Auf Wiedersehen, Spike

"Hold him still will ye Bomb!" A thick Geordie accent asked as Spike felt himself dragged to his feet again, "I'm going to teach this bleach-blond bastard to try and mug my mate!"

A hobnailed boot connected with the vampire's crotch, and he tried to curl up into a ball, but found himself held upright.

"Aye, you give him one for me Oz!" A Scous voice encourage, "You alright Nev?"

"He tried to bite me!" A new voice sounded shaken.

"He did what?" The first voice yelled, "You're for it now sunshine!" A hand grabbed Spikes head, "Can ye mother sow? Aye, well stitch this!"

The End

Dedicated to the memory of
Pat 'Bomber' Roach
British & European Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, Actor and Gentleman
A gentle giant who will be missed by all