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A Private School

Chapter 1 The Beginning


"Izumi! I'm sorry but I had no other choice." a woman who has blonde hair, Izumi's mother, said. "You were kicked out of every school you entered, and for what; because you can't get along with your little friends!"

Izumi, when she was a little girl, was always picked on in school. She wanted to cry but she never did. She hid all her feelings inside. She never showed any pain or sadness. Instead, she smiled. And that's what got her into trouble.

"But mom, there are other schools. Why did you pick that school?!" Izumi said, despising her mother, Isuzu.

"It's the only school that accepted you. Every other school turned you down. You should even be thankful the kind principal allowed you to enter that school."

"It's a private school for BOYS!!" Izumi yelled.

"Look Izumi, I figured that if you can't bully anyone then you'll learn to associate with people"

"I did not bully them. I didn't do anything to them. They lied about everything." Izumi said defending herself for the first time. Izumi never defended herself. That's another reason why she was kicked out.


"What happened here?" the principal asked while looking at Izumi who looked very dirty and full of bruises.

Nobody spoke. Nobody had the voice to say that it was Kailie who started the fight that ensued between Izumi and her. In fact, Izumi didn't even hit back.

"Well?" The principal turned to Kailie whose clothes were torn like Izumi, her face and clothes were dirty. Kailie did this to herself so that she won't get into trouble.

"Will anyone, please tell me?"

Kailie spoke. "Izumi attacked me from my back. I was merely protecting myself."

"Oh, really?" The principal said, doubting Kailie. "You're witnesses, is what Kailee saying true?" he asked the girls who were with Kailee a while ago.

The girls looked at Kailie who glared at them. "Y-Ye-yes… S-sir..." They said, afraid of what might happen to them.

The principal sighed. "Well, Miss Orimoto. Aren't you going to defend yourself?"

Izumi smiled at the principal.

The principal knew that Izumi is innocent but he can't do anything when Izumi doesn't defend herself. By the way it was looking; she was the one at odds. He held a meeting about this with the other teachers. Unfortunately, because Izumi didn't defend herself, she had to be kicked out of school


"Stop it Izumi!! I don't want to hear anything from you! You are going to go to that school. That's final!"

Defeated, Izumi screamed at the top of her lungs. "AAARRGGGHHHH!! You can NOT do this to me!"

"Of course I can, dear. I'm your mother."

"I hate you! I hate my life!"

"Aaww, that's so sweet honey, I love you too."

Finally, losing her temper, Izumi stomped her way to her room.

After so many years, Izumi was showing what she was feeling again. And her mother was happy about this. 'I only hope what I'm doing is the right choice.'

-Izumi's POV-

'I will not turn myself into a boy. I'd die first before that happens. Heck, even if I die I WON'T allow anyone to turn me into a boy.'

I sighed as I lay in my bed. 'I can't believe I'm actually showing my anger. How can I betray him like this? I must get my act together.'

Thinking of this I fell asleep.

After a few hours, I heard my mom come in.

"Izumi honey let's go."

"Where to, mother?" I asked, smiling at her.

I could tell she was disappointed to see the fake smile I put on but she shrugged it off and said cheerfully, "To have your haircut, silly. You can't look like a boy if you have your hair like that."

"That's the idea." I said sarcastically, albeit smiling.

"Oh come on Izumi, we've been arguing about this since, well since a few hours ago."

I sighed at her reply. "I won't let anyone cut my precious blonde hair, mother."

"You're right. It would be a waste if we cut your hair."

I sighed in relief. She understood me. Finally!

"I'll buy you a wig instead." She said smiling happily. I simply sighed. 'Is she pretending not to understand?'

"Alright mom, a wig is fine." I actually said, giving up. After all, there was no stopping a woman who was determined.

"Ok, c'mon let's go shopping." She said cheerfully.

-Izumi's POV over-

After shopping, Izumi and her mom went home.

Ring Ring Ring The phone rang.

It was Isuzu who answered the phone.

"So, who was it mom?" Izumi asked when Isuzu returned after answering her call.

"I need to go on a business trip Izumi." Isuzu said as she prepared a drink for herself.

Izumi sighed and sat on the sofa. She turned on the television and said, "Oh, ok. Take care then."

"I'm glad you're fine with that! You know, you'll have to stay at the boy's dorm." Isuzu said, drinking her orange juice.

Izumi could feel her heart beating faster. She was so tempted to shout her opinions out but that would mean betraying him. No matter what, she promised to always smile. She looked at he television and said in her indifferent voice, "Do you realize what you are saying? First you send me to an all boys school and now you want me to sleep in the same roof as them?"

"Yes!" Her mom said with a smile pasted to her face.

"If something goes wrong, I'll kill myself." threatened the blonde girl, eyes still on the television. It was amazing how she was smiling when she said those words.

"Fine honey; just don't get yourself into trouble. School starts tomorrow. I'll call the school dorm if there are still available rooms."

Izumi sighed. 'This is going to be a problem.'



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