This is my first Incredibles-Fanfic. My English is rather bad I'm afraid, please be kind and don't show me all the grammar faults, okay? The story takes place after Dash and Violet escaped from the flame wave and before they wake up snuggled together in the jungle. I hope it's not too shoddily for you.

Disclaimer: "The Incredibles" belongs to Pixar/Disney


The girl woke up abruptly. In the first moment she did not know, where she was and looked around confusedly. Overslept she asked herself, how fast indoor plants were actually able to grow, because it seemed likely, that her room had become completely overgrown. At the same time her bones announced, that her bed had turned into stone overnight. Then she collected her thoughts and recognized, where she was: On the same island, from where missiles were launched at her!

Violet Parr screwed her mouth and massaged her ribs. They ached slightly in consequence of sleeping in the open, whereof her lean body was not utterly innocent. Now, that her spirits were revived fully, she remembered the events of the past day. It had begun rather normally, until her mother came home hopping mad from her meeting with her mysterious "old friend". After Dash had filched these strange costumes from her, she was so curious about the whole thing, that she crept into the jet her mother had ordered. Why did her mother need such an expensive Super-suit in order to tackle Violets father about… yeah, whatever?

Then like a nightmare horrible events happened blow on blow: they had been bombarded with missiles and almost fell to death right before they were just barely able to rescue themselves onto this island full of shady characters. And finally her mother left her alone because she wanted to seek her husband, who was in big problems now… if mom found him before the madmen were able to. And now she was sitting here in the middle of a jungle together with.

But now Violet remembered that she wasn't alone. Hastily she turned around. Her little brother Dash, the unofficial holder of each speed record in this world, was still laying at the other end of the glade and sleeping noisily. In one of their rare moments of total agreement they concluded to sleep as far away as possible from each other without leaving the little glade they escaped to from the flame wave. Violet pressed her lips together. His snoring seemingly awaked her from her sleep. Couldn't this little plague leave her alone during sleep?

The girl cursed uninhibitedly. Why did such things only happen to her? Because of her powers she had enough problems with people and now that as well! Why did she have to own super powers? She never asked for them! If someone had asked her, she would have been a normal girl, who only had to worry about her friend. She screwed her mouth embittered. THAT was a sorrow she'd never have to worry about thanks to her powers. No one liked freaks like her.

She registered infuriated that Dash was becoming restless. If he intended to snore at this volume until their mother returned, he'd get a problem! Violet rose and crawled on all fours to the sleeping little shape in order to joggle him. Of course Dash would not be delighted to be woken up so violently, but a part of her looked already forward to the unavoidable dispute. She wanted to vent her spleen on somebody, and who'd be a better victim than a nerve-racking little brother?

She extended her hand in order to grab Dash at his shoulder, but then she stopped suddenly. She listened a moment and registered that the boy wasn't snoring. What she reputed to be snoring, were actually mumbled words. He was talking in this sleep! She was utterly perplexed and asked herself, whether she should wake him up nevertheless, but in the end she removed the hand from his shoulder. She did not know why she was doing that, but she sat down and listened to Dashs words. At first they were difficult to understand, but when he turned around and showed her his sleeping face, it became easier.


Violet lifted her eyebrow amusedly. She grinned perfidious. The "I'm-so-great" and "I'm-so-grown-up" Dash called for his mother! She was looking forward to the moment, when she could use that against his big ego. When he was going to provoke her the next time, which could not take very long, she would be prepared. But the next words he aspirated caused her grin to vanish... thoroughly.

„Fire...", the boy mumbled and winced in sleep. „Cave... not fast enough… flames… Mom, help me!"

Violet stared at Dash shocked, who winced again and convolved. She hadn't to be a genius to know, that he was dreaming of the incident tonight, where they both nearly had been grilled. But in contrast to the reality, in his dream he seemed to be not fast enough to leave the cave in time.

Why should he dream of something, that never happened? He had been fast enough not only to get out of the cave in time but to rescue her too, before the flame wave could overtake them. Ashamed Violet had to admit, that Dash saved her life… and she only thought of venting her spleen on him.

„Help me", pleaded her brother in his sleep. A single tear appeared at the edge of his black mask and flowed over his cheek. „Mom, help me..."

Instinctively Violet lifted her hand and brushed the tear away. As she became aware of what she was doing, she froze in this position. She NEVER touched her brother, except they were struggling! Hastily she removed hand as if she had burnt her fingers. She sensed, that she was turning red and suddenly she was glad that Dash was fast asleep. She eyed her hand and then her brother, who lay now quietly, unbelievingly.

Why had she done that? Dash and she could not stand each other. There was no day they weren't quarrelling, except one of them wasn't at home. And there wasn't just the normal tension between a young brother and an older sister between them, but also their dammed up aggressions cause of hiding their powers. That's why their collisions usually were rather violent.

Had she had sympathy for Dash? Violet really tried to suppress this question, but then she hesitated. Her brother was an arrogant, big-headed pain in the neck, who took each opportunity to provoke her, but here on this island he was only a little boy who had to fear for his dear life! Dear god, just a couple of hours ago he had been in school and a little time later someone launched missiles at him! And after all this their mother, who would have known what to do, had disappeared. She was frightened of what could happen to her on this isle too… she couldn't imagine what Dash was feeling, who was a child in a situation, that was dangerous even for adults.

Violet felt helpless. She didn't have the slightest clue what she should do now… especially cause Dash had begun to wince again. The thought, that she should approach the nerve-racking dwarf in front of her once again, was abhorrent… but at the same time she felt the urge to comfort her little brother. The girl cursed again. For such a situation mothers were predestined! The whole case was ridiculous and disgusting and embarrassing! In that moment an unpleasant thought entered her mind. Her mother had granted her the responsibility until she came back from searching for her husband. That meant, that she was even responsible for this case, it didn't matter how much she wished, that she hadn't woke up.

She swallowed. Very, very slowly her hand touched his cheek. In the first moment she screwed her mouth in disgust. She blushed with shame, but she continued caressing Dashs cheek and he relaxed. She did not know what was the matter with her. A part of her wished with ardour, that the guys of this isle should find her immediately, so that this charade would end, but another part of her remembered the words of her mother... and there was even another part, that she tried to suppress with all her might. That part of her that whispered she liked this touch.

That was clearly nonsense! She was only doing this because her mother told her to take care of her brother! Her hand slid down to Dashs shoulder and stroked his arm gently. The boy now breathed quietly and regularly. The faint smile lighted up his face. Violet tried to eliminate the thought that Dash looked indeed like a child that needed protection in this moment, not like the hyperactive whirlwind that he was at home.

„Mom...", he sighed softly.

Violets hand winced back and she became invisible cause of the shock. As she settled down and became visible again, her face had turned red like a tomato. That was going too far! This was going to end now! Dash was sleeping quietly now, what meant, that she had fulfilled her duty. Quickly she turned around and crawled back to her sleeping area on all fours. She laid down conveniently and tried to calm down, but the red colour on her face didn't want to vanish so soon.

Unfortunately she wasn't able to sleep after all that, even through Dash was quiet now. Confused thoughts clouded her mind. She rubbed her hand absent-mindedly as if she was missing something... no, she missed NOTHING!

Violet shut her eyes and cursed again. What was the matter with her? Usually no distance was large enough if it was laying between her and Dash. They despised themselves with a passion, that only archenemies or siblings could understand. Why did she feel so unwell? Was it cause he called her „Mom"? Yes, it had to be that.

After two more sleepless minutes she admitted that it was not all. She felt unwell because Dash enjoyed her touch, even if he was unconscious. And she did too. Her cheeks turned red again. She clenched her teeth. That was so endlessly EMBARRASSING! She felt like she would die by shame if anyone came to know of that. She was furious about herself. Damnit, she already had enough problems! She was on an island full of enemies, her parents were both away and she couldn't stop thinking of…

Suddenly she knew why. She raised her eyes, turned around and stared at the shape of her sleeping brother. The boy was no longer mumbling in his sleep, but nor he was sleeping so peacefully than before, when she had caressed his cheek. It was difficult to see because of his mask, but she assumed, that his eyelids flickered.

Certainly. Violet breathed a sigh of release as she finally recognized the reason for these sudden feelings. They were both very young. They were in a dangerous situation. And they were alone. She had simply been frightened, she recognized now. She allayed her own fears while she was comforting Dash. Violet breathed again. Therefore all of that was of a temporary nature only. Good, because she doubted that she would have been able to face up Dash ever again, if these feelings were more deeply...

If her mother saw Violet in this moment, she would have smiled for sure. The girl was a teenager without a doubt. For this strange part of humankind having to do with little, cheeky brothers was a taboo, touching them tenderly was simply a sacrilege. Teens felt mature, and that meant that according to an unwritten law they had to look down at younger ones. In the entire world younger and older siblings were at strife because the older ones considered themselves mature, while they appeared to be bossy and arrogant in the eyes of the younger ones. Helen would have understood, why Violet was feeling a mixture of shame and facilitation now that she believed that her fear was the only reason of her feelings towards her brother. But the older woman would have been incredibly amused.

Violet laughed nervously, but she became serious again almost immediately. What should she do now? What if Dash became anxious again? She swallowed. What if… she wasn't able to fall asleep anymore? Being awake here in this jungle the entire night would be hell, but she was rather certain that she would find no sleep. At least... not…

In Violets view grew horror as she gazed at Dash again. She asked herself if she went completely mad because she was only THINKING of this possibility… but compared to a night in the cold jungle… The girl raised and approached her brother slowly. During this time her mind kicked of a discussion.

"He is a pain in the neck!"

Incontestable, Violet thought.

"Without him you would have less problems!"


"You and he will never like each other!"


"If you do, what you intend to do, it will be just as embarrassing for him like it is for you! He will never forgive you!"

Without any doubt.

"But WHY do you want to do it then?"

Violet thought about this question while she laid down next to her brother, the space between them only half an arm's length. She paid attention not to touch him although she knew deep inside, that it would happen in the sleep nevertheless. Even though it was almost insufferably embarrassing, she felt relaxed as soon as she heard his peaceful breathing behind herself. She knew that Dash probably would not be able to protect her, if something really dangerous happened, but that made no difference. The only important thing was that she was not alone.

„Because he is here", she answered her own question. „And because I need him as much as he needs me. That's enough."

And that was the truth. The warm feeling in her belly, which banished the fear of unknown dangers at least for this moment, proved she was right. Smiling satisfied Violet closed her eyes and listened to the breaths of her brother. They slowly guided her to the land of dreams. In her last sleepless second she asked herself, what she should tell Dash the next day, when he would ask, how she could have got so close to him. But she wasn't able to answer this question before she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

If their mother saw her children in that moment, she would have smiled and probably put Dashs arm around Violets thin waist. She would have known, that fear was only one reason why her daughter sought shelter in the vicinity of her brother. Helen had experienced with her husband in her past days, how solving problems and withstanding dangers together could create tender feelings between two people. The situation on this island might be dangerous, but perhaps this was the proper place for Dash and Violet to recognize that contempt sometimes only served to cover understanding and affection. And although Dash got the shock of his short life, when he realized, that he had slept snuggled up to his bossy, arrogant, constantly ill-tempered sister, he had to admit deep inside, that it had not been COMPLETELY disgusting. He had to admit, that he felt safe.

Violet was glad that her brother never wanted to talk with her about this night, although he woke up before her. She blamed the excitement of the following day for this. But she knew that she began to understand her brother in this night. As much as an almost grown-up sister was able to understand her nerve-racking little brother.

Their mother would have been very amused of the childish behaviour of her children. Perhaps it was a good thing that Helen wasn't with them this night.