Title: Soul Whispers

Author: Silverwind24

Rating: PG-13

Summary: He felt, irrepressibly, that they were both at the same point on their journeys to redemption. Slight SayidKate

Disclaimer: I absolutely do not own "Lost," but I absolutely wish that I did!

Author's Note: My second "Lost" fanfic, thanks so much for the positive reviews and encouragement on my first attempt! As you can see by the subject and pairing of this fic, I'm experimenting with writing more than simply just one couple and one venue.

There was so much pain in her eyes, he thought, as he watched her sit there, unmoving, barely sheltered from the elements of wind and rain that struck mercilessly at the island. He could see her pain in her slightly arched shoulders that cried out for comfort and touch, but were counteracted by the straight stubbornness of her spine. Her curls were defined by the rain, and her cloudy black mane of hair fell over her back, restrained only by the loosely tied ponytail he had become so accustomed to seeing. By the slight movement of her shoulders, he noticed her sighing, and saw the tenseness in body, and in her heart.

It was that sadness, loneliness, and fear that drew every man on that island to her. She was classically beautiful in every way, though she was so physically different from every woman he had ever been close to; she had the same strength, despite her despair. Even a fool could see the way that Jack looked at her, and the way that she looked at him. They were so perfectly matched in their heroism and bravery, and yet she was somehow stained and mangled in a way that the good doctor, the Christ of the island, was not, and could never be. Sawyer, in his rebellion and suave apathy for all existence, including his own, conveyed his desire for her in his every action, no matter how pathetic. Every man stranded on the godforsaken island wanted her, some for her soft body and pretty face, and others for what she represented.

But not Sayid. He was alone, as he strove to be noble, and whatever pain she felt, whatever dark stain clouded her past, he knew that his soul was so much darker. He had done unthinkable, horrible things, but he did them believing his cause was just. He saw that something hurt her, something she had brought on herself, and the fact that he could see this and understand her feelings brought them closer together. He knew that she sensed it too, from her quiet pleading for him not to leave after he had tortured Sawyer, the tight, quick clasping of his hand. She knew that he caused blood to be shed, and that it had changed him.

He felt, irrepressibly, that they were both at the same point on their journeys to redemption. He knew she had been the prisoner on the plane, whether or not her imprisonment was justified he did not know or care. He too was a criminal, a traitor to his country, and if he was found he would be killed instantly. She was a criminal for which he did not know her crime, and he accepted that as naturally as he accepted his consequences for his actions in Iraq.

Her pain, sins, and slightly shuddering shoulders attracted him to her, different from Jack and Sawyer's preoccupations with her soft features and bright eyes. As he watched her, he felt as if his soul was like hers in its ache and darkness. He did not look away as she turned around and met his gaze, nodding solemnly at her, noticing the tear stains on her slender cheekbones. The communication that her eyes gave to him meant more than any words could, and he identified it as a soul whisper.

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