Title: Detour
Author: snowyplains
Disclaimer: I don't own CSI or any of the characters mentioned in this story.
Note: As much as I love writing NS fics, I wanted to try something new. This isn't meant to be taken too seriously, and I had a ton of fun writing it.

"Going out tonight?" Greg asks Sara.
"Yeah." she answers distractedly as she scans a printout of mineral composition that his printer had just spit out.
"With Hank?" he asks, rolling his eyes and dragging out the name to indicate his distaste. He would have done hand motions too, but he figured that might be overdoing it.
She shoots him a withering glare. "Yes."
He holds up his hands in mock surrender, but barely a minute later, he can't resist.
"What does he have that I don't?"
She looks at him, and Greg notices the faintest hint of an evil gleam. She bends down, leveling her face with his, an inch apart. He can feel her warm breath on his face, and he stares, mesmerized. She waits a beat, and says...
"Where do I even begin?"
And she walks out with a flourish.

Greg sighs.
Sara was a lost cause.
A beautiful lost cause.
He wasn't insane. He knew of at least a few other guys in the lab that would agree with him.
David, the backup coroner had a crush on her a few months back.
And although this topic had never been broached, he'd bet his life that Nick had, at least in the past, a bit of an unrequited thing for Sara.
Grissom, well...Greg wasn't going to get into that. But he mentally added him onto the "Sara list" as well.
And now Hank. Greg shudders. Sara just didn't know a good thing when she saw one. Or the other way around.
Unlike himself. He knew exactly what he wanted.
Someone hot, preferably a bit older. Someone that was intelligent, with a bit of an attitude. A good sport, someone with a biting sense of humor. Someone that was a lot of fun, willing to let loose and you know...maybe experiment a little. Someone who had been around the block a couple times, so to speak.

Wait, wait, wait.

Maybe he had been going about this all wrong. Yeah, his list described Sara...maybe. But it described someone else even better.
The door to his lab swings open. He grins deviously.
"Hello Catherine."