Chapter 13: Popular

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"Hey, Leo." Said an unfamiliar voice tapping him on the shoulder. This had been happening to him all day, random people acting as though they knew him and they had been friends for years. Apparently Prue had made her approval of him clear to every one she knew. (Which happened to be most of the school!) And they had been only too keen to follow her example.

Leo nodded uncomfortably towards the voice.

He wandered around the hallways looking for someone who was really his friend rather than unknown characters acting as one.

He finally found Piper who was clearly used to this type of thing and was surrounded by students airing their praise. An entirely different picture to the one that was painted around the school over the past couple of weeks.

"What's so funny?" He asked noticing everyone looking at him.

"Nothing." She smiled sweetly but continued giggling to herself.

"OK, you can laugh, you're used to all of this attention, but I'm just," He paused, getting cut off by having to smile at those walking past. "Not!" He finished out of their earshot.

"Come on, everyone loves you, why can't you just enjoy it?"

'Because it's not me!' He thought silently to himself, unable to air his real concerns. "I guess." He spoke, still feeling uneasy.

"So what do you want to do today?" They began walking away towards the canteen for lunch. He unloaded Piper's books from her hands as he had always seen the guys in the movies do. He didn't want people to think he wasn't normal. His stomach lurched, he could hear everyone whispering behind him and no matter how much he lied about enjoying the attention, he couldn't shake his feeling of awkwardness at everyone constantly watching him just because of who he was going out with. His stomach did a somersault when he realised that the canteen would be packed to the brim with gawking students. At the last minute he decided he couldn't face it. At least not yet.

"What do you say we eat out today?"

Piper opened her mouth to decline the offer but catching the eager look on Leo's face, realising it would take a while for Leo to accept his own popularity closed it again and rounded back the way they came. "Sure."

Now that they were alone, Leo felt all of the tension drift away. However, this satisfaction was short lived after only having been out for at most ten minutes, they ran into the person Leo least wanted to see: Missy.

"Hey losers." She said with venom dripping off each word.

He didn't know where it came from, but unexpectedly, Leo had an urge to repay Missy for all of the pain and humiliation that she had caused him in the past few years of high school. He turned around so that he was face-to-face with her. Only inches away, close enough for her to hear the sound of his heart hammering against his ribcage in an attempt to break free and his courage along with it.

"If we're such losers, why are you wasting your time talking to us?"

Missy stuttered. She couldn't answer. People she disliked rarely had the cheek to address her so personally, and in front of people she knew! She knew the only reason that she had spoken to them in the first place, was to embarrass them and at the same time, exert her power over everyone around her which only came from fear. She hadn't expected Leo of all people to be the one who could bring her down so easily. Her mortification started to show on her face. Leo stood in amazement. Not only had he stood up to her, but also she backed down.

It probably meant that she would be even crueller from now on but for now Leo was enjoying the sniggers that were gradually emitting from the gathering crowd.

Piper and Leo walked away, leaving Missy to recover from her loss of dignity (if she ever had any to begin with that is).

"Well that showed her." Piper laughed after reaching an area where the crowds were less thick. Leo hadn't spoken in the entire time after leaving Missy and her gang to seethe. He felt the familiar voice in his head screaming at him, telling him that all of this was too good to be true, that he was dreaming. It was the same voice that he had heard any time that he had been allowed to be happy with Piper.


Leo threw himself onto his bed at the end of the evening. His phone had been ringing manically since he had returned home from school. With each caller it was the same story: someone he barely knew, desperate to chat to the new local celebrity.

"Yeah this is Leo." He yawned wearily. He had lost all enthusiasm around the same time that he had received his third call. By now he'd even stopped saying hello, expecting the same response from each caller.

"Well that's just great, glad to see you haven't forgotten your own name as well as how you were supposed to meet me over an hour ago!"

"Piper." Leo slapped his forehead. He had been so busy trying to avoid his new friends, that their date slipped his mind.

"Would you look at that, he remembers my name too!"

Leo had to think up an excuse: fast. "Uh, well, you see, I uh, I had to umoh see, my dad booked a… surprise dentist appointment 'cause he knew I wouldn't go if I knew about it and well, when I got there the dentist accidentally gave me too much gas and the thing is, I passed out." The only problem was; Leo was not a good liar! He knew that there was no way Piper would buy this but clung on desperately to his last inch of hope that she may not be too annoyed.

"You suck at lying Leo. How stupid do you think I am? You so can't respect me if you expect that I'm stupid enough to believe that! Plus, you ramble when you're lying. " Clearly he was wrong!

"I do respec-" Piper was on a roll here and interrupted his attempt at an explanation.

"I really don't even understand you anymore Leo. One minute you're up and the next I don't even know what planet you're on. At first it was just part of your charm. We tried so hard to make this relationship work and now that we actually have a shot you want to ruin it? 'cause if that's how you feel, we may as well just forget it. Let me know when you decide."

The phone clicked and Leo realised that Piper's end of the line had gone dead. She'd hung up.

He stood alone in the silence that had now swallowed his room. Quiet first time he had noticed the entire evening. Piper's words swirled around his head. Of course, they were true. He loved Piper, he knew that but after all of their struggles to get to where they were and now they had freedom to do whatever they wanted and all he could do was complain. Of course he didn't want the relationship to end but the whole time he had been counting the seconds until the next thing went wrong and caused a new dent, after so many he didn't know what else to expect. Now that it was going well he was anticipating the next mistake that he no doubt would be the one to make. Was this it?

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