well, I said that I wasn't going to write another story in this series, but I just had another idea, and i thought that I would write at least one more. well this is book four in the GENIUS series. the other ones are titled- It dosent take a genius, Or maybe it does, and Leaving it all behind. Well here goes.

Oh and i do not own Jimmy Neutron.


The truth had been revealed. At least, to each other it had. Cindy and Jimmy had admitted their true feelings toward each other.

Cindy sat in her room. It was a sunny morning, the morning after the truth had come out. "Maybe it was all adream" cindy thought to herself, as she combed her hair. Everything had seemed so real, though. She had called Jimmy in the middle of the night, with no idea what was going to happen. He had agreed to meet her at Retroland, even though it was closed for the night.

That was where all had been revealed. She had told him that she loved him. He had said that same.

As Cindy thought about all of this, she wondered what would happen next between them.


Jimmy's head was pounding. "Goddard, please tell me that I slept all last night"

Goddard shook his head and his screen said- You went out at about eleven.

"Oh no, what am I going to do now?"


Monday morning came. The kids loaded the bus as usual, with the exeption of Cindy and Jimmy, who got on as slowly as they could, hoping to avoid confrontation.

"Cindy, what's the matter with you, girl?" asked Libby as Cindy sat down.


"Don't lie to me, I called you on your new cell phone last night, but you didn't answer."

"I was out"

"At eleven o clock?"


"With who?"

"No one, I just needed some fresh air, so I took a walk."

"Okay, but I know your lying. You know that you can always tell me what's going on, right."

"I will Libs, but not right now, I have alot to think about..............."

Libby shook her head and wondered what was wrong with her best friend.


The bell rang, and the kids sat in their seats, so they wouldn't be tardy.

Ms. Fowl sat in her desk and waited for the noise to die down.

Jimmy and Cindy sat in their normal desk, but they were trying their hardest not to look at each other.

"Okay class, listen up,braaaaaaaaaaaaaak, were going to do another partner project. I will assign partners."

"Ms. Fowl, what is the project?" asked Cindy.

"Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, you must spend one day with that person, and do a report on them. Find out their likes, dislikes, and take them to a place of their choice. At the end of the day, you will write your report, and grade your partner. Of course, I still make the deciding grade, but I'd still liiiiiiiiike to know what you think. Any questions?"

A number of students raised their hands.

"Okay, then no questions? let's get staaaaaaaaaaaaaarted!"

"When I call your name, come to the frooooooooonnnnnnnnt of the class, and stand with your partner"

"Oh, and did I forget to mention, the groups will consist of one boy and one girl."

Groans echoed around the classroom.

"Sheen, You will be paired with........................ Libby"

"Alright!" said Sheen as he ran to the front of the class. Libby rolled her eyes, but couldn't help but smile.

"Carl, you will be paired with our new student, Heather."

Heather had come from Washington, and Carl thought that she was pretty nice, even though she was a girl.

Sheen and Libby sat down and pushed two desks together, to get started on their project, as Carl and Heather went to the front of the class.

"Jimmy, you will be paired with........................Brittany."

"and Cindy, you will be paired with Nick."

That would have been fine with Cindy a couple of weeks ago, but now, she wanted to be paired with Jimmy.