Shadow Realm U.: First Year of Hopes and Fears

Summary/Conflict: Dark Magician Girl has started her first year in the Shadow Realm University with her two best friends, Buster Blader and the Dark Magician. She'll meet new friends, new enemies, new challenges and more.

Note: This fanfic has been dedicated to and inspired by Anime2000, I love her Magic Trilogy stories. It's also dedicated to those who just started their first year in college. I wish all of ya good luck!

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-gi-oh and all that garbage... pouts

Chapter One: Morning to a New Year

It was a bright and sunny day in the shadow realm, some of the duel monsters were walking their Silver Fangs while others were busy tending their businesses. Right around a nearby suburb, lies a fancy house almost entirely colored of purple. Inside the house is right towards one of the bedrooms, a girl about the age of 17 was sleeping soundly in her bed, a small sound of snoring being heard, the girl was the Dark Magician Girl. She had a very cute face and emerald eyes. Her blond hair seemed messy as she kept sleeping. Just then her alarm clock went completely berserk like space shuttle was taking off just a few inches from her. With her right hand, the girl slammed and destroyed the clock with just one strike. She groggily got up and rubbed her eyes.

'Six o'clock...' ,thought the Dark Magician Girl as she headed towards the bathroom with a towel, a robe and slippers. After a few minutes in the hot shower, she left the bathroom with a robe on and changed in her room. When she was done she wore her usual light blue magician's uniform. She headed down the stairs and straight towards the kitchen. In it, it had a large fridge containing some of her favorite foods, an advanced oven along with a very clean kitchen sink. The kitchen was colored purple, just like the other rooms in the house, except her room. Her room was pink and with a large screen TV, posters of all her favorite J-Pop performers and lots of stuffed animals. When Dark Magician Girl entered the kitchen she saw someone cooking breakfast. He wore armor which had a cross between blue and purple colors.

"Well, you sure woke up early Buster Blader, good morning." ,said Dark Magician Girl or DMG as she sat down pouring herself a cup of orange juice.

"Good morning to you too." ,said Buster Blader as he flipped the eggs. He was a great friend of DMG and a helpful roommate. For a warrior who's powerful enough to take down even a Blue Eyes White Dragon, he was a very good cook. He placed two eggs and six bacon strips on one plate and the same for another. He placed the two plates on the table, one for the Dark Magician Girl and one for someone else. Just then another figure came in, sitting down in the chair across the Dark Magician Girl. He was the Dark Magician, another great friend and roommate of her. Dark Magician Girl, Dark Magician and Buster Blader were roommates for a couple of years and had shared great moments together. Christmas, Thanksgiving and even Arbor Day.

Dark Magician began to eat the eggs and bacon that were placed in front of him awhile ago. Buster Blader sat down in a chair between the two magicians and began reading the newspaper. He didn't cook a plate right now because he ate long before cooking DM's and DMG's plate. He was usually the first to wake up, always at 5:30 am to make his breakfast and then watch TV or read the newspaper.

He then placed the newspaper on the shelf and said, "Well today's the big day."

"Yep." ,replied the Dark Magician. "Today's the day our first year of the Shadow Realm University starts", and at the sound of those words, Dark Magician Girl choked and gagged on one piece of bacon and washed it off with a swig of orange juice.

"Aw man, it starts today?" ,complained DMG as she finished her breakfast nervously, she didn't expect class to start so soon. Buster Blader noticed her worry and said to her, "Well not really, today's just the orientation and when we're assigned to our rooms in the university. Tomorrow starts our classes.". Dark Magician Girl sighed in relief, she really didn't like school. During her senior year in high school, she had the lowest grade of the three, an 87.2. Buster Blader had a 96.15 average, while Dark Magician had an average of 98.57.

Dark Magician then said, "We better get our things ready." ,and went to his room. Buster Blader and Dark Magician Girl did the same. A couple of minutes later, everybody was carrying a lot of suitcases. Outside, Dark Magician Girl and Buster Blader were waiting for the Dark Magician. He told them that he would find someone who can give them transportation of their luggage. He finally came back and with them, was a train with a demonic face and was colored purple, behind it were strange looking passenger cars that seem to have faces.

Dark Magician Girl looked at the Dark Magician nervously and asked her, "Uhh... Darky, what exactly are these things."

"They're from the Dark Ruler Ha Des, he says he's willing to let us borrow these things. They're gonna help us carry our suitcases." ,said DM .

"Are you mad?!" ,yelled DMG as she got a glare from the purple train. Dark Magician stared at her and said, "What, they're just trains."

Buster Blader intervened, "Uhhh... DM, this isn't some train, this is a Dekochi. And those aren't passenger cars, they're Bokochis."

Dark Magician looked at them both and laughed nervously and sweatdropped as he realized his stupidity. Eventually, they managed to make it to Shadow Realm University without having their luggage or themselves squashed by Dekochi and its Bokochi minions. The University is extremely huge. It was colored Blue and Silver. There was a water fountain in the middle made of pure marble and a statue near the steps that clearly resembled Exodia. Together, DM, Blader and DMG managed to enter the halls and were amazed by what they've seen. The halls were clean and colorful and were teaming with College freshmens, sophomores, juniors and seniors alike. They made it to the main room and were in dismay as a whole crowd of duel monsters were waiting for their program cards, IDs and everything else they need for the school.

"This could take a while..." ,said the Dark Magician Girl. Just then the intercom said out loud, "Buster Blader, come get your program and ID card."

"Not for me. I'll wait for you guys outside." ,said Buster Blader as he went and get his program card from the main office. Eventually, DM and DMG managed to get their program cards and IDs. They met in the hallways discussing what classes they have.

"Something tells me this is going be High School all over again." ,mumbled Dark Magician Girl as she read her program card.

"Look at the bright side." ,said DM. "At least, you Blader and I are roommates."

"Hmm I guess you're right."

"Of course I'm right, I'm always right."

"Really Dark Magician, remember the time when you said you could tame the Blue Eyes White Dragon and failed while Buster Blader succeeded?"


"Okay guys here we are, Room 275." ,said Buster Blader as they reached their assigned dorm. They entered in and were pretty much glad of what the room is. It was nice and tidy, 3 separate rooms, 3 computers and scanners, comfy beds and more to that. Dark Magician Girl looked in awe and said, "Well, we better start unpacking.". And with that, they unpacked their things, looking forward to their first day of college.

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