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Mimiko and Ioa looked on with wide eyes as the wall not feet away from them collapsed. Mimiko started to freak out seeing as this was not her house and she would be held accountable for the damage. Then four figures stepped through the wall. Ioa couldn't believe her eyes unlike Mimiko who was pissed beyond explanation not to believe anything. "What the fuck are you doing here?! Look what you did to the wall!!" Mimiko shouted pointing to the ground where the remnants of the wall lay. Mimiko was not surprised at all to find Youko, Kuronue, Marik and Bakura standing right before them. Pissed to find them but not at all surprised.

"We've found you!" Marik shouted triumphantly. "What are you talking about you found us?! We didn't go anywhere!" Ioa said. "Yes, you did! You left us in Wal-Mart and we had no idea where you went!" Youko said pointing at Ioa. "That's because we got sick of Bakura trying to make out with the mannequins!" Mimiko replied. "BOOBIES!!" Bakura shouted. Kuronue smacked his forehead in shame. "See!" "That's no reason to leave us stranded!" Marik countered. "We called for you at Costumer Service!" Ioa said raising her voice. "I know but we couldn't find it! You could have given us a map or something." "How could we have given you a map if we didn't know where you were?" Mimiko said crossing her arms. "Use your imagination!" Kuronue spat. Then, Mimiko lost it. I don't know what she lost but she definitely lost something.

"I'm using it now!!" She shouted as she began to strangle Kuronue. "No Mimiko! He's got a ponytail!" Ioa shouted as she tried to pry Mimiko off of Kuronue's neck. Mimiko finally let go after a good minute and Kuronue was not at all pleased. He began to chase after both Ioa and Mimiko. Bakura quickly joined the chases only because he was being driven by his raging hormones and needed something to do. "Yay! Boobies!" He shouted gleefully. Marik and Youko looked at each other and shrugged. They soon joined in the chase too. Mimiko and Ioa sprinted upstairs to find a good hiding spot. "After them!" Marik shouted. They all ran upstairs to find Mimiko plastered against the wall and Ioa with a lampshade on her head.

"Become one with the wall…. You are invisible…." Mimiko said softly. "She's clearly visible." Youko said. Kuronue walked over to Ioa and pulled her hair. "Click." Ioa said. Kuronue was enjoying quite a bit. He pulled on her hair twice. "Click click." Then Kuronue accidentally pushed her over. "Shatter!" Ioa screamed. Bakura then had Mimiko in a fierce hug. "Boobies! My boobies!" Mimiko then began to freak out and fidget under Bakura's grip. "ONE WITH THE WALL!! ONE WITH THE WALL!!" She hollered. She somehow got out of Bakura's grasp on her and scurried away. Then he advanced on Ioa. Ioa ran but Bakura had her by the legs and tied to himself. "Boobs!" "Quickly Bakura! They went that way!" Ioa said pointing in a random direction. "No! Please don't leave!" Bakura said as he ran away with Ioa dragging painfully behind him. Mimiko then in out of thin air, grabbed Kuronue's hat and ran away again. Marik and Youko stared at her in confusion. "I know, I don't know why I did it either." She said continuing to run. "My hat!" Kuronue shouted. "My virginity!" Marik said reaching his hand out. "Whatever." Youko said rolling his eyes. "Shh! I'm having a moment!" Then Marik whipped out his magical golden rod (Hee hee…) and began to stroke it. (Tee hee hee!) "It's okay…. We'll get her…. Shhh… No! Don't talk!" "Okay." The rod replied. Marik eyes got wide and decided to put his long shiny rod away. (I think it's funny.)

"they'll never find us." Mimiko whispered. Ioa nodded. "Our hiding spot is way too secretive." Then Kuronue shouted, "Hurry I found them! They're sitting right in the middle if the hallway!" "God dammit!" Mimiko said. Ioa smacked her right over the head. "You're an idiot." "You're talking to yourself again." Mimiko said. "Oh." Ioa smacked Mimiko over the head again. "You're an idiot." "Theeeere we go!" Marik grabbed Mimiko as Bakura grabbed Ioa. "Got you!" They both exclaimed. Then Youko grabbed Kuronue. "You got purty eyes." He said with a southern accent. Kuronue looked scared for his life. "Dude. "He said. Youko quickly let go. "Sorry." "………..Dude….." Then Mimiko began to scream. "Ahhh! Ah! He bit me!" Marik replied. "Ha ha! I bit you!" Ioa had easily gotten rid of Bakura by giving him two bouncy balls to chase after, which Bakura enjoyed quite a bit. That is right until he wasn't paying attention to where he was going and somehow got stuck in the dryer.

Kuronue began to, for reasons unknown, hump the stairs. Everyone looked on in horror. (except Bakura because he was too preoccupied with being stuck in the dryer and all….. heh heh heh… o.o! ) Then Kuronue stood up and pointed to the stairs. "I told you I was straight!" "Oh, you SO proved them wrong Kuronue." Youko replied. Kuronue puffed out his chest and smiled triumphantly. Marik looked down to find that Mimiko had run off and Ioa was gone too far. This is where he lost it. Again, I have NO IDEA what these people have but they need to stop losing it. Thank you. Marik then began to smash his head in to the wall. "There's a hole in the wall." Youko said simply. Marik glared at him and began to try to devour his rod. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! ………… -cough- )


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