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Epilogue: The Way It Should Be

It took some time to mend everything back together, but it was all well worth the effort. In the end it always is and I can honestly say that everyone is much happier now. Sure, we still run into problems, but what group of people don't, right?

Well, our high school reunion made front line news when Nick, who had suddenly become the host after Libby left, was caught with his manager's granddaughter behind the curtains on stage. This girl just so happened to be Betty Quinlin. Nick could not put two and two together. His manager, Mr. Freddy Quinlin and Betty Quinlin. Oh, well. He's obviously over me, but it doesn't bother me one bit. I'm just glad he was able to find someone just as soon as I had.

Oh, and the person who wrote that article, just so happened to be one of our old classmates, who "conveniently" found them "smooching" behind stage. Her name escapes me, but I'm sure I'll remember it some time later. When I least expect it, that's when it'll come back to me.

Anyway, it's been a complete seven months since then and Thanksgiving is right on it's way. The fall breeze isn't too bad and the leaves have been changing color. Fading greens, lush reds, oranges and yellows fill the tress and litter the floor and some are swept in the breeze and as I sit there, watching all the smiling faces and dancing people, I know it's a perfect day for a wedding.

"I think it's beautiful out here."

I don't have to turn to know it's Becca, but I turn anyway. Standing beside her in his cute little suite, is none other than my little brother, Ben. I adore them. I envy them. Their relationship, I believe, is the most perfect one that I know. Maybe it's because they're still young. Even with the threat of corruption and everything that has already been given the chance to corrupt, they remain pure and innocent and it amazes me. Even when they kiss, it's innocent. It's cute. It's. . .sweet.

Ben laces his fingers around her's and Becca turns to him and smiles, a light blush spreads across his cheeks and in response Ben grins and leans forward to kiss her nose.

They are the sweetest when they think no one is watching. It's not that they treat each other bad when people are around, no. They're great with each other when people are with them. It's just that they don't show too much affection for one another. They're shy. Especially, Becca, which honestly, surprises me even now as I think about it. She's not one to be shy, but when it comes to Ben and showing her affection, she's quite shy and it's absolutely adorable.

"Sheen and Libby definitely picked a great place," Ben comments as he turns to watch the guests dance.

Becca watches him, her blush fading only a little. She bites her lip and contemplates something. I watch with curiosity. She leans forward and I smile knowingly.

A new smile breaks across Ben's lips as he tilts his head toward her lips. She kisses him lightly and turns away as he laughs.

See? What did I tell you? They're absolutely adorable.

With a smile wide on my face I turn away, my eyes meeting Nick's as he comes to me, Betty tangled in his arms.

I stand and give him a smile.

"It's good to see you again," he says. "It's been such a long time."

"Too long a time," Betty agrees, her hand meeting mine.

"Yeah, it has been too long," I respond as I shake her hand.

Nick looks about, searching the crowd on the dance floor. "So where's Neutron?"

His eyes meet mine again and I smile at the thought of Jimmy. "He's. . ." I try not to laugh. ". . .busy setting up the karaoke machine."

Nick does a double take. "Karaoke?"

I nod. "I think he's had a little too much to drink. He and Sheen. Carl is keeping a good eye on them both."

Betty bursts into laughter. "I can't imagine Jimmy doing karaoke," she laughs.

"Which is exactly why we have to stay longer," Nick replies as he steers Betty toward some empty seats at my table.

I flush with embarrassment, but I don't really mind. . . much.

Almost as if on cue, Jimmy finds his way back to me, a cup in his hand. He takes a sip and sits down beside me. I turn to him as he happily greets Nick and Betty. He look him over carefully, my eyes narrow.

"What do you have in that cup, Neutron?"

He turns to me. "None of your business," he says and turns away, taking another sip.

"Jimmy!" I yell.

"What!" he says, turning to me again as he laughs. "It's only water!" He tips his cup toward me and I look in it skeptically. "Oh, come on! I stopped drinking the wine when you told me I looked like a was on speed or something."

Nick and Betty laugh, not caring that others began to stare.

I blush again as Jimmy smiles. He kisses my cheek and I feel my skin burn with humiliation. "You jerk!" I whisper.

"Don't be mad," he says as he wraps his arms around my shoulders. He pulls me to him and at first I fight him, but then I give in and slowly rest against him with a deep sigh. "You're such an idiot."

"And yet I managed to win the Nobel Peace Prize seven months ago," he replies. "Hm. . .interesting."

He kisses my temple and I relax, happy in his arms. This is when I feel most content, when he's holding me and it's just the two of us no matter how many people are really around us. It's when I feel so at ease, so at peace that I can picture a wide field–no a meadow–and we're sitting in the middle. Just us. I guess it sounds weird, but that's what I think about; it's what I see and that's how I know that being with Jimmy is all I need. My friends and my family are all a generous bonus.

"Here comes the bride," Becca begins in a sing song voice.

"All dressed in white," Ben adds with a smile.

"You look amazing in the dress, Libby," Betty comments.

"Sheen's a lucky guy," Jimmy says, standing to give her a kiss on the cheek. He smiles warmly. This smile is for Libby alone, and although I feel a pang of jealousy, I know and I understand what they had. It does bother me to see them this way, but I remember right away that Jimmy is mine and no one, not Libby or Betty or anyone else, can ever take him from me because I am his one and only. I know because he told me so and I believe him with all my heart.

I smile. "You're stunningly beautiful. I only wish to be half as beautiful as you at my own wedding," I say, without much thought.

"Oh, so the wedding bells are chiming," Ben says in response.

"I knew it!" Becca announces.

"Good for you," Nick replies.

"When did Jimmy propose?" Libby asks.

"P-propose?" Jimmy stammers.

"He's almost speechless!" Sheen exclaims.

"N-no, I just meant that-"

Becca laughs. "So when's the wedding? Can I be a maid of honor! Please!"

I blush and open my mouth, but nothing comes out.

"Wait," Ben says. "If you're engaged, then where is your ring?"

I look at my hand. "I. . .we're not-"

"I'm holding on to it," Jimmy says as he approaches, his "almost" speechlessness gone. He wraps his arm lovingly around my hips and rests his chin on my shoulder as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small box. With a smile he places the small box in my hands. "You will marry me. . .won't you?"

It's not my idea of a perfect proposal, but. . .in some way it was everything I'd ever hoped for.

I nod. "Of course." Jimmy's hands move over mine and together we open the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. Jimmy takes it out and places it on my ring finger. He puts the box in his pocket again and hugs me.

"Now," Libby began, "doesn't it feel good to be together? Do you see what you could've had if it weren't for-"

"We get it," Jimmy and I say as one.

Ben and Becca laugh. I watch them and a playful smile begins to spread on my lips. "So," I say. "Are you two planning on your big day?"

They stop laughing abruptly and stare. Their faces go crimson red as everyone turns to them. I laugh at their cuteness. "I'm just kidding. You two are still way too young for that."

"In time they'll be thinking about it," Betty supplied.

Neither Ben nor Becca say anything.

The reception continues with laughs and joy. It had been the first time in years that we had all spent time together and had fun, real fun. I don't ever wish this happiness away. My only wish is to continue this way for as long as humanly possible.