickly, I'm going to blow this building to smithereens." The leader spoke.


Slasher used the emergency escape that was located just outside the target's window and met up with the rest of Weiss.

All jumped into the swordman's car and they rode off. Once far enough the building exploded but neither looked back.

"Sei-kun, did you get any injuries?" asked their leader.

"No, I'm fine Omi-san, really, I haven't even got a scar." Sei answered as if he had just fallen over.

The silver haired boy stared out of the window, "…Not one scar…"

As the boy stared out of the window, many cruel and horrible memories crossed his mind, so much blood he had seen in his short life, his innocence lost so long ago. Though he had never had any sexual intimacy; weather it be rape or not, he no longer was counted "innocent" for he had seen more than an innocent child was to see.

Was this how it was meant to be? Did his family deserve what they got? What had they done?

Those questions circled within his mind over and over. So many years, yet he still kept asking those questions.

Sei's thoughts were cut by the kind voice that belonged to Omi, "Sei-kun, we're back now."

Sei nodded and got out of the car. Once inside; Yoji let out a sigh, "Today was a waste of time, may as well go to the bar or something."

That stung Sei, he knew what the kids had been through, he himself never experienced it but he saw what they had been through. The brown-eyed boy remained silent then said, "Boku…Kairimasu. Matta ashita ne minnasa."

With that he left the rest of Weiss to their selves.

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