A New Peace

"Five… Four… Three… Two… One…"

As the cheers rang out in Times Square, brought to the duo snuggled up on the couch in Tokyo courtesy of cable television, Amara turned to her lover. "Happy New Year, Michelle," she whispered, catching her lover's mouth up in a celebration kiss.

"Happy New Year, Amara," Michelle returned once their lips parted long minutes later.

Twirling one strand of her lover's aqua hair around her finger, Amara said, "So, it's a new year. A fresh start."

"Mm-hm," Michelle hummed pleasantly.

"What do you hope it brings?" Amara asked, slightly tense. The Pure Hearts had been found – in them, surprisingly! – and Sailor Saturn was now living the life she should have had, starting over from infancy, but the Dark Forces were still out there and could attack at any time.

"Peace," Michelle said simply, and snuggled back into her lover's arms, dozing off.

Amara smiled softly at the earthbound mermaid in her arms. "Peace," she murmured. "Yes, that's what I hope for, too, love. What we have right now."