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Careless Whispers

Chapter Sixteen: Coming To An End

Willow's POV

I pushed open the door, and instantly laughter, chatter and music filled my ears. I looked around, sighing as I tugged on my messy ponytail. Finally undoing the ribbon, I let my long black hair cascade around my shoulders, allowing the tension to seep out of my small frame.

I pushed past a few guys to get to the bar, smiling briefly to the cutie next to me. I always felt and acted different in a bar, when I wasn't surrounded by my friends.

"Hey there Jesse!" I called to the familiar barman. He turned, grinning as he saw me. He handed a guy a bottle of beer, took the money, placed it in the till and walked over to me.

"Hey, Cass," Jesse grinned. Everyone here thinks my name is Cass, since it was stupid to give out my real name and Cassandra is my middle name anyway. "Bit early for you, isn't it? It's not the first of the month yet!"

He was referring to my habit of coming here the first of every month as a stress reliever, a secret that only Johnny knows.

"Meeting up with some mates," I replied, "Speaking of which, have you seen them? Redhead guy, girl with some funky ass orange highlights, and a guy who probably spent about half the time making out with her."

Jesse nodded, "They just came in five minutes before you. Upstairs, on the balcony."

"Ordered yet?"


"Alright, can I have a bottle of tequila, with all the added stuff, and four Barcadi Breezers, please?"

Jesse nodded, turning around and placing everything on a tray. "Need a hand taking it upstairs?"

"Who d'you think you're talking to?" I replied, raising an eyebrow, "The amount of times I've helped you out by waitressing, Jesse!"

"Sorry, sorry!"

I shook my head, grinning. "See you later." I said, balancing the tray in one hand and heading through the throngs of people, the tray held over my head to avoid any accidents. I smiled at few hot guys before reaching the staircase, walking upstairs and looking around. I finally spotted stark red hair against the darkish surroundings, and headed over there.

"Greetings, mad ones!" I said cheerfully, placing the tray down on the table. All three of them looked at me in surprise.

"You're awfully chirper," Mirror grumbled, "Especially for someone in new surroundings. How the hell did you get served anyway? You hardly look sixteen."

I ignored her. After all, she's just bitter cos Tamsyn is pissed off at her AND she smacked her head against the ground –according to Kai- so she's bound to have a killer headache.

"I don't know about that." Johnny muttered, eyeing my short skirt and spaghetti strap top.

"Eyes up, McGregor. You didn't come here to ogle Will's breasts." Kai snapped.

I rolled my eyes at them. God! It was like tension central! Although, I can't talk. Had we been anywhere else, I'd be just as miserable as them. Thank God for places like The Skylar Club.

"Oh, come on," I said, picking up the shot glasses and pouring tequila into them. "Liven up!" I pushed a shot glass along with a slice of lime to each of them. "Hands out!"

They stared at me.

I sighed, "Oh come on, surely you people know how to take tequila shots?"

Although everyone was still looking at me like I had totally lost it, which, thank you, I haven't, Johnny held out his hand. I poured a measured amount of salt into the crook of his thumb, and slowly, Mirror and Kai also held out their hands. After distributing the salt, I counted down from three, and all of us licked the salt off our hands, downed the tequila and bit into the lime, sucking on the juice.

I grinned, shivering as the bittersweet taste hit me. Finally dropping into a seat next to Johnny and opposite Mirror, I uncapped the Barcadi Breezers, handing them out.

"You're acting weird." Kai declared, eyes narrowing.

I slumped in my seat. God, everything has to be doom and gloom otherwise it's weird.

"Look, I just had to deal with my sister having a nervous breakdown, just leave out Kai, alright?" I growled.

There was silence, as Kai averted his eyes and I glared at him. Sighing, I dropped my heated gaze and took a swig of my Barcadi Breezer.

"I thought you don't drink." Mirror said, taking her own hefty swig.

"Yeah, well, there are a lot of things people think about me that's utter bullshit." I replied, fidgeting with the bottle cap. I glanced at Johnny, "So, my sister had a nervous breakdown and got sent home, Tamsyn attacked Mirror and Kai. What went absolutely wrong with your day?"

"Amazingly enough, nothing," Johnny replied, "Although I'm not looking forward to when Tammy finds out that I'm friends with you."

"I am." Mirror muttered.

"Mi…" Kai admonished.

Mirror shrugged.

"You know, you don't have to depress everyone with your bad mood," I scowled at the taller girl, pouring another couple of tequila shots. I smirked at her, "Bet you can't down four shots of tequila without losing it!"

Mirror immediately perked up. Competition always did that.

"Oh yeah?" Mirror smirked back, "Pour another couple then."

And thus began the drinking competitions.

Mirror's POV

"I don't see why she should have all the fun!" I groaned leaning into Kai's chest, his arm over my shoulder. Johnny was downing another drink whilst wearily trying to stop the ground beneath him shaking. At least that's what it looks like to me. You too would get slightly worried when your ex-boyfriend but still your friend is staring at the ground with half lidded eyes, swaying and yelling 'WHY IS IT SHAKING!' at the top of his lungs.

Kai merely grunted as he obviously tried not to succumb to his own drunken stupor.

My cherry orbs turned to my only enemy dancing her way into the centre of the dance floor, guys groping her as she went with her only pulling their hands off in return.

"That's IT!" I snapped getting up; both sets of orbs were back on me as I glared down at Kai. "I didn't come here to watch her have a good time and watch you two being idiots!"

"Damn Mi, you dance like a stripper on E!" Johnny slurred. I turned to look at him as he slowly leaned too far off his chair and fell onto the floor.

I rolled my eyes, god he must be drunk out of his skull! The reasoning behind this was that a) I'm not dancing, and b) I don't look like a stripper!

I turned back to Kai, who watched with a small smirk on his lips.

"What's so funny?" I asked, missing the reason as to why he was so amused.

Kai stood up, not swaying in the slightest as he stepped towards me, hands on my hips, leading me backwards onto the dance floor. "Just wanna see if what McGregor said was true."

I smirked right back once he finished muttering those words in my ear over the pulsating music around us. Pulling him closer I wrapped an arm around his neck, the other slipping up his shirt to draw a lazy line on his abdomen.

"Why don't we find out?" I grinned pushing him further into the crowd and getting lost in the music.

"COME ON WILLOW!" I screamed over the music as I pulled the girl through the crowds of gyrating people, slipping past a very intimate couple, to the front of the nightclub, right beside the DJ's booth.

"I AIN'T SURE BOUT THIS MI!" She screamed back as I offered her only a smirk over my left shoulder before dragging her up the steps to the empty lit up dance stage fit for only two. "MIRROR! SERIOUSLY!"

"Are you gonna run away from a dare Tate?" I teased into her ear as I felt her shiver from my tone.

"Like hell I will!" She yelled and I smirked, nodding at the DJ who smirked right back, pumping up the music as we began to dance. I knew we were the centre of attention, any half decent looking girls, up on a lit stage would be centre of attention in the place. And I was glad to know that both of us were more then half decent. Though I still would never admit that out-loud to Willy.

But as the music thumped through my system I just could give a crap. This was just us, Me and Willow. We no longer had any hatred between us, all of that had evaporated the more alcohol came in contact with out systems. The boys were getting along, Johnny passed out on one of the couches and Kai trying to stop any form of molesting from the said teen towards himself.

Only I knew how wild Johnny really got when he had too much to drink.

And me and Willow. We didn't see those lines between us now, at least I could see them. I couldn't see what our parents had brought us up into. The family feud with no reason, or one that had long since been forgotten and neither party should care about.

As the lights of the nightclub lolled over our forms I no longer cared about what was right, what I knew. I understood that it wouldn't be the end of the world if we became friends, things would definitely change, but they would only change for the better.

And as I swayed to the music, feeling Willow at my back, I couldn't help but smile. My cherry orbs found auburn at the back of the bar watching us with amusement clearly written over his features. Maybe someday I would find this normal, just as before I found hating Willow normal, hating them normal, hating him normal.

I couldn't imagine that now. I couldn't imagine a world without him, I couldn't imagine a world without her. They needed me and Johnny, just as much as we needed them.

But as I twisted around, catching the half lidded smile across my former enemies face, I couldn't help but feel relief. I couldn't help being relieved that it was over. That I didn't have to wake up each morning gearing up for another fight, for another verbal assault. We could be friends, we could be good friends, as before as enemies we found out everything about each other. Likes and dislikes, past and present. Now instead of using that against each other… maybe we could just get along.

"HELL YEAH BABY!" Willow screamed throwing her arms in the air, missing her footing before wide eyed and with a high pitched scream slipping off the stage and onto an unaware guy below. Falling into fits of laughter, I knew everything was alright. Maybe it wasn't normal for me to gain sense when I was drunk and for Willow to loose all of hers completely. But it was alright. We were alright. I looked up at Kai who held his arms out to me from the edge of the stage, I looked over his shoulder at Johnny who finally awake was helping his future girlfriend up and hearing her moan about her fall.

We were all going to be alright. We just had to be.

Willow's POV

I stretched slowly on my bed, feeling my skin tingle in protest. I was sore, all over the place. More specifically in the lower region. I wasn't that drunk last night, was I?

I can't remember a Goddamned thing. Seriously. My mind has gone blank. Although I suppose things will start coming back to me soon enough. I mean, I already have a few snatches, one of which was me and Mirror dancing on the raised platform and then me falling…fuck, that had hurt.

Was that why my muscles were screaming at me?

Honestly, I've taken far worse falls than that.

I sighed, pushing the sheets off my shoulders and down to my waist. I was hot, and surprisingly almost half off the bed. Usually I sprawled myself all over the bed, not curled up at the side. Just another side affect of crashing while completely pissed out my head.

I buried my head into the pillow. I hadn't even managed to open my eyes, something told me the light would kill them. I tried to remember what had happened last night. Like I said, I had snatches, but nothing more.

Dancing…lights…colours…dancing and dancing and just continuous dancing, bodies gyrating against each other, hands on my body, the hot feeling…

Bloody hell.

Just what the hell happened last night?

Something significant, I know that. A lot of things happened last night I should remember.

I sighed again, finally pulling my head away from the pillow and opened my eyes. And that's when I realised everything was absolutely wrong.

For one, no light seared my eyes. And my room happens to have no curtains, just a sheet of pale blue silk draped over my windows.

Hence I wasn't in my room. Since, number two, my room is only a quarter of the size of this one!


Nope. Not his house either. I recognise every single one of his rooms. And besides, this was too messy to be in Kai's house.

I looked down at the sheets covering me—for one, they were layers of blood red silk, not a black cotton duvet. For another, they were large…enough to cover a king sized bed. Which was exactly what I was lying on.

Completely naked.

Dear bloody God.


Suddenly I had my answer, because in my heat-filled, drugged mind, I had completely missed the feeling of large hands on my body. More specifically, an arm splayed over my stomach and another settled on my inner thigh. I could probably recognise the toned, tanned arm for anywhere, because I was the reason there was a scar running along it.

Holding my breath, I turned my head, and found myself staring at Johnny McGregor's sleeping figure…sleeping completely naked figure.

And then I remembered everything.

Oh. My. God.

I slept with Johnny!


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