Chapter 1

"Okay, all done! Enjoy your new school. If you need anything or if you have any questions, comments, or even concerns, please come to my office."

"Nee, minna-san!" Sugawara Kosaka, a female student in my class yelled out to us as soon as she opened the door. This was very impressive to me because it looked as though she was already out of breath.

"Nan desu ka, Sugawara-san?" asked Suwaguchi Yukihiro, a male.

"There's a new student! And, wait; don't tell me that's nothing new! Guess what makes this student so totally cool?!" she squealed.

"Just tell us…" Naito Toru, a male said. It sounded like he was a bit annoyed. To me, it was intriguing. Kosaka-san (the girls let me call them by their first names…) is usually not this loud.

"Come on! Guess! Please!?" she whined.

"It's a totally hot foreigner!?" Kaonashi Natsuki squealed.

"Yes!!!" Kosaka-san squealed, too as she glomped Natsuki-san.

Every boy in our class sighed. Girls…

"Minna-san! Seats!" Takahito-sensei ordered as he entered our class. "Ohayou!" he said dutifully as he bowed toward us.

"Ohayou, sensei!" we replied as we bowed back to be seated.

"I have some news, class. We have a new student. He's a foreigner and doesn't know too much Japanese, so let's be as kind and as helpful as possible. You may come in," he said as he turned toward the sliding doors.

I don't know what I was expecting at first, but I wasn't expecting what came next.

The door slid open and in walked a young man, 15, like us, clad in black jeans, black shirt and a black denim jacket. My heart jumped. The guy had braided chestnut hair that came down to his butt and a black baseball-like cap shaded his eyes, a plain cap.


"Let's see why don't you introduce yourself?" Sensei asked him.


The guy turned to us (for he was facing sensei), his head was slightly bowed to conceal his eyes and the most unique voice came from the lips on the face of what I could see.


"Hi there! My name's Duo Maxwell. Uhh… I mean… Maxwell Duo…" he said scratching his head in embarrassment. He was certainly a foreigner.

Thump. Thump.

"My father's name is Maxwell Pater and my mother's is Maxwell Helen. We're from L-2. Do you guys know L-2?"

"Isn't that the garbage colony?" asked Kobayashi Shuuji, a real jackass.

Duo flinched.

My heart stung.

I rose.

"Shut your trap, Kobayashi!" I said forcefully before I could stop myself.

Everyone stared at me.

I could feel my face burning with embarrassment at my own outburst. I bowed to the class and said, "Gomen, minna-san…" hoping the sensei wouldn't punish me too severely.

"Yui," the sensei said to me, "one more outburst like that and it'll be detention." I nodded. "And Kobayashi," he added, "You've got one tomorrow."

I looked up at Duo. He was staring at me in fascination, wide-eyed, I would say.


"Gomen nasai, Maxwell-san," said Takahito-sensei, "Please have a seat… let's see…"

Just my luck! Our class is so full there're no more seats except the one's in the back because he seats us alphabetically (Japanese alphabetically1). My name's Yui Heero. I sit in the last seat. There're only two more seats next to me. I know our sensei can't just move everyone over so suddenly because of 1) my outburst, and 2) we'll waste time. I know how our sensei works.

" Please sit next to Yui," he said pointing to me, a slight sigh to his voice.

Duo's face fell under the cap again as he made his way over to me, and the seat next to my own. "Yui!" sensei called again.

I looked up at Takahito-sensei, but gave no actual response; just a look that said: 'yes?' "Please help and share with Maxwell-san until he gets adjusted."

"Hai, sensei." Hai, sensei! Hell ya!


Thump. Thump. Thump.

Why am I acting like this over a… GUY? I mean it's not like I've acted like this over a girl either. However, a guy?

He sits down next to me in the chair. I glace over at him to smile unsurely. It's the only thing I can think to do.

The lunch break couldn't have come any sooner! I began to dash out with everyone else when Takahito-sensei, quite literally, grabs the back of my collar to hold me there. He called Duo over to his desk and asks the two of us to have a seat.

Takehito's our homeroom and English (the language2) sensei. We have English third period along with lunch right after. Our forth period is right after lunch so we all had our bags too.

"Yui, I'd really appreciate it if you could help Maxwell in anyway possible. Like, for instance, helping him around the school and teaching him about our school and so forth. That is, of course, only if Maxwell would accept the offer…" he said, first to me then to Duo.

Duo answered cheerfully, "Thanks! I will!"


"I-I'm sorry." He said in a low voice. Interestingly enough that surprised me because he seemed like he could never sound like that. Not apologetic, just… sad I guess would be the right word.

I turned around to answer him when I heard a voice call my name.

"Heero-sama! Nee, Heero-sama!" said a very cheerful and very female voice.

"H-Hai?" I answered turning again to come face to face with a redheaded female classmate. I don't remember her name… what was it? Miyu? I think it was Miyu.

"Can you please read this letter later when you have some free time on your hands? Thank you! I have to go now, bye!"

I blinked as she ran off leaving me with, apparently, an enveloped letter. I turned to Duo, who also blinked at the unusual event. Okay, well, for me, that's unusual because I'm so quite in class the students just think I'm a cold, stone, statue. For Duo, it was probably because he's new to Japan… or this part of Japan. He does know Japanese.

"Sorry about that…" I said sweatdropping and scratching my head slightly. "That… doesn't usually happen… Anyways, I was going to say not to worry about it. I really didn't mind. If I did, I wouldn't have done it…"

Duo looked to his side as if he was blankly contemplating this. "You're Yui Heero, right? That's your name?"

I blinked and then smirked very little. "Yep. And you are Maxwell Duo. Do you mind if I call you Duo-san?" That may have been a bit too… familiar3.

However Duo seem only a bit taken back as he, and I swear this, blushed ever so slightly as he answered, "Sure…"

"I'm sorry…" I said as we were in the cafeteria getting our lunch. "For what Kobayashi said to you…" Duo didn't get anything and I got a sandwich. Then we went outside to sit in the cool October breeze. It was so beautiful out being an autumn midday.

"I get it all the time…" he replied in a small voice that, again, didn't seem like his at all. His eyes were like a clear blue purple sky. They had the same effect too. You know how you look up at the sky and you get drawn into the whole spaciousness of the vast blue? Well that's what his eyes were like too, so drawing.

"Do you know how Japanese schools work?" I asked trying to change the subject that seemed to… change this 15 year old know as Maxwell Duo.

"Oh… not really…" he answered.

I had finished my sandwich.

"Well, we only have one class room. We're sophomores so we're on the second floor. Then we're divided up into actual classes and those are letters, not numbers. So our classroom is 2, for second floor and A since we're the first class. We're 2-A. Got that?" He nodded, a sort of amazed expression on his face. "Okay. The only time we move is when we go to P.E., go to lunch or leave. Oh, and our P.E. sensei are called kyoshi instead of sensei. But if they're your homeroom sensei you can call them sensei for homeroom. Homeroom only lasts for 30 minutes in which we are to read silently. Sometimes, when we're good threw out the rest of the week, Takahito-sensei will let us slide on Fridays."

I looked him over at this point. I remembered our attire. "The uniform here is free. You have to go to the office to get one and an extra cost 540 yen4."

He nodded. I think he was dazed or something because all of a sudden he was very quiet.

"Hey, are you okay? Sorry if I'm talking so much, I'm not really much of a talker." I was well aware of the fact that I was talking my brains off but that was only on, in a way, an order from sensei. And I actually respect Takahito-sensei very much. Plus, I had to teach him about the school and policies or else he might get in trouble. I really didn't want that.

"It's… It's not that…" he said quietly, "I was… I was thinking about… about my parents… sorry… if… it seems I'm a bit distant…" he smiled up at me and I think it was a sort of fake smile or sad smile because it didn't look too… I don't know… Duoish? Yeah…Wait. His parents?

"Your parents? It's okay, you'll see them in about 3 hours…"

"No. I won't."


"They're on L-2. I live with my uncle. His name's Solo."

"But then… Why?"

He sighed. "Because we don't have much of anything on L-2. The schools are either terrible or they're not even schools… My parents wanted me to get a really good education. So they sent me here to live with my uncle."

"Oh. How come your parents didn't come with you?" asked daringly. I really had no right asking such a personal question but I wanted to get to know him.

"Because…" he started almost hesitantly, "we're poor on L-2. They saved up just enough for me. But just me."

"So you went to live with you uncle while you got the good education your parents wanted you to have… makes sense… I live with my uncle too."


When school ended Duo said he had to go to the office to get the uniform, which made sense. I had to go home so I could some house chores for my uncle, Odin. So at the bell I said bye to Duo and some people before hauling my ass over to the house.

"Oi, Oji-san! Tadaima! Kisama wa koko desu ka? 5" I said as I entered the house. We had a small house: one floor, small attic, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, and a basement. Kitchen's pretty average. When you first walk in the house there's this coffee table you see, first thing. And on it, today, was a note:


I've gone to do some work. Don't slack off on chores… Call me if you need anything. Should be home by nine.

Well, better get on those chores…

It was interesting to see Duo in navy blue and white. Black suits him much better. Our shirts, you see, were white and our ties, slacks and jackets were navy blue. Our shoes were up to us. Personally, I wore black and white American brand 'All-Star Converse' (high top) to school because Odin made me. You see, usually I wear, the yellow versions of them.

Duo wore the black and white All-Stars too. Yesterday, I now recall, he had also wore them. They looked, actually, very wore, very old. Guess that's not a badthing, but couldn't his uncle buy him a new pair? Maybe he too has money problems… I don't want to seem like I rich but Odin makes enough for me to buy a new pair of sneakers when I desperately need them and Duo… desperately needed them.

Duo smiled at me and said cheerfully, "Mornin'!" in a very think American accent. He didn't have the cap on but he most certainly had the braid done. And he also had this huge (to me anyways) cross around his neck. I guess he's Christian. He had a black binder with paper in it and a pen too.

The day passed by normally, except, of course, the usual being-made-fun-of by Kobayashi and his gang of idiots and people who will never have brains because they were born that way or Kobayashi's brainwashed them. I got him to stop and I scared the living daylights out a few of his members. They're so loyal.

"Yui," said the cyan haired, indigo eyed, Yukihiro as he came up to me. Duo was in the restroom. Yukihiro pulled on my elbow and I pulled away. "What do you want?" I asked him.

"Come with me, will ya? I have something important to talk to you about and I can't have others listening in. Okay?" he answered.

I sighed and followed him reluctantly.

We stopped in a part of the school where no one could hear us if we whispered or talked very softly.

"Okay, what is it?" I whispered.

Yukihiro spoke softly with a sort of fierceness to his voice, "Some people are spreading rumors about you and Maxwell."

"Oh really? What type of rumors?" I asked halfheartedly.

"I don't want to have to say this, but I figured you'd really like to know. Just remember… I'm not saying any of this but others are. And it's spreading pretty fast about the school…"

"What are they saying Suwaguchi?"

He sighed, a bit reluctant himself and forced the words, it seemed, for his mouth.

"They're saying you and Maxwell… they're saying you and Maxwell are more than classmates… and more than friends…"

I stood there trying to process the words and sentences and then meanings of what I had just heard.

"They're saying," I heard Suwaguchi continue, "You're gay."

1: Japanese Alphabet: The Japanese Alphabet is quite different from our own American one. The Japanese Alphabet is as followed:

A, I, U, E, O











This is the basic alphabet. There are several modifications and combinations that add on to this list and different versions of each symbol representing these sounds for the Japanese Alphabet isn't really a Japanese 'Alphabet' at all but rather a phonic series of symbols. For more information concerning this and other material relating to this, please contact me via e-mail.

2: Keep in mind that the setting is Japan. In Japan they have to take English as a second language like we have to take French or Spanish.

3: Familiarity is a BIG deal in Japan. Depending on the person and one's relationship and/or social status a level of respect MUST be given. For this the Japanese have name suffixes to assure this respect is kept. Common name suffixes and meanings are as followed:

-San: the most common, it is JUST respect, used for anyone even an enemy.

-Sama: used in cases of respect and adoration, common example: a wife would use this with her husband's name.

-Dono: highest level of respect that can be given to a person as a name suffix represents a respect for that person as a living human being.

-Kun: a cute and sometimes demeanorative suffix, cute: for boys who you have a crush on, demeanorative: a bosses worker (the boss would call the worker with the suffix 'kun' added to the worker's name).

-Chan: a cute suffix, a mother would use this with her child's name or two best female friends may use 'chan' with each others names, or a male friend would use this with his female friend's name if he liked her.

-Sensei: used with people who either are teachers or represent a type of teacher in their life, martial arts teachers are also called sensei and their names can be used with this suffix.

-Sempai: spelled SENpai, used with someone of upper class in the classroom.

-Kohai: used with someone of lower class in the classroom.

-Mika, -Rin, -Sen, and .ect: cute suffixes used among female friends and by brothers to show extreme annoyance/affection towards their elder sisters.

4: Equivalent to eight dollars in U.S. currency. I recently bought an actual Japanese manga for eight dollars and the owner told me that the 540 yen that the book had cost was equivalent to eight U.S. dollars. It is the only price I know… although I suspect that if you double the 540 figure you'll get the equivalent for 16 U.S. dollars. It's only logic.

5: Oi: Hey (male version. Nee is the female version). Oji-san: Uncle if I'm not mistaken. Ojii-san is Grandfather (please e-mail me if I'm wrong…). Tadaima: I'm home. Kisama: You (polite version. Anata: demeanorative. Omae: used among familiars (people you're close to), informal. Kimi: used among female familiars.) Wa: grammar: equal to 'As for…' Koko: here. Desu: is, am, are. Ka: symbolizes question when preceded by 'desu'. Whole sentence: "Hey! Uncle! I'm home! Are you here?"

Please look forward to the next chapter.

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