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Digmon X

Chapter 5

Tai was running as fast as he could. A trail of dust was left behind him as he sped down the opposite side of the mountain and through the forest that lay beneath.

Leaves from the trees and plants blew hysterically as he whizzed through them at a constant speed.

It took him about four seconds to run through the forest. As he burst out of the other end, he could see the hill tops faintly in the distance.

"Man it's gonna take Matt and Sora forever to get there... maybe it wasn't such a good idea to leave them alone back there..." he thought as he grew closer to the hills.

It would take him probably about five minutes to reach his destination, but for Sora and Matt walking at a normal pace, that would take even longer. Maybe even an hour or so.

"I just hope Izzy and the others are alright... I hope I'm not too late."

Tai increased his speed a little and was just a fast blue blur as he zoomed across the desert land that would lead him to the hills where the others were...

Izzy groaned as he continued to circle the plane around the robot, Funfun. "The guns on this plane aren't doing any damage. We need to land this thing and search for the chaos emerald."

Joe looked ahead at his friend. "But if we do that, Funfun is gonna have a clearer chance at hitting us." He explained.

Dr Eggman burst into laughter as he sat in his Eggman mobile. "Looks like you've been finally been outwitted Fox boy. Just give up now and give me that chaos emerald you have."

Izzy growled and turned his plane to face Eggman. "Never!" he pressed the firing button on the control panel and continuous bullets from the guns.

"Yah!" Dr Eggman moved his Eggman mobile in every direction possible as he dodged each bullet. "You dumb robot, don't just hover there!" he roared at Funfun.

Funfun slowly turned in the air and opened his red beak. A golden ball of energy formed inside and he fired the attack.

"Oh oh." Izzy gasped and quickly steered the plane to the left, missing the on-coming attack by inches. The ball of energy disappeared into the distance before collided with a distant mountain.

"Come on Tai, Matt, Sora... where are you guys?" The small two tailed fox thought to himself as he steered the plane higher into the air.

As if just on cue, a blue stream of light hurtled up the incline of the hill. As Tai came to the top, and due to his speed, he flew into the air, soaring upwards. He did a little summersault in the air before landing gracefully on the right wing of the Tornado 2.

He turned to face Dr Eggman and grinned. "Hey Eggman. Miss me?" he winked playfully.

Dr Eggman stood up in his Eggman mobile and clenched his fists. "Argh curse you, you hedgehog!" he yelled, pumping his fists into the air angrily. "Funfun, get that blue freak!" he ordered.

Funfun started up his huge fan that was situated in the middle part at the front of his body. The propellers slowly began to turn, getting faster and faster.

"Bring it on you oversized chicken!" Tai jumped up into the air and curled up into a ball, about to perform the sonic spin. But as he hit the sudden burst of air from Funfun, he was thrown of course.

"Yahhhh!" he screamed as he was blown up through the air before coming down and landing in a heap at the bottom of the hill.

"Tai!" Izzy called out to his friend.

Funfun turned his attention to the plane that flew past him just above. He tilted himself upwards and pointed his fan in its direction, causing the gusts of wind from within it to change course and attack the plane.

Izzy grunted as he tried to control the plane that was being blown back. It was tilting to the right and Mimi's scream could be heard over the wind as they clutched onto the left side of the plane to stop themselves from falling out.

"Argh... I can't hold it!" Izzy cried out, clutching the controls so tight his hands were beginning to hurt.

The plane suddenly jolted further to the side and little TK tumbled out from Mimi's arms and fell out of the plane.

"TK!" Mimi and Joe both screamed in unison.

TK screamed a long 'Chao' as he fell towards the ground below, stretching his small arms out for his friends.

Tai groaned and sat up, rubbing his head. Still a little dazed he shook his head and shakily got to his feet. "Whoa... TK!" he gawped as he spotted TK falling.

He jumped up straight and sped back up the hill. As he reached the top, he leaped into the air and soared up into the sky right towards TK... he stretched his arms out and grasped TK tightly once the little Chao fell into his arms.

But Funfun turned his fan in their direction. As the sudden gust of wind hit them, Tai and TK were thrown back and crashed against the ground, skidding along the surface before coming to a stop as they slammed against the small wooden building.

Tai was forced to close his eyes due to the high wind. He clutched the whimpering TK as hard as he could, not wanting to let go. With the wind blowing against him, he couldn't run.

Izzy began to lower the plane gradually as Funfun was focussing his attention on Tai and TK. He gulped as it got closer and closer to the ground...

This was his first time landing a plane, and to be honest, he was scared. He was surprised at how well he had controlled the plane so far, but landing was the crucial part.

He ejected the wheels and closed his eyes as they made impact with the ground. There was a few sudden jolts as the plane touched the ground and bumped along the grass, gradually slowing down it's pace.

Mimi clutched onto Joe's purple fur as the rocky landing continued. She could feel the plane reducing in speed but it felt like it would never end.

Izzy pressed his foot down on the breaks. The plane was coming close to the edge of the hill. And if it didn't stop soon, they would fall over the edge.

"Come on... come on stop." Izzy muttered.

The plane slowly and gradually came to a stop, the front wheel inches away from the edge of the hill. The small fox breathed a sigh of relief as he rested his head on the control panel.

Mimi scrambled out of the plane and jumped down onto the short green grass. She smiled. "On ground at last!" she squealed.

Joe managed to squeeze out of the plane and land beside the small bunny before grabbing his fishing rod. "I thought we'd never land. I'm never going up in that thing again!" he exclaimed.

Izzy was the final one to exit out of the plane. He jumped down next to Mimi. "We can't look for the chaos emerald whilst Eggman is around. He'd surely steal it from us as soon as we found it."

Joe glanced over to where Tai and TK were still pinned up against the wooden hut by the strong wind from Funfun. The hut was slowly starting to lose its roof and parts of the walls were being ripped off. The windows had already been smashed and the door was blown off its hinges.

"We need to help Tai and TK first. They can't take that for much longer." The purple cat commented. "We need to find a way to divert Funfun away from Tai; otherwise he can't use his speed." But an idea soon popped into his head.

"That's it!" he exclaimed with a smile. Joe grasped his fishing rod and walked over to as close as he could get to the side of Funfun.

"Joe!" Mimi exclaimed, putting her hands on her hips. "This is no time to go fishing!" she cried out.

Joe ignored her and brought the fishing rod back, before flinging it forward and releasing the hook. It flew through the air and the hook attached itself to the side of Funfun's fan.

Joe then pulled back on the rod with all his strength. At first Funfun didn't move an inch, But as Joe found the inner strength he had being inside Big the cat's body, he managed to slowly turn Funfun away from Tai and TK.

As the wind turned on Joe, he pushed his weight against it to stay upright. He had turned the robot completely away from the blue hedgehog and chao and was now facing him.

Tai put TK down on the ground and got to his feet. "Time to finish this metal hen off." He muttered. Now that Funfun had his back on him, it was the perfect time to attack.

TK watched as his friend sped away from him, straight at the robot. But something took his attention away from the battle that was commencing.

There was a small hole in the wall of the wooden hut. And something was glowing brightly inside. Making sure no one was watching, the little chao slipped through the hole and into the partly destroyed building.

Tai jumped up into the air and landed firmly on the top of Funfun's head. He tapped on the metal and the robot's eyes averted upwards to him. "Hey there!" he said cheekily before leaping off and landing back on the ground.

The blue hedgehog raced off across the ground with Funfun hot on his tail.

"Get him Funfun!" Dr Eggman roared pointing at the blur that was Tai. "Don't let him get away!"

Tai could feel the wind from Funfun's fan against his back, which sped him up even more.

Mimi, Izzy and Joe had their grips firmly on a tree trunk as the wind ripped through the air. The leaves of the trees were blown off instantly and disappeared high in the air, leaving the tree bare.

Mimi pouted angrily. "This robot is really trying my patients! This wind is doing no justice for my hair!" she exclaimed.

"You mean ears Mimi. You don't have hair anymore." Joe called over the wind.

Mimi stamped her foot and picked up a fairly large stone that was blown next to her feet. "Take this you ugly chick!" she threw the stone with all her might at the robot.

Despite the strong wind, the stone continued on its path and struck the large light blue fan in the middle of Funfun's body.

It made a clanking noise as it entered the mechanical insides of the robot. Funfun came to a halt as the fan slowly stopped working and a few sparks escaped.

Tai skidded to a halt and gave Mimi a thumps up. "Thanks Meems!" he grinned before curling up into a ball and spinning forward towards the robot, performing the sonic spin.

He grew more and more speed as he came closer to Funfun. In a split second, and in the blink of an eye, he burst straight through the robot's body, entering through the broken fan and coming out of the back.

Funfun began to malfunction as sparks flew out from anywhere possible and he slouched forward, crashing to the ground in a heap of smoke.

Tai uncurled himself and gracefully landed on the ground with a grin on his face. He turned around, still smiling as he looked up at his new nemesis. "You're next Eggman."

Dr Eggman gawped at his destroyed robot. He then growled and averted his gaze to the blue hedgehog. "In your dreams hedgehog!" he exclaimed angrily. "I'll be back, and next time I leave it will be with the chaos emeralds you have!" he threatened before leaving in his Eggman mobile.

Tai laughed. "He really doesn't give up does he?" he turned to face Izzy, Mimi and Joe.

"Where are Matt and Sora?" Mimi asked as the blue hedgehog walked over to them.

"They should be on their way. We got a TV message from Eggman saying he was on his way to attack you guys. Matt and Sora told me to leave them to help you and they'll catch up later." Tai explained.

Izzy glanced in the distance from where they had come from. "We'll find the chaos emerald first. Then we'll set off to meet them half way."

"Wait a second." Joe spoke up, looking around him. "Where's TK?" he asked.

Everyone else scanned the area for the chao but there was no sign of him. Tai sighed. "Man that little guy gets anywhere. He was beside that wooden hut when I left him."

"Chao, chao!"

Everyone turned around at that familiar and cute voice. TK was seen emerging from the small hole he had entered in the wooden hut. In his hands was a large blue jewel. "Chao, chao!" he chirped up happily as he waddled over to his friends.

"Hey great job TK." Tai grinned. "He found the first chaos emerald."

TK grinned proudly. "Chao!"

"Matt, how much further?" Sora gasped out trying to catch her breath. "We've been walking none stop."

Matt sighed and wiped his brow with his hand. They were currently walking across the desert area of the land and the sun was blazing down on them, which made the hike even more difficult.

"I don't know..." he replied. He looked ahead at the distant hilltops. They didn't seem to be getting any closer. "I'd say another couple of miles or so."

Sora groaned her pace slowing down gradually. "I wish we had Tai's speed. We'd be there already and helping the others fight Eggman."

Matt nodded. "I know how you feel. I just hope they're doing alright at the moment."

The pink hedgehog squinted ahead of them. There was something in the distance coming towards them. "Hey Matt, something's coming this way." She said, squinting even further.

"What is it?" Matt asked.

As the small figure grew bigger and bigger as it came closer, the two friends gasped in horror as it's identity was revealed...

"Eggman!" they both exclaimed in unison.

Dr Eggman glanced down and spotted them on the ground. He chuckled. "Well if it isn't Knuckles and Amy."

Matt stood protectively in front of Sora. "Back off Eggman!" he warned, clenching his fists.

Dr Eggman just smiled sinisterly. An idea had popped into his mind. "Out here alone huh? What a big mistake."

Matt took one step forward. "I'm not joking! Go back to where you came from and leave us the hell alone!" he jumped up into the air, curling his fist and was about to release a punch.

Dr Eggman accelerated his Eggman mobile and slammed it into Matt's body. The red echidna grunted as he was thrown down hard on the ground, winded from the attack.

Sora gasped and rushed to her friend's aid. "Are you okay Matt?" she asked quietly.

But Dr Eggman pressed a red button on his control panel and a metal claw burst out from the bottom of his mobile and attacked Sora.

"Ahhhh!" her scream echoed across the land as the claw wrapped itself around her body and lifted her high into the air. She kicked her legs furiously and struggled to free her arms.

Matt shakily got up. "L-let her go!" he managed to gasp out.

"Ha!" Dr Eggman laughed. "Not a chance! If Sonic wants to save his girlfriend, tell him I want the chaos emeralds he has by the end of tomorrow. If not, then she's gonna pay the price."

He turned his Eggman mobile around and began to leave with Sora struggling to free herself from the claw's grip.

"HELP!" Sora's cry got fainter and fainter as she was dragged away into the distance...

To be continued...

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