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Previously, on the Redux:


"What are you doing here?"

"Nothing really. Just checking out the New York City underground scene. Checking up on some reading."


"Well, I guess I have to go. Uh…it was…nice seeing you. Um, yeah. So…bye."

"Lane, wait…Listen. Do you guys wanna stay with me tonight?"


"Hey, Lane? Can I talk to you for a second over here?"


The Redux, Part 7: My Mama Says...

Most of the time, Lorelai Gilmore is a carefree, cheerful, happy person, usually smiling or cracking a joke.

Now is not most of the time, it seems. Now, her jaw is clenched, her eyes are fiery, and her arms are crossed tightly over her chest as she drags Lane across the backstage room at CBGB's. When she deems them far enough to be out of hearing range of anyone else in the room (namely, a certain Jess Mariano), she quietly…explodes.

"Lane, do you care to explain what's going on? Just because you're a rock star now does not mean that you can just sleep over at random guys' apartments!"

"Lorelai, this isn't some random guy. It's Jess. Besides, it's not like anything's going on." Her racing thoughts get the better of her, and she pauses for a moment too long. Lorelai catches strange dream-like look in Lane's eye and immediately pounces.

"There is! There is something going on!" The older woman hisses. "Oh, my God! How long have you guys been doing this? Did he see you at Liz's wedding? Is he trying to get back at Rory? Is that what's going on?"

"Lorelai! There is nothing, and I mean nothing, going on! God! He's still in love with Rory, duh! Didn't she tell you what happened, or was she too busy doing God-knows-what with Dean?" The boy's name comes out as pure venom, and Lorelai flinches, a hurt look on her face. But she continues anyway.

"Tell me what?" Her voice seems smaller, and Lane deflates, feeling incredibly guilty.

"I'm sorry, Lorelai. I shouldn't have…I'm sorry."

"It's okay, babe. I understand. But…what should she have told me? What happened?" Lane sneaks a glance at Jess, who is on the other side of the room, making small talk with Sookie, Zach, and Brian.

"He…he asked her to come with him." Lorelai's eyes widen, but she doesn't say anything, so Lane continues. "You know, like run away with him. Live with him."

"Forever?" Lane shrugs.

"Maybe that's what Jess wanted. But…I think he would have settled for a summer." There is dangerous fire in Lorelai's eyes.

"I'm going to kill him. He thought he could just take my baby away from me, take her to New York? Who does he think he is?" She starts toward her unsuspecting victim, but Lane grabs her arm before she can take two steps.

"Lorelai, no. Don't blame him. He was—is—was…in love with her. And he got hurt. I mean, from what she told me, all she said was 'No!' She didn't even give him an explanation, or anything." She sighs, looking away. "I feel bad, I guess. I don't think…He's not really a bad guy, you know. Just, none of us gave him any chances. Except Luke. He likes him. That's gotta count for something. And," she feels compelled to add, "it's not like he was married. I mean, I don't see you going after Dean. And in my opinion, what he did was much worse."

Lorelai stands silent, shocked. Her blue eyes seem to fade to a grayish color.

"You're right. Oh, my God, you're right, Lane." She sniffs, and Lane sees tears threatening to fall. "Lane, I'm sorry. It's just…she didn't even tell me about all of this. She didn't tell me about Jess. She didn't tell me about Dean until after I caught them…She doesn't tell me things anymore. She's changed, Lane. What happened to her?"

Lane doesn't know how to answer. Instead, she holds out her arms and Lorelai accepts the offer, hugging her tightly. When they break apart, the older woman smiles sadly.

"You know, Lane, I'm so proud of you. I don't know if I tell you that enough. But I am. You've grown up. Very well. I'd like to think I had something to do with it." The sad smile still on her face, she hugs Lane again.

"Thanks. For everything. And yeah, you had a lot to do with it." Lorelai nods, her smile a little bigger now.

"Thanks, babe. Now, you be careful, okay? I don't want anything happening to you. This is a big city-"

"I know, Lorelai. I won't do anything stupid. Besides, Zach and Brian will be there." She thinks for a moment. "Okay, Jess will be there." She amends, and Lorelai laughs a little, glancing thoughtfully in his direction.

"Yeah. He will, won't he?" Sighing, Lorelai looks back at Lane. "Well, that is good, I guess. Okay, fine. It's only for a day. Hey," she pauses, looking straight in Lane's eyes, "you'd tell me if there was really something going on between you two, right?" Lane laughs nervously.

"Of course. But ah, it'll never happen. You know that. I mean, come on…" Her voice trails off. She doesn't know how to finish.

"Right," Lorelai cuts her off, but she still doesn't look convinced. "Good. Well, let's go, then. I have to get back to Stars Hollow. I do have an inn to run, after all." Looping her arm around Lane's, she leads her back to the group.

Lane looks down at the ground for a moment and smiles. She could feel something changing. Was it just her? No, it couldn't be, if Lorelai was changing, too. The universe? Maybe that was big enough to encompass it all.

In any case, Lane liked it, and wanted to see just how far this change could take her.

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