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Mahono:This is a GuyxGuy (guy loves guy) poem. (though I guess it can go either way...) The pairing is Tetsunosuke Ichimura and Suzu Kitamura. If you do not like the things listed above please feel free to leave. Thank you.

Tetsu's POV:

Touch My Heart-

Touch my heart, Caress it carefully.

Don't scratch or scathe it because it breaks easily.

Dig your nails into it if you want to, just hold onto it tight.

Don't drop it; the fragile glass that it's made out of might shatter.

Please don't pull or yank at it, a gentle tug will suffice to get me to come to your side.

Please don't try to touch anyone else's heart,

If you do mine will fall apart and I know I could never put the pieces back together.

Just hold my throbbing heart carefully in the palm of your hand as carefully as you would a new babe.

Let your dark skin be the satin blanket under which it slumbers peacefully.

Let your copper eyes be the sun and moon under which it will bathe soothingly.

Let your silver hair be the cloak under which my heart's hands lounge when we kiss.

Grip me firmly but please, I'm begging you, don't try to break me.

Let your mind rest assured that my heart will never wander from you.

So long as you don't smash my soul, Iwill stay true to you.

So long as the only thing you crush is my body under yours, my love will never waver.

So come be my heart's heaven and we can live life like a fairytale.

Come and I promise, I will hold you just as tenderly.


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