Ok, I have some info. I was going to write another chapter in this story, and I did, but it wasn't a good chapter, so I've decided to just leave the last chapter that I wrote as the last chapter. I thought that it was a good place to stop, so I will. Anyway, I'm going to start work on my next and last book as soon as possible. As I said before, it's going to be more serious than the others , and have a little more drama. Maybe even some sadness... anyway, I'm not sure what I'm going to call the last book, so if you have any suggestions, I'll take it into consideration. So, I guess I'll start work on my next book. It might take me a while to get them posted, thought because I'm currently working on a J/C movie online, and nine weeks tests are this week, but I'll try my hardest to post.

Teejay Vortex