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Chapter 1


Rin walked leisurely around the castle garden, the wind blowing softly through her long raven hair. She was a woman now, her childlike appearance replaced by a slim, well fit, body of soft curves and silky pale skin. Her eyes had slowly changed to a barely noticeable nature green, with flecks of gold as if the stars had been created in her eyes alone. While they gave away her innocence, one could almost hint that she was hiding something, especially from Sessho-maru.

She stopped to admire the Sakura trees blowing in the wind; the petals of the pink blossoms slowly resting on her head. She twirled around and around, imagining that she was dancing for the whole court, the flaps of her white, satin kimono flapping in the wind.

"Rin!" Jaken annoyingly called banging on the garden gate. "Rin are you in there?!"

Rin jolted out of her fantasy. "Yes Jaken, what is it?"

"Lord Sesshomaru requests your presence in the library, immediately." his muffled voice said from behind the door.

She limped a little towards the gate unlocked it and looked down upon Jaken. "Why?" she asked.

Jaken just looked at her and turned towards the castle. Her heart dropped, this could only mean bad news. She followed him quietly, over the grounds, and into the castle, up the grand staircase, and finally in front of the large oak doors adorning the entrance to the library. Jaken looked at her once more before disappearing around the corner. Rin swallowed hard, she had never been afraid of Sesshomaru himself, only afraid of what he could do. Her worst nightmare was that he would send her away. She reached for the large handle and pulled. For such an enormous door it opened with ease. She stepped inside to see Sesshomaru, facing the fire place.

With his tone as icy as it always was he said "come in"

Rin hurried inside, stopping just six feet from him. "You asked for me?" she asked.

"Yes" he replied. "There is something I want to give you, and I am afraid that I have some very bad news..."

Rin lowered herself into the nearest chair, she noticed that he did not have his boa or his armor on today, and his swords were on a rack upon the wall. Puzzled she looked at his face as he turned around. She jumped, his calm icy expression was gone. Replaced by a look she couldn't quite put her finger on. He carried a small cherry wood box in his hand as he came toward her.

"Rin this belonged to my mother, she cherished it dearly, as I know you will." and with that he opened the box and pulled out a long silver chain. Attached to the end was a small ball about the size of a marble, a cloudy white mist floated around inside of it, looking very much like the moon. He draped it about her neck, as she sat dumbfounded and speechless, why would he give her something so priceless?

He turned away from her. In a hurry to get to the point, he said " Rin im sending you away..."

Her world shattered, tears spilled down her cheeks, and filled his senses with the smell of salt, he cringed inside knowing that her uncontrollable sobs came from a pure and broken heart. "In the morning you will take leave for my brothers home...I will....I will not accompany you, Jaken will see to your safety. I can not tell you why Rin because it is far to dangerous for you to know now. Right here in this room may be the last time you ever see me. Do you understand?...." Rin nodded letting out another sob. " you may leave now, farewell Rin"

but, she didn't leave, she sat with her hands tightly fisted in the lap of her kimono. "M-my lord I...." she said weakly. He turned to face her, and no sooner did Rin leap from the chair and wrap her arms tightly around his neck. Startled he caught her absentmindedly and held onto her. Her feet dangling a foot from the floor.

Tears pouring like rain, she whispered into his ear " My lord, I... I... I love you..."

He felt her tears drip down his neck and soak into his haori. He quickly set her on the floor, and held her by the shoulders harshly. He let go and looked at her with a look of shock and anger, taking several steps back, he suddenly turned and marched out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Rin stood in place too heartbroken and shocked to move, after she realized he wasn't coming back, she herself slowly left the room, taking in the surroundings before completely closing the door.

Sessho-maru slammed the door behind him. He jumped into the rafters, and for several minutes he waited. The door opened slowly and he heard her footsteps and smelled her tears. He watched as she stood in the doorway for a few seconds before closing it.

"Sessho-maru...." he heard her whisper; his name without the formalities for the first time. He watched as she ran as fast as she could down the hall and around the corner.

Rin ran down the many halls, crying uncontrollably " Kaira!" she yelled running down the grand staircase. "Kaira, where are you?!"

Kaira was Rin's personal hand maid and rather like the sister she never had. Rin ran through the main hall and into the dining room, there she collided with Kai, Kaira's twin brother. He dropped the tray he was holding and a glass of wine that was on it hit the floor and broke splattering wine and glass all over them. Kai looked down at her as she had fell to the floor.

"Oh hello Precious How a.....why are you crying?" He asked taking no mind to the mess she had just made.

"W-where's Kaira?" she sobbed into her hands.

"I think she's in your room, why? Is something wrong?" he asked her again.

Rin just sat there, and cried loudly. Kai picked her up and walked back into the main hall, passed the other servants, and up the grand staircase towards her room. He went into one of the many halls and burst through the doors of her bedroom where Kaira was also crying and packing Rin's things into a large trunk on the bed. She stopped when she saw her brother carrying Rin who was sobbing into his shirt. She widened her eyes as she noticed they were covered in wine. He silently walked to the bed and set her on it. She rolled over face down and screamed into the mattress, she beat the pillows harshly with her fists.

"He's told her hasn't he?" whispered Kaira.

"Yes, Im afraid he has...." Kai said. "I'll leave you two alone."

Kai turned and left. Kaira sat on the bed and stroked Rin's back, until her fists fell onto the pillows , and her sobs slowly quieted. Shaking, Rin turned over and jumped into Kaira's arms.

"Why Kaira? What have I done? please tell me Kaira, please ask him to let me stay please!" she sobbed into her shoulder.

"Rin I...." she didn't know what to say.

Rin released her and fell back onto the bed sobbing. Anger rose in Kaira's heart, Her eyes flashed and her cat claws retracted from the tips of her fingers. She sprang over to the other side of the bed and stomped out of the doors. She went straight to the main hall where she saw Sessho-maru talking with her brother. She marched up to them, and swiped her claws clean across Sessho-maru's cheek. Several long cuts appeared.

"Why?!!! My Lord. Why?!!!" She screamed at him.

The other servants stopped to watched the commotion, more peeked out of the dining room and over the stair balconies. The air could have been cut with a knife. Sessho-maru grabbed her by the collar of her kimono bringing her face to face with him.

"How dare you..." he whispered just a toy wasn't she?" Kaira managed to choke out.

"How dare you question me!!!" his voice boomed throughout the room, as he tightened his grip.

"My Lord you'll kill her please let her go!" Kai cried.

Sessho-maru released her and she fell to the floor coughing "She has....gasp.... a right to kn-know my Lord." Kaira panted.

"She cannot know......" he said coldly.

"Why?! What is so terrible that you cannot tell her why you are making her live her worst night mare!" she yelled from her knees.

"Im going to war! Is that enough for you!" Sessho-maru boomed.

"So you rather break her heart into pieces, than keep her here where it's safe, and have her wonder for the rest of her life what she did to vex you so!" Kaira fumed.

"It is not safe here in the least, our enemies will see her as my weakness!" he said gritting his teeth.

Kaira stood and looked dead into his eyes. "Is she?"

"Is she what?!" Sesshomaru said.

"Your Weakness." Kaira whispered.

"I REFUSE TO TURN INTO MY FATHER!!!!" He bellowed, catching Kaira by the collar again and slamming her into the wall breaking her neck. A few gasps of air and she died as she hit the floor with a loud thud. He leaped out of the room and up the stairs leaving the servants to tend her body. Jaken who was gaping from the top of the stairs followed after him.

"My lord wait!" he yelled after him.

Sesshomaru turned to face him " what?!" he yelled.

"My lord all I ask is that you don't hurt Rin any more than you already have..."

"What makes you say that!"

"Do you realize that you are sending Rin to a place with two happy families, to a place where there are two women who have two wonderful mates to comfort them, and hold them, and love them. She'll be left with no one. do you think that she'll find a human, who she'll love as much as she loves you....No, she'll find one who will beat her for not giving him a son, or cooking his food right. You're her match my Lord, Human or not love should only be enough......" and with that Jaken turned and walked down the stairs, leaving Sesshomaru extremely mad, from being told off.

Up in her room Rin cried into her pillows Until a loud crash issued from down below. After a few minutes Sessho-maru burst through her doors. He marched towards her fuming and grabbed her by the shoulders. His eyes were turning red, and his claws were threatening to release poison uncontrollably.

"Now! You will go to my brothers tomorrow, and I will not hear another word out of you! Im warning you Rin if I smell one more tear I......" He yelled and then stopped mid sentence Rin was giving him a look that he had hoped he'd never have to see on her pretty face. The look victims gave him the moment before he put them out of their misery. He snapped out of his trance when he heard a small voice much like Rin's childhood one.

"L-lord S-S-Sessho-maru, please S-stop......you're hurting M-me." Rin whimpered.

He dropped her onto the bed, as she landed on her knees he grabbed her chin and jerked it upwards. "Like I said you will go to my brothers....." he whispered through gritted teeth. As he released her she toppled face down into her pillows once again crying as softly as she could, clenching and unclenching the fine fabric of the pillowcases. He headed for the door, until one loud sniffle caught his attention. He turned to see her, but this time he saw her. She was still lying face down in the pillows, her frail body racking with sobs.For some reason spots of wine were splattered upon her clothes, and was that glass he saw glinting in the soft light coming in through the window? A pang of guilt hit him, he was creating her worst night mare. She had been alone when she met him, alone when she died, alone when he went about his patrols, She played alone in the garden, and now she was going to be alone amongst love. The word stabbed at him like a knife alone...alone...alone... He suddenly ripped his eyes away from her, and stormed out the door towards the library. Jaken, who was helping to remove Kaira's body to another, more respectful place, saw him coming down the main staircase. Leaving it to the other servants he, followed at Sesshomaru's heels.

"My Lord may I ask if you are going to revive Kai's sister?" Jaken asked, but was given no answer. "My lord?" he stopped abruptly as the library door slammed in his face.

Inside Sessho-maru paced furiously, racking his brain trying to sort out his emotions and his present state of sanity. He swiped at a vase of white roses sitting on a table, the vase crashed through one of the large glass windows, sending roses and porcelain to there deaths one story below. He then proceeded to kick over various tables and chairs, until one particular armchair caught his eye. It was the only one Rin would sit in, as a matter a fact she had sat in it earlier. He had moments before kicked it over, but he wasn't interested in the chair itself, his attention was instead set on the little red book hidden amongst the springs. He stalked over to the chair and grabbed the book. On the front was the name " Rin" neatly written by the owner herself. He opened the book to the middle and started to read.

May 4

Today Sessho-maru left me longer than he usually does, Inu-yasha and Kagome saw me on their way to the market, and stopped by to say hello. They have a child now, I think her name is Iryzoi. Kagome says that Iryzoi looks like me, except for her eyes she has Inu-yashas eyes, well the color at least, Inuyasha says they are shaped like Lord Sesshomarus, so if you ever make Iryzoi laugh it's like getting Lord Sessho-maru to smile; which is rarity indeed.

May 17

Today Kai and I went into the garden, he said he was going to show me how to prune the sakura trees, but he didn't bring any tools so he said we'd relax and look for pictures in the clouds.

I want to tell Lord Sesshomaru that

June 1

I think Lord Sesshomaru knows my secret, Kai keeps pushing me not to tell him, Im really afraid that Kai will

June 26

Kaira doesn't know I bet if she did she'd be really mad, because he did it again! He does it almost every night now. I love him, but I want him to stop!

Not making any sense of the last few entries, Sesshomaru left the library, and once again made his way towards Rins room. He thought to himself that hopefully she had stopped crying or that she might have gotten some rest since earlier. He made his way leisurely to her door and opened it, finding her at the vanity brushing her hair.

" Rin is there something you want to tell me? Like why some of the entries in this diary are not finished, or why they beat around the bush? What secret, is so terrible that you will not write it on paper?"

Rin looked at him through the mirror and silently started to cry again.

" I've also noticed that you are limping today.... did you fall?" he tried again with no response. "Rin im losing my patience......"

Rin turned from the mirror to look at him. " I...I ...he...we..."

" Your not making any sense! Spit it out!"

" Im clumsy Lord Sessho-maru....."

" you said "he" who is "he" " then a familiar yet unpleasant smell hit him. Blood.

"Rin, you are bleeding......"

"N-no I-im not....." She said shakily, clutching the stool.

In that instant he looked down where hands were holding the stool, where her kimono met her thigh, a small amount of blood was starting to seep through. " Rin, lift your kimono, let me see...."

"NO!" She yelled clutching the stool tighter. " why should you care about my thighs!?"

"So it is your thighs?"

"Please just leave me alone!"

"No, won't I be doing that enough the next few months! Haven't I done it enough already!"

" what do you mean by that?!"

" Nothing, absolutely nothing!"

Rin looked as though her heart had broken in two again. 'Nothing' echoed in her mind. Sessho-maru took this opportunity while she was stunned to grab her and throw her on the bed, he held her down with his left arm while pulling up her skirt with his right. She was yelling and cursing at him and trying to get away. The sight that met him made him seer with anger, someone or something had taken a small whip to her thighs, several cris-crossed gashes lay fresh and bleeding.

"Rin who did this?!"

"Why do you care?!" She yelled fighting in his grasp.

"Who, Rin!"

"It's Kai!!!! he beat me for....for...."

"HE WHAT?!!!" he fumed loudly, releasing her. Rin sat up and grabbed him by the collar, please My lord don't tell him I told you........please!!! He'll hurt me again!"

"Do you seriously doubt my ability to rip him limb from limb!" he shouted.

"No....." she said weakly.

"Why did he do it! WHY?!"

Rin started to sob again. " H-he said it W-was because I loved you T-to much, and that W-when I G-got old enough you would U-use me for P-pleasure......" Still holding on to his collar she bowed her head and stared through her arms at the bed. " he S-said that he'd make my B-body ugly so no other youkai would W-want me, but him.

Sesshomaru gazed down at her and whispered "Rin.......Did.....Did he touch you?"

" well H-he had to have W-when he beat me......"

"No Rin, below here......." he said as he laid his hand on her abdomen. He was met by silence."Rin, look at me......." when no response came, he gently lifted her chin with his finger.

"Rin, he'll never get near you again.........you can tell me......"

"It H-hurt.......S-so much my lord...." came the reply. "It......hurt...so...." She looked into his eyes there faces becoming closer and closer. He pushed her away. " No Rin, I cannot.......I cannot give you what you so desire, but I can keep my promise of killing Kai..." He said getting up and quickly leaving out of the door.

Rin, her eyes swollen and red, her clothes dirty, and her heart smashed into a million pieces, held her hand out towards him as he left. "Please........" she said "I don't want to be alone....."

Sesshomaru closed the door behind him, and sighed. Then anger rose in his heart, when he reached the bottom of the staircase he bellowed "KAI!!!"

Kai came running out of the dining room. "My lord, please! please revive my sister!!!"

"YOU COWARD! HOW DARE YOU TOUCH HER!" Sessho-maru's voice boomed throughout the rafters. He grabbed Kai by the collar, and threw him into the wall. "HOW MANY TIMES?!!!!" He extended his claw whip and wrapped it around Kai's neck slowly choking him, HOW MANY TIMES DID YOU MAKE HER SCREAM MY NAME IN PAIN?!!!!!!!"

Kai gasped for air, clutching his neck. "My........Lord........"

"DIE YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A YOUKAI!!!!" Sessho-maru screamed ripping the whip away, slitting his throat and killing him instantly. He then turned and left towards the front door. He walked out into gardens which sat beneath Rin's balcony. He heard a soft sniffling coming from above. She had come out onto the balcony, his eyes widened as he saw her climb onto the railing. She let out one last frustrated cry before hurtling herself towards the ground. Time seemed to stop for both of them, Rin closed her eyes as she waited for the impact. Sessho- maru leaped into the air and gently caught her in his arms. She looked up at him and thinking it was a dream she fainted where she lay.

Sessho-maru saw her body shiver in the cold as he held her. He laid her on the ground and stripped off his haori, gently wrapping it around her, and lifting her back up. He leaped towards the gate, and over it. Jaken came running out of the castle not far behind, with Sesshomaru's armor and swords, clanging in his hands. "Master wait for me!!!!!" he called after him.

Sessho-maru arrived at his brothers house just before dawn, still cradling Rin in his arms. Inu-yasha smelt him, waking up out of a dead sleep. "Kagome......wake up....." he said gently shaking her. "I think Rin has come early......."

Kagome shifted and sat up. "Ok, I'll go start breakfast...... you go out and greet her......"

"What! Why me?"

"He's your brother!" Kagome whispered "besides if you don't be quiet you'll wake Iryzoi up, and guess who's gonna deal with her grumpy attitude all day."

"Alright, fine!" he said kissing her quickly on the lips. "Good morning to you too..."

Inu-yasha walked to the front door and slid it open revealing a half naked Sesshomaru, holding Rin.

Not many words were exchanged as Sesshomaru, gently passed her over to his brother. " So I take it you got my letter?" Sesshomaru asked. Inuyasha nodded. "She is welcome here......"

" keep her safe...." he replied. "and when I have not returned for quite sometime.......tell.....tell her that I have passed on......"

"Sesshomaru that's cruel!"

"I know........but I'll keep providing for her through you....." he whispered and he turned to leave.

"One more thing Sesshomaru......" Kagome said appearing behind Inu-yasha."Do you love her?"

"No, I am not capable of loving a human." he said as if he was forcing it. "Also I ask that you take my haori and make a dress for her, She loves me dearly and besides the pendent that hangs on her neck I want her to have something that she feels safe with." and with that he walked into the dawn.

Inuyasha laid Rin on a small pallet and looked down at her pale form. "Yes, he does......" Inu-yasha said. " He loves her more than he can possibly comprehend and it's scaring him........"

"Poor girl......." Kagome said. "Looks like she took it rough, Me and Sango will take her to the hot springs when she wakes, that is if you and Miroku can handle the kids."

"Yeah No Problem" he said. " I'll go chop some fire wood for the cooking fire."

After he left, Kagome went about her morning duties, making breakfast getting Saru-kai up, and planning to go through the well to get more supplies.

In the other room Rin tossed and turned in her sleep, until one final scream tore through the trees making birds scatter into the skies.

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