Words To Live By

First, do no harm.

Words to live by. Words she lived by.

The Goa'uld were different from her patients; she treated them like a disease. They invaded the body and turned it against itself. That was how she justified it to herself; her actions that had, on occasion – thankfully infrequent occasions – led to the deaths of the symbiotes.

That, and the lives – human lives – she saved by those actions. She didn't think that humans were the only sentient beings that should be allowed to live.

But no sentient being should harm another, save to protect itself or someone else.

The Goa'uld, as a whole, were 'harm'. She would not aid them, save for those few who defected. This included the Tok'ra, of course.

She wondered, sometimes, if Hippocrates would agree with her reasoning.

But she actually didn't worry too much about it. Every life she lost, or…took…was a scar on her heart.

And every life she saved a balm to her soul.

She did no harm – except for what she must to stop harm happening to others.