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Chapter 3: Of Lectures and Pranks

Last time at the University, we pretty much have witnessed Dark Magician experience one of the most painful moments of his life after accidentally barging in to the girls locker room. After being ruthlessly beaten, mauled, maimed and needlelized, he is now sitting down on a chair at the dean's office looking as if he was blasted by the FGD dragon 25 times, 5 for each head.

"Alright, I understand that there have been... 'mishaps' at the University, but barging in on the girls locker room! That is highly ridiculous, not to mention that it happened on the day of the Orientation." ,scolded the dean, who happened to be Freed the Matchless General.

"But sir, it was an accident! I didn't mean to barge in there! I swear!" ,pleaded Dark Magician.

Freed just stood there emotionlessly and replied, "Save it. I'm not gonna stay here and listen to your excuses. That's why I've called a visitor here, and looks like he arrived."

Dark Magician looked puzzled when Freed said about a visitor. However, that puzzled look turned to fear as it turned out that the 'visitor' was none other than Buster Blader, who stood there arms crossed and his crimson eyes glared deadly at DM. He only tends to look scary whenever he encounters a dragon or whenever he's extremely angry.

"EEEK! Um... h-hi Blade, fancy meeting you hear." ,said Dark Magician nervously only to be cut off by Buster Blader staring him face-to-face, inches away from

him with a look in his eyes that even puts Summoned Skull's expression to shame."

With absolute coldness and an eerie tone, Buster Blader said, "Don't act all innocent with me, you baka. I just got a phone call from the dean himself! Honestly man, I knew you were gonna do something stupid, but this! I can't believe why I'm related to you."

"Buster Blader, like I said, it was only an accident! Please Mr. Freed, please don't punish me severely..." ,said Dark Magician.

At first, Freed rubbed his bearded chin debating on what to do with Dark Magician. After a few minutes have passed, he finally said, "Well since this is only the Orientation, I'll let you go with a warning. But do something like that again, I will no longer be 'Mr. Illusionary Gentleman', do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal sir..." ,said DM fully relieved that he was spared from whatever punishment would have been bestowed on him. As he and Buster Blader left, Freed had later received a phone call and said, "Hello, Freed speaking. GAH! Oh, hi honey ummm... please relax, I-I'll be home shortly..."

/On the way back to their room\\\

"Look Buster Blader... umm I wanna say that I'm sorry for causing a lot of trouble on the first day..." ,apologized Dark Magician as they were walking. Buster Blader then looked at DM and he sighed that Blader's expression was no longer scary, but rather back to his normal cool and friendly self.

"It's alright, I agree with ya that it was an accident." ,replied Buster Blader as he patted DM on the shoulder. "Just promise me you'll be more careful."

DM nodded happily and said, "Thanks, hey you wanna go to the gym? The floor's well polished you can skate with- HEY! What are you doing?"

He was cut short in his conversation when Buster Blader suddenly grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to their room saying, "Keeping you outta trouble."

"Blade! Let go, it hurts!" ,yelled DM as his right arm flailed up and down while Buster Blader dragged him by the left arm.

/At the hallway of DM, Blade and DMG's room\\\

"Dude, are you sure we have to do this?" ,asked a figure in the shadow as he and another figure was creeping quietly.

"Shut up, if we want this to work smoothly, you better cooperate, or else it's 6 weeks of target practice with your head." ,snapped another figure who had a female voice.

The second figure the took out what appeared to be a bobby pin and began toying it at the lock. Finally after a few seconds of trying, the door finally unlocked and they crept into the room silently closing the door behind them.

"Okay we'll start off with that room right over there." ,said the second figure pointing towards the room in the right. At that room, Dark Magician Girl was snuggled in her covers breathing lightly. She didn't even stir or noticed that her door was being slowly opened by the two figures.

"Let's begin." ,said the first figure as he and the second figure began raiding her drawers and her stuff. After they were done, the second figure said, "Alright, let's go the other rooms."

Suddenly however, the door began to unlock causing the attention of the 2 figures.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! What are we gonna do!" ,whispered the first figure in fright only to be whacked gently on the head by the second figure.

"Hold your horses pal, we're going out." ,said the second figure as she used her wand to vanish into thin air. As Buster Blader and Dark Magician entered the room, they changed and went to bed. Neither one of them noticed about the intruders, not even Dark Magician Girl. All she did while the 2 figures raided her room, was sleep... and sleep... and sleep.

End of Chapter 3

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