By Kirjava Deamon

"Hi, I'm Sam, Rex's little brother. I'll be turning six soon. Rex, or X-ray is my hero, but Mama say's he's a "criminal". Do you know why he's not a hero?"

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I was almost crying at the end of this…

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Without a hero in your eyes, the colors die.

You may not know me, for how could you? Does anyone know me really? My name's Sam Rivers, I'm Rex's little brother. Do you know Rex, or as his friends call him, X-ray? Maybe you've seen me at the park, or at school. I'm turning seven this summer, so maybe you're in second grade with me. Maybe you know Rex, he's a place called Camp Green Lake 'cause he did something really bad. Mama says it's like jail, and Rex'll be better once he's finished there. He's been at Camp Green Lake since January, a year ago, and he's coming home soon. Maybe you're his old friend, like Keysha or Manning.

Hello. That's not an introduction like Mama always taught me to tell. Hello, I'm Sam; I'm Rex's younger brother. That's an introduction.

At school the other day we were coloring in Art class when Jacob started talking. He told me that his hero was Super Man and Andrew said his was Spider Man. I shook my head and said my hero was my brother, Rex. He was there always, even though I have these big pieces of glass called 'glasses' because the doctor said I can't see to well—he's not lying. But he is in a way, I can see things like colors or people, I just can't read to well. Rex walks me home from school to keep me safe from scary people Mama warned me off. He also plays games with me, like Mario or Zelda on his Nintendo64; they're hard but he always helps me beat the boss!

So I told them, that Rex was a hero.

"…A hero? But he can't be a hero! He can't fly," said Katie shaking her head. I glared through my thick glasses.

"He is a hero, he's hero because he's real…HE'S MY HERO!" I yelled, the teacher putting me in time-out because of yelling. "But he is!" I whined, but they ignored me.

When school let out, (Mama picks me up in after-care because Rex can't, because he's at camp) I told Mama about my hero in the car.

"He's the perfect hero, and Mama, he lives with us! That's so cool," I grinned and looked at her. Instead of seeing the smile I expected, she was crying silently as we made our way through the traffic jam. I looked away seeing a bird fly off one of the high skyscrapers. So what if my brother can't fly? He can beat Bowser in Mario64, and that's better.

"Oh honey, oh child, he's not a hero," she spoke finally, releasing a small, sad sob. Mama cried a lot these days; Dad didn't when he was still alive. Nor did Rex.

"What?" I blurted out. That's wrong.

"Honey, Sam, he's a criminal, he did a bag thing. That's why he's in prison." She pulls the car over and gives me that look like she does when she's remembering something bad. "He shouldn't be your hero."

Then it hit me, Rex wasn't a hero. It was like a trophy I'd say in later year, so shiny and pretty. Making things seems better like my crayon that I used in class. Rex couldn't a hero, because he wasn't Rex anymore. He was X-ray now…and X-ray was a criminal, a bad person. Then it hit me:

I didn't have a hero anymore.