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A/N: Hey! Well this is my new fic. It's a strange plot I know but I just thought of the idea while I was watching Sonic X and I thought why not give it a shot, so I hope you enjoy it. I got the script of the episode 'Its All in the Cards' from a Digimon site called Patamon's World. Just to let you know, I'll be missing out a few scenes that aren't important. I just wanna say right now, I know its gonna be boring reading the first chapter as most of it is from the episode but I promise future chapters will be better.

Summary: Digimon/Sonic X crossover In the episode 'It's All in the Cards' what if Tai had picked the wrong card? Now the DigiDestined take on a new role in a completely different world.

Digimon X

Chapter 1

The DigiDestined were currently outside Myotismon's castle. They had just come from Gennai's house and he had given them a pack of Digimon Key Cards that they had to place on a stone block with special slots for them so they could open the gate back to their own world. But there was a catch. Not only was there one fake card in the pack, the DigiDestined would be transported to a different world if they got the cards wrong.

"Man, this place looks even scarier than it did the first time." Joe commented.

The DigiDestined made their way into the castle and walked through until they came to the stairs that led down to the room with the huge Digimon in.

"How do we get past the Devidramon?" Izzy asked.

"Leave that to me. I'll take 'em out while you go in." Tentomon spoke up. Tai and Izzy nodded in agreement.



Megakabuterimon charged into the room and towards the Devidramon, startling them. They all turned to the on-coming ultimate Digimon.

"Lets go, now is our chance." Izzy said as the DigiDestined made their way towards the stone block where the cards would be inserted.

"Horn Buster!" Megakabuterimon yelled.

Everyone screamed, as things felt extremely weird as everything went back to normal. Motimon fell to the ground by Izzy. And all the Devidramon had disappeared.

"Whoa, what happened Izzy?" Motimon asked as is partner picked him up.

"Everything's turned all right side up again. You fixed the warp in space." Izzy smiled at his Digimon partner.

"Come on. We've got to figure out the pattern in these cards." Tai spoke up as he looked at the cards that were placed on the ground in front of the kids. "Good one, bad one, funky one?" he suggested.

"Maybe in-training, rookie and champion?" Joe recommended.

"Or it could be small one, medium one, big one, how can we be sure? And we still don't have a clue which card is the fake one." Matt exclaimed.

"Maybe it's where they lived, water or land." Sora suggested.

Mimi took a step forward. "Maybe the key is in their names, like, Agumon starts with A, that's letter number one, then, oh, no, it really doesn't make any sense." She groaned. "Oh. Izzy, what are you looking at?" she asked noticing the smaller boy observing something.

"Myotismon used a spell to open the gate and I think this picture must have something to do with it. Some of these characters I know. Sagittarius and Leo are signs of the Zodiac, but there's nothing about a monkey in any horoscope. And what's the significance of this star pattern?" Izzy exclaimed.

"Matt what's that sound?" TK asked hearing a strange sound.

"I don't know." Matt replied, looking around.

"Well maybe someone should go take a…." Mimi began.

"I'll go find out." Patamon announced as he flew up the stairs.

"Come on guys, we have to figure out the cards." Tai spoke up.

"Yeah lets go." Sora added.

"What's the point? We'll never unlock the gate." Joe sighed.

"Don't even say that Joe!" Sora cried out.

"Even if we put the cards in the holes so they look right, we have no way of knowing 'til it's too late." Joe replied.

"We have to try, Joe!" Matt said.

"Something tells me we don't have much time." Tai exclaimed.

"Hey, everyone. The walls and ceilings in the castle are caving in. The passages are all blocked." Patamon called out flying back into the room.

"That means we cant go back the way we came in. We're trapped." Matt exclaimed.

"Now we have to open the gate. One of us has to choose nine cards and put them in the holes and that'll be that." Izzy said simply.

"You, Tai." Joe said looking at the goggle head.

"Me?! Tai cried out taking a step back.

"Yeah. Its your call." Joe replied.

"Mine?! Why is it up to me?" Tai asked.

"I'm not trying to put you on the spot or anything like that, I just think we all really believe in you, Tai." Joe explained.

"Me?" Tai repeated again.

"Joe's right. In times like these, decisions need to be made by the one in charge." Matt spoke up.

"Hold on, have you guys gone all crazy? Who made me the leader?" Tai asked looking around the group.

"Do you remember when you were gone, Tai? We fell apart without you around. And after all that weren't you the one who brought us all back together again?" Matt asked grabbing Tai by the shoulders.

"Yeah I guess but…" Tai trailed off.

"Just do it Tai!" Mimi suddenly cried out. " I just wanna get back to my home, that's all. Oh…I'm sorry. I was being selfish again. I have to remember we're a team. Come on, Tai, save the day." She said smiling.

"Come on, we've gone through a lot of weird stuff already. If we hadn't stuck together, we never would have beaten Seadramon." Joe exclaimed.

"Or smashed Tyrannomon." Matt said.

"Or escaped Toy Town." Mimi added.

"And I'd still be making French fries in Vegiemon's diner if you hadn't saved me. You can do it, Tai." Joe smiled.

"All right. So you're leaving it up to me to get this gate open, huh? And whatever I decide is the best way, you're all willing to go along with it?" Tai asked. Everyone nodded in agreement. "Well I have decided I want Izzy to do it." He finally said.

"What? You do? Why me?" Izzy asked a little shocked.

"If that's what Tai thinks. Then I accept it." Mimi smiled.

"Me too. Don't worry Izzy, Tai believes in you and so do the rest of us." Matt added.

"But what happens if I'm wrong?" Izzy asked.

"No one will blame you." Mimi replied.

"We all know you are the right one for the job Izzy. Go for it." Tai smiled.

"I still have no idea how this all fits together." Izzy sighed.

"Maybe you could use your computer to help figure it out." Motimon suggested.

"The computer? All right, now I'd rather use it to log onto the Internet and book us a flight out of this place. Huh? Wait a minute. The horse, the lion, and the monkey. That's it." Izzy said to himself, remembering what Gennai had told him last night about all Digimon being classified as date, virus or vaccine. "Could it be? Who here has met up with Digitamamon and Gekomon?" he asked looking up at the group.

"I have." Joe replied.

"Gimme your digivice." Izzy said.

Joe nodded and handed the younger boy his digivice.

Izzy placed it into his new adapter. "Prodigious!" Izzy smiled as information on the two Digimon came up on his screen. "Come on guys, check this out. The first three, the lion, the archer, and the monkey, would be Leomon, Centarumon, and Etemon. In addition, there is one of each classification. Data, virus, and vaccine. The stars, starting at the top represent In-Training, Rookie, and Champion. So now we can put all the cards in the right squares." he explained.

"You did it Izzy. Good work." Sora smiled.

"Wait a minute, not so fast. There are two cards here. One of them is the fake, but I don't know which one. So that's it. I'm sorry. We still can't be certain where the gate will open to." Izzy said letting out a long sigh.

"Tai can pick which one is fake." Sora announced. Suddenly there was a growling noise and the DigiDestined looked up to see Dokugomon hanging from a web on the ceiling.

"Intruders in the castle must be destroyed!" the spider Digimon growled. Everyone screamed as Dokugomon made his way towards them.




The three Digimon charged towards the spider Digimon. Garurumon opened his mouth and spat out a ray of ice towards Dokugomon.

"Hurry, hurry, hurry we're running out of time!" Koromon cried as Tai tried to decide between the two cards in his hands.

"I can't decide which card is the fake on." Tai muttered.

"Hurry up! Choose!" Mimi screamed.

"If I choose wrong. We're toast." Tai thought. While the leader of the DigiDestined was deciding the Digimon were busy battling Dokugomon.

"Poison Thread!" Dokugomon yelled spaying thread over all the Digimon. Togemon and Ikkakumon both d-digivolved back to Palmon and Gomamon. Garurumon growled as he tried to free himself.

"Garurumon!" Matt yelled.

"Digivolve again!" Sora cried out.


WereGarurumon leaped up and began to battle Dokugomon by himself. He slashed his claws at the spider Digimon.

"Tai, you gotta make up your mind now, we're out of time!" Matt shouted. Tai placed both of the cards down so their backs were facing up wards.

"Okay! It's this one!" he said turning over the card with the Agumon on. "You're the one Agumon, open the gate!" Tai yelled placing the card in the last slot. The gate made a creaking noise and it slowly began to open.

"It worked!" TK cheered.

"Lets go!" Tai yelled leading the group towards the gate that was now fully open.

Matt waited behind for WereGarurumon to finish his battle. The wolf Digimon shouted out 'Wolf Claw' and destroyed Dokugomon with his scream echoing through the castle. WereGarurumon then d-digivolved back to Tsunomon and landed in Matt's arms.

"That was real close Tsunomon, but it looks like we made it." He smiled down at his Digimon before jumping into the gate, just as it was closing. The DigiDestined screamed as they felt themselves being transferred out of the Digital World….

Tai let out a small groan and opened his eyes. He felt extremely cold, like he wasn't wearing any clothes. He was lying on his back and once his vision was clear he saw he was staring up at the clear blue sky. The sun was shining in his eyes so he covered them with his arm. He noticed his white glove and then his arm. His long black wristband was missing!

" Huh?! Tai gasped sitting up straight and looking at his arm.

He then noticed the rest of his body. He was a lot smaller and most of his skin was blue! His arms were his normal skin color and he had a circle that covered most of the front of his chest and stomach, also skin color.

Tai looked down at his legs and noticed they were blue too! He had red trainers on with a white stripe going across them with small white socks. Tai slowly got to his feet and felt his face. It felt more rounded and his goggles were missing. He went to feel his hair and felt three or more huge spikes on the top of his head. Tai looked behind him and noticed he had a small blue tail with some more small spikes going down his back.

"What's happened to me?! Tai cried out. He looked around and saw he was standing in the middle of a huge field. There was a small pond a few meters away from him. He slowly walked over and paused a few feet away from it.

He gulped before leaning over and his reflection appeared in the water. Everything was peaceful until Tai's terrified scream echoed through the field.

"Ahhhh! I'm a hedgehog!" he screamed.

To be continued….

A/N: Well that is the first chapter done. Like I said at the beginning this first chapter may be boring as most of it is from the episode 'It's All in the Cards' but I had no other ideas on how to start this fic off so I apologize for it. I promise this fic will get more interesting in future chapters so don't get put off by the first chapter. I may not be able to update this for a while as I have my other fic to write too but I'll try my best to get chapter 2 up ASAP. Don't forget to read and review!