The only pedestrian on the street that night was a child named Lain.

She walked a memorized path and listened to the music in her headphones. Beyond that, all she heard was the rush of traffic. It provided background for the song that was playing.

Then, without commotion, the traffic's noise stopped. Lain noticed, but did not look around. She merely lifted her wrist to glance at her watch. The time display said 10:55:01. A few moments later, after the song on her CD player changed, the watch's display still said 10:55.01.

Silently, with practiced grace, Lain pried the screen off and observed the digital chips inside. She effortlessly located and repaired the problem. Then she put the watch face back on.

10:55.02… 10:55.03… 10:55.04…

The traffic had started rushing again. Lain lowered her arm and continued walking.