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Part 1: The Gang Is All Here

It had been such a long time since she had last seen everyone. Hell, it had been a long time since she had last stepped foot in her hometown of Retroville. There were just some things she didn't want to remember, but when she had gotten a phone call from Carl, she was surprised and even more so when he just happened to mention a Retroville High School Reunion. She thought that it would be another five years before the class got together for a reunion. After all, it had only been five years since they had graduated, since they had last seen each other.

Now Cindy Vortex was packing her bags, remembering just how different things use to be. Back then she didn't have nearly as much to do as she did now and she could honestly say that her life was boring the way it was. Now she was fulfilling her dreams and she was enjoying every minute of it. She didn't have anyone telling her what she could and could not do. Sure, she felt bad for leaving her friends behind the way she had, but she didn't feel sorry for all of them. Jimmy Neutron was the only exception. She could've cared less about him. He had obviously not been a believer. He didn't think she could became a star like she said she would. She had heard him talking about her to Libby a few days before the graduation. She knew. She also knew that Jimmy would be there for the reunion, but she didn't care. She wasn't on her way to her hometown to see him anyway. She was visiting family and friends. And Jimmy was no friend of her's.

Cindy continued to stuff her bags. She tried not to think of Jimmy, but her mind always seemed to go back to him. She couldn't understand exactly why. She had no emotions for him. She never did! At least she didn't think she ever did.

She paused. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to reunite just yet. Maybe it hadn't been long enough.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

He shut his eyes ready to fall asleep, but the moment he felt the small thump, thump against the back of his seat, his eyes opened and he turned. The small boy who sat behind him looked to be about four years old. His red, unruly hair fell shaggily about his face. His hazel eyes gleamed with mischief. He gave Jimmy a wide, innocent grin, revealing two missing teeth in the top, front row. His mother was asleep beside him, unaware of her son's annoying and disrespectful behavior.

With a sigh he turned away and the boy continued to stamp his feet against the back of his seat. I knew I should've taken first class, he thought.

"Excuse me," came a soft, almost mousey voice. He turned. The woman was young. Very young. She was only a teenager no older than 18. Her dark glasses sat on the bridge of her nose and her clothes made her appear very conservative. She looked like a school librarian with that long black skirt and the sweater vest she wore. "Are you James Isaac Neutron? The scientist?"

She looked a little excited and nervous all at once.

The thumping stopped and Jimmy answered. "Yes."

The girl's eyes gleamed with excitement and joy. She looked about ready to burst. "My name is Marcy Hannigan," she said as she held out her hand. Jimmy shook it with a smile. When she pulled her hand back after they shook hands, she stared at it in awe, not really believing that she had shook hands with a celebrity.

"Is there something I can help you with?" Jimmy asked politely as he looked at her.

His voice pulled her out of her trance and her cheeks reddened with embarrassment. She suddenly looked very nervous and self-conscious. "Uh. . .ye. . .yes, there is something you can help me with. I. . .y-you see the pa-paper I work for-" His smile faltered a bit as he realized that she was a reporter. Just when he thought he had gotten away from them all, one of them followed him. Sneaky, sneaky. "-would just about love to have a story on you and I was thinking that maybe you could tell me about your-" She had begun to talk faster and faster and he was beginning to think that maybe he couldn't keep up with her anymore. "High school years. People get a kick out of that kind of stuff." She turned to him and noticed the look on his face. "Oh, my apologies, Mr. Neutron. I didn't mean to bother you. I just thought that-"

"No, no, no," he interrupted. "It's alright. But can I ask you something?"

"Sure," she said a bit unsure of herself.

"How old are you?" he inquired. She looked down as she blushed again. He was beginning to think that maybe it was just a nervous habit.

"I just turned 18, sir."

Just as I thought.

"And where are you from exactly?"

"New York."

"And the paper you work for its your-"

"School paper. . .sir."

He smiled as he shook his head. "What are you doing so far away from home?"

She continued to look down as her blush darkened. "Well," she began. "I-I've been following up on all your stories. From radio broadcasts to the internet. I'm fascinated by your work and your truly inspiring to me. It was because of you that I came to really take an interest in science and you're the reason why my writing has been improving. I constantly write about you for the newspaper and people have told me many times that my enthusiasm to write is. . ." She paused as if she were afraid to say it ". . .incredible."

She looked at him and he smiled.

"Well, congratulations to that and I'm glad to know that I serve as your inspiration to you."

"Thank you," she said as she blushed again. "I wanted to write a piece on you for my school paper. About your high school years."

Jimmy sighed as he turned away.

"But only if you'll allow it!" Marcy added quickly.

He turned to her as he took a deep breath. Her eyes were filled with hope and nervousness. He smiled. How can I say no? "Let's begin then."

Marcy's face slowly lit up from gratitude and admiration. "I'll be right back," she said as she made her way back to her seat. Jimmy watched as she retrieved a pad and pen from her hand bag. She came back and Jimmy, being the gentlemen that he was, moved one seat over for her.

Another interrogation began.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Libby sat at the bus stop, awaiting the love of her life. She and Carl had been contacted by Sheen earlier that day. He would be meeting them there. She was excited. She hadn't seen him in almost 3 months. With Sheen's business flourishing and Libby's signing career sky-rocketing, there was no time in between for them to see each other. They were really trying to make their relationship work and neither one wanted to break it off. Not even for a break, so they went through whatever they had to to stay together. No one ever said love was going to be easy and she knew that first hand now. She had known it all too well, in fact. She sighed as she thought of her first love. That relationship would've never worked out, but even so, she was happy now.

"Libby!" Carl exclaimed.

She turned and caught Carl running toward her with a magazine in one hand.

"There's an article in here about the most eligible bachelor poll taken not to long ago!"

"So?" she replied.

He made it to her, panting heavily. "It's between Jimmy and Nick. . .a tie," he said between pants.

"Jimmy Neutron and Nick Dean?" she questioned.

Carl nodded with as much enthusiasm as he could muster at the time. She snatched the magazine from him. "Let me see that." She looked at the two pictures inside. "Vs." was written between them. The article itself read, "A Tie For Most Eligible Bachelor, But Who Is Number One?"

Libby almost laughed. The media always made things bigger than they really were. She looked at the picture of Jimmy they had. He was wearing a lab coat, no doubt standing in a lab, holding up a test tube in one hand and a beaker in the other. His goggles were on and he looked as cute as he had always been. Maybe even cuter. Nick's picture was different (of course). His profession was modeling and now he had acting on his plate. The picture in his magazine was one of him leaning against a wall, trying to looking casual with his sleek hair and stylish clothes. She almost frowned.

"Read the article," Carl encouraged. "They seem to lean more toward Jimmy, but the article doesn't really choose either one of them."

Libby cleared her throat. " 'Both of these hot, young men have both had their share of success. They have been in the media countless times and their popularity continues to grow. Their success can be equally measured. As well as their good looks and charm, but who is number one when it comes to most eligible bachelor of the year?

" 'James Isaac Neutron is a well respected scientist at the young age of 23 and he has won the Junior Nobel Prize more times than we can count!' " Libby paused. "They're exaggerating!"

"Keep reading!" Carl urged, excitement ringing in his voice.

With a defeated sigh, she rolled her eyes and continued, " 'And after years of debating the issue, James Isaac is up for the Nobel Prize. He's smart, witty and sophisticated and most definitely wise beyond his years. People today are calling him and I quote, 'the Einstein of our time.' And he is no doubt gorgeous. Some of his close friends and co-workers say that he's dedicated to his work and he just loves to talk about his family back home. And especially, his little sister, Rebecca Anne Neutron. Aw! He's obviously very caring and thoughtful. What more could a girl possibly ask for in a man? But Nick Dean is just as talented and dedicated to his work and although, we don't hear much of his family he makes up for it with his charm and good qualities. It's been said that he treats the woman in his life like royalty.' "

Libby stopped there. She didn't want to read anymore of it allowed. Instead she scanned the rest of it and found that Carl was right. The article seemed to be in favor of Jimmy, though the author never chose one over the other.

In moments a car came rushing toward them and stopped with a sudden halt. The driver's side door opened and out stepped Sheen. The chauffeur stepped out from the passenger's side, looking frightened and faint. Sheen tossed him the keys as he made his way around. "You see," he said with a smile. "That's how it should be done."

The man nodded a little bit.

"I'll call you when I need you," he said. "I probably won't be needing you, though, so you might as well take the next two weeks off. Bring the car home with you if you'd like. And don't worry. I'll still pay you in full for the two weeks I'm out. Now go on."

Libby laughed as she dropped the magazine and ran to him. He had become so generous over the years, though in some ways he was still the same. His love for Ultra Lord had never faded and it had been a good thing too because now he worked for the Ultra Lord Empire. He was among one of the head business men running the chain of toy factories all over the world!

She jumped in his arms.


She wrapped her arms around his neck as she showered him in kisses. "I've missed you so much!"

"I've missed you too," Sheen replied as he laughed. He put Libby back on her feet and looked at Carl. They were about to hug until Sheen realized what he was doing. "How about we shack hands instead."

Libby rolled her eyes as she smiled.

"Oh, come here!" Carl exclaimed as he pulled Sheen into an embrace.

"So the gang is all here," he said as he managed to pull himself free.

"Except for-"

"Jimmy," Sheen finished for Libby.

"And Cindy," Carl added quickly.

Libby's eyes looked away as she remembered her so called "best friend." What a friend she had been.

The air filled with tension and everything went silent.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"So where are you going to stay?"

"I don't know."

Jimmy looked at her with shock.

"I didn't really think about it," Marcy said. She looked down as her cheeks grew rosy.

Jimmy rubbed his neck. I may regret this, he thought. But what else am I going to do? "If you'd like you can stay with my family. I'm sure they wouldn't mind having you there. You don't seem to be one of those axe-murdering type."

The girl gleamed with gratitude and joy. "I'd love to!"

Jimmy smiled. Not sure what he had just gotten himself into.

"Okay, then," he said. "Let's be on our way."

In moments a cab pulled up at the curb. Jimmy pulled his luggage along. He didn't have much. Just a small carry-on and one larger bag. Marcy had only two: her carry-on and her larger bag. Jimmy helped her with the bigger one. The cab driver got out and helped him with the bags. When that was finished, Jimmy opened the door for Marcy. She blushed as she thanked him. He slipped in beside her and gave the cab driver his address.

"So, Mr. Neutron, tell me-"

"Please, call me Jimmy."

She smiled with yet another blush. "Jimmy," she said. "Tell me more about your sister again. She sounds like a great person."

"Oh, Becca is an amazing person," Jimmy said. "She's a great kid. She's smart and wise beyond her years. Sometimes you forget you're talking to an 11-year-old. She loves to read and write. She's a good writer too. Over the summer vacation last year she sent me a couple of short stories she had written herself. They were all rich in detail and the emotion she manages to put in each of them is truly incredible. You should read her stuff. You'd like it. And she recently took up another hobby."


"Painting," he said with pride. "She always had an interest in art and I sent her a painting kit for her birthday. Mom says the paints are running out. She loves working in the lab too. I left her my old one and the last time I went I upgraded all the programs. She works in there all the time. People think I'm dedicated, but I think she's more dedicated than me. Her and Benjamin, the boy I told you about, are hitting it off. She says she doesn't like him, but I know that's not true. They remind me of the relationship I had with this girl I use to know at their age. We fought all the time."

He smiled to himself as he reminisced.

After a short pause Marcy asked, "Did you and this girl leave on bad terms?"

Jimmy turned to her, startled by her voice. He had forgotten that he had someone with him. "I guess you could say that," he replied after he managed to smile. He looked out the window.

It's over, Neutron! Came a voice. He hadn't realized it till just then, but he'd be seeing Cindy again. He wasn't sure how he'd take it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"So. . ." Sheen looked around at his friends. Libby's anger only seemed to grow.

"Cindy," she sneered as she crossed her arms over her chest, "is no longer part of this group. Not after what she did."

"But people deserve a second chance," Carl added timidly as Libby whirled around to meet him.

"Yeah, well not this so called person!"

"Okay," Sheen joined in. "Who's up for ice cream? Huh? Anyone?"

No one answered. He sighed. He knew that among them all it was Libby and Jimmy who felt more betrayed by Cindy than Carl and himself. Of course he was angry with her! She had left without a word and expected everyone to be happy about it. That wasn't even the half of it. She had broken up with Jimmy in the most horrible way and left him broken and her best friend never heard from her again. Cindy had managed to hurt two of the people he cared about most in one day! Of course he was angry! It wouldn't have hurt to say goodbye to him either. His hands balled into fists at his sides just thinking about it. He had tried over the years to help Libby get over this grudge against her, but nothing every worked. Eventually, Sheen stopped trying, knowing that he could do nothing to help her get over it, but what he could do was keep her mind from it.

Carl on the other hand, kept trying. He would never let Libby forget and to be honest, it pissed Sheen off. Because he knew that when Libby remembered how Cindy betrayed her, first, came the anger and second, came the tears. If there was one thing that hurt him to no end it was seeing Libby cry.

"But Cindy never meant any real harm. She was-"

"She didn't mean any harm?!" Libby questioned. "Did you hear what she said to Jimmy?! Were you even paying attention?!"


"No, buts, Carl! She didn't even need to come to this thing! You shouldn't have invited her! She'll never show up!"

"She will!"

Libby opened her mouth to speak, but Sheen beat her to it. "Stop it!" he shouted. "Geez, Carl! Do you have to bring this up every time we get together for a little reunion between us? You always call her to ask if she wants to meet up with us, but has she ever called you back in these five years?! She probably didn't even want to hear any messages from you!"

Carl breathed a defeated sigh as his features saddened.

"Do you even understand the pain that it brings back? Libby and Jimmy hurt most and you constantly bring her up as if she's still part of the group! Face it! She's not coming back! And she never will."

Sheen took a deep breath. He turned to Libby and noticed the tears in her eyes. She looked down, adverting her eyes. "Libs," he said softly as he lifted her chin. But she pulled away from him.

"Carl!" came a woman's voice.

Carl's face lit up. A smile spread on his face. "Cindy!"

Sheen whirled around as Carl ran toward her. He quickly looked at Libby who stood, motionless as she stared at Cindy Vortex.

Not good.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The door opened and the shower of kisses soon came.

"Mom," he pleaded. "That's enough!"

Mrs. Neutron moved away from her son to look at him. "What do you mean that's enough? I haven't seen my son in a year!"

"But you got my letter a week ago and we spoke on the phone just yesterday!" Jimmy protested.

"Yes," his mother agreed. "But it's not the same." She took him into her embrace and kissed his forehead. "I missed you, Jimmy."

"It's good to have you back, Jimbo," his dad greeted.

"It's good to be back," Jimmy replied as he pulled away from his mother to give his father a hug. Mrs. Neutron wiped the tears in her eyes away as she smiled joyously.

"Where's Becca?" Jimmy asked as he looked inside.

"Working in the lab," Mrs. Neutron answered. "She's been working on some blue prints for a project she wants your help with. She said she wanted to do something with you like the old days." She smiled at her son and then her expression changed when she noticed the girl with her son for the first time. "Oh!" she exclaimed.

"Ah," his father said as he too noticed the girl.

"A girl!" Mrs. Neutron exclaimed. "Jimmy you never mentioned anything about a girlfriend! And look, Hugh! She's so cute!" She embraced the blushing girl.

"Uh, no, mom," Jimmy began. "She's not my-"

"Well, well, well," came another voice. Jimmy turned. "If it isn't Jimmy Neutron, the scientist."

"Libby!" he shouted with joy. "Sheen! Carl! And. . .Cindy?"

Cindy Vortex stood with her arms crossed over her chest and a scowl on her face. She was more beautiful than he had last remembered her. He was happy to see her again, of course, but it pained him at the same time. It was a bittersweet sadness that engulfed his entire being as he looked at her. Memories of good and bad times came flooding back to him. He wanted to be angry, just as angry as she was now, but he couldn't find it in himself to be. He loved her too much to be angry at all. And the anger had only been a game with them as kids. It had always been about the competition, but as they grew, they began to love each other. Or at least he grew to love her.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" she replied. "I'm here for the reunion. I was invited."

"Carl called her up," Libby said as she looked away.

Jimmy looked down. He stepped toward them, but stopped. He adverted his eyes. "Well, it's good to see you again."

"Mmm," she said simply. It wasn't much of a reply which seemed to hurt Jimmy, but he turned away.

"Right, well," he continued. "I'd like you all to meet Marcy Hannigan, she's-"

"Jimmy's cute little girlfriend!" Mrs. Neutron added.

Libby's mouth dropped and Cindy's as well.

"Isn't she a little too young, Jimmy?" Sheen asked.

"How old are you, sweetie," Mrs. Neutron asked.

"I-I'm eighteen, ma'am," Marcy replied.

"It's only a five year difference!" Mrs. Neutron exclaimed. "And she's cute!"

Jimmy sighed as he rubbed the back of his head. He knew something like this would happed, but he brought it upon himself. "She's not my girl-"

"She is cute," Libby agreed as she walked to him. She patted his shoulder and smiled. "Just as long as your happy now." She said it as if he had been suffering for years and he had been and he still was. She hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek. She whispered something in his ear before she pulled away and they shared a soft smile.

For friends, they seem awfully affectionate with each other. Maybe a little too affectionate, Cindy thought. She looked over at Sheen. He looked slightly jealous and very uncomfortable as he watched the two. He looked. . .worried. Cindy turned toward Jimmy and Libby again, looking them over with a suspicious eye. Had something happened there that she didn't know about? What was the story there?

Mr. and Mrs. Neutron smiled as they watched too. Mrs. Neutron then turned to Marcy. "I hope he's treating you right."

"Mr. Neutron has been very kind to me, yes," she said.

"Mr. Neutron?" Carl asked looking confused.

Jimmy nodded. "I've been trying to say that Marcy is not my girlfriend."

"Ooooh!" they all said in unison.

"We met on the plane," came the girl's small voice. "I wanted to interview him and when we got off I had no where to go and Mr. Neutron-"

"Jimmy, please," Jimmy encouraged.

She blushed as he adverted her eyes. "Jimmy. . offered to take me in."

"Thinking of others," Mrs. Neutron said. "I'm so proud." She smiled.

Marcy smiled at her and then she turned to Jimmy's friends, looking at them all in awe. "I. . .it's. . .it's great to meet you all. Mr. Neutron-" She looked at Jimmy and then back at his friends. "I mean, Jimmy told me he went to school with you all. I was a little surprised, but I should've known better. A celebrity always has celebrity friends."

"You mean you've heard of us?" Sheen asked pointing at Carl and himself.

She nodded. "There have been quite a few stories in the paper about you two. What with your success in the business world and Carl being the only known Llama and squirrel specialist. And of course, Libby. . .Ms. Folfax-"

"Libby is fine," she said with a smile.

"Libby. . .your music is most inspiring," Marcy said. "I loved your recent song. A ballad. It was very touching. I cried. You have real talent."

"Thank you," Libby said. "It means a lot."

"And Ms. Vortex. . .I've seen all your movie thus far. The last role you played seemed to be written for you and your modeling career seems to be going well."

Cindy looked at her with intrigue. "You've done your homework well," she said. It had been an intended compliment, but there was something in her voice that made it sound otherwise.

There was a pause before Mrs. Neutron said, "Well, why don't you all come in. I baked cookies and there's a pie in the oven. There's enough for everyone."

Mrs. Neutron stepped inside as she encouraged everyone to enter. A bark from inside the house came closer and closer and soon Goddard was running down the stairs. He leaped into Jimmy's arms with a bark filled with joy and content. He licked his face and Jimmy let out a laugh as the mechanical dog continued to greet him.

"Jimmy!" came a familiar voice. In seconds an eleven-year-old girl appeared at the door. Her short brown hair lay on her shoulders. Her sunny smile seemed to brighten everyone's mood. Her blue eyes sparkled in the sun's gleam and her soft features radiated with beauty that seemed unnatural for a girl of eleven.

She ran to him, her arms opened wide and then she jumped and Jimmy caught her. He swung her around as they laughed. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too," he whispered as he kissed her temple. He put her back on her feet and he stared down at her. "I hope you haven't been giving mom and dad any trouble with your inventions."

"Of course not," she said. "I've been a good girl." She smiled up at him. She looked at Marcy who stood not to far away and then back at Jimmy and gave him a devilish grin as she raised an eyebrow.

"No," Jimmy said. "It's not like that."


"This is Marcy Hannigan," Jimmy introduced. "I met her on the plane."

"Jimmy's told me so much about you," Marcy said as she smile shyly at the small girl.


"Yes. He told me great things."

"You've grown so big, Becca," Libby added. The girl looked at her and her face lit up.

"Libby! Sheen! Carl!" She ran to them and hugged them one by one and then she noticed Cindy for the first time as she stepped away from Carl. Her smile faded and it was soon replaced with a scowl. "What are you doing here?"

Cindy tried to smile but it was obvious that the girl would not smile back.

"Rebecca, sweetheart," came her mother's voice. "Come inside now. Jimmy and his friends will be joining us for some snacks. I hope you can all stay for dinner."

"Of course," came the chorus of Sheen, Libby, and Carl.

"I asked you a question," Becca continued as she looked at Cindy.

"She's here for the reunion," Jimmy said as he pulled her away. He looked at Cindy and Becca caught the emotions that were hurting him inside, but she pulled away from him and advanced toward Cindy, wanting nothing more than to hurt her just the same. But Jimmy pulled her back before she could do anything. He carried her inside as she protested, but it didn't seem to faze him.

"I have to be on my way now," Cindy replied as she turned away. She took her bags and walked toward her own home. Maybe her parents would be more of a welcome to her. But could she really blame the others? After all, she had betrayed them all.