If I did own Digimon, Kouji and Izumi would be married by now.

In the previous chapter: Just the two of them

Izumi's brother has left but not before letting Izumi know the he'll be coming back for her that Monday.

Kouji told Izumi how he found out Izumi's a girl.

Izumi does some thinking and realizes the reason for her façade was to find a person who could or would care for her as much as Shinn did. She realized the reason she was able to accept Kouji's help was because she found the new love that could mend her old one in Kouji.

Like Izumi, Kouji does some thinking as well. He knows that Izumi's first love was actually Shinn and that she hasn't been truly released from her past. He knew that to be fully released from her past she needed to be loved. And he couldn't give it to her that time.

So instead, He made her know that he understood how she felt. And that the feelings she had weren't feelings that only she had. He made her realize that he knew her pain and that she wasn't alone. And he succeeded. He knew he would succeed. But his success wasn't a hundred percent.

Izumi and Kouji are able to go inside the school once more.

Izumi got scared because of the ghost story in the school roof top.

The gang has a sleepover at the room of Izumi and Kouichi.

The gang decides to go to an Amusement Park the next day (Sunday).


A Private School

Chapter 32 When Takuya Thinks of Revenge


Sunday; 8am; Kouichi's and Izumi's Room

Kouji sighed. Izumi blushed. Kouichi snickered. Junpei grinned. Tomoki stared. Takuya glared.

Each of them remained silent for reasons of their own. Kouji simply didn't care what the others might think. Izumi didn't want to say; rather she didn't know how to say it. Kouichi already knew - he at least had some ideas about it. Junpei found it amusing and wanted to know what'll happen next. Tomoki was simply too naïve to find anything wrong – not that there was anything wrong. Takuya was debating with himself whether he wanted to know or not.

A few more minutes passed when Takuya finally spoke. "Why were you two in one bed?" Surprisingly, this was said with calmness (albeit the glare that wasn't so subtle) no one knew Takuya had.

Once again silence engulfed the group. Izumi and Kouji were seated on Izumi's bed with Takuya standing in front of them. Junpei and Tomoki were both seated on their own sleeping bags and Kouichi was standing just outside the bathroom door.

"Well?" Takuya said impatiently, any traces of calmness in his voice gone.

Izumi looked at the blunette beside her. 'It doesn't look like he wants to explain.' She looked at the brunette in front of her. 'He doesn't look like he would drop the question.'

'Why must I be the one to explain? Kouji's so unfair.' The blonde and only female in the group sighed. "You see, Takuya." She paused, thinking of ways how to explain it.

"As you know, I was a bit uncomfortable last night because of the rooftop story" Izumi said her hands gesturing in ways that didn't make any sense.

Takuya frowned and nodded. "Which is why we decided to have the sleepover"

"Yes, well um…" Izumi frowned unable to put her thoughts into words. "Err. I um. You guys fell asleep ahead of me and I couldn't sleep because of disturbing images that um… keep popping into my head every time I close my eyes." She took a deep breath. "So I decided to give it up and that's when Kouji woke up."

"So you asked him to sleep beside you?" Takuya questioned.

All the while the others were silent and chose to simply watch the exchange of words.

"Well actually, it was Kouji who suggested it."

She gasped when she realized what she said and looked at Kouji who was looking indifferent as usual.

Takuya glared at Kouji. "Kouji you-"

The sentence was left unsaid due to the interruption of Izumi. "I was fine with it, though! I was glad that he suggested it because when he did, I felt more relaxed and finally fell asleep!" she defended.

With these words Kouji looked at Izumi and masked the smile that threatened to surface. Kouichi grinned, obviously amused. Junpei, Tomoki and Takuya were clearly surprised, their mouths forming an 'o'.

When Takuya got over his surprise he shook his head and glared at Kouji. "Then why were you hugging Mizui?!" He demanded angrily.

Kouji's brow twitched at the question and Izumi blushed.

It was then that Kouichi decided to interfere. "Now, now Takuya, let's not forget, Mizui was snuggling onto Kouji's chest as well."

Takuya snapped his attention to Kouichi, his glare menacing. Kouichi raised both of his hands as if to say he surrendered. "All I'm saying is that we should let this topic drop. It's not like they had sex or anything like that."

Junpei, who thought such a young kid like Tomoki should not hear a not so innocent word, immediately covered the youngest of the group's ears who still heard, of course. Kouji, Izumi, Takuya, Tomoki and Junpei suddenly looked flushed.

Kouichi laughed at the expression on his friends faces.

"Erm. I think we should start preparing now." Junpei wisely said, wanting the topic –using the forbidden word when innocent and naive Tomoki was around- to drop.

Takuya, who decided he'd have to deal with this later (he didn't want the s word to be discussed any further), left the room grumpily.

"Well, we'll go ahead now. We'll get the sleeping bags later." Junpei laughed nervously as he took Tomoki's right hand and dragged him out of the room.

Tomoki simply waved his goodbye to the three persons left in the room and let himself be dragged by Junpei.

-Kouichi's POV-

I walked silently beside Junpei and Tomoki, watching the other three of our group walking slightly ahead of us. Takuya tried to keep Izumi to herself, interfering whenever Kouji and Izumi start a conversation with each other. I smiled in amusement as Kouji clenched his fists in Takuya's antics.

Speaking of antics… I turned to Junpei beside me. "So, what does Takuya have up his sleeve this time?"

I saw Tomoki stiffen slightly as Junpei looked shocked when he turned to me. "I-I don't know what you're talking about, Kouichi!" he said trying to keep his cool.

I raised an eyebrow at his response. "You expect me to believe that?"

Junpei sighed. "Takuya wants to get back at Kouji for kissing Mizui in the play."

"I'm not sure if he realizes it but, Takuya-nii's practically saying he like Mizui-nii." I turned to Tomoki, slightly surprised. Young, naïve Tomoki knew of things like this?

"And, what does he intend to do?" I asked curiously.

"He wants to embarrass Kouji in front of everyone." Junpei said, shaking his head. "Takuya can be so childish at times."

I chuckled silently. "Ah. And how does he intend to do that alone?"

Tomoki laughed nervously. "Actually, Takuya-nii blackmailed us into helping him."

"Blackmail?" I almost stopped walking. "What did he blackmail you guys for?"

"It's a long story." Junpei said. "I'd rather not talk about it. It's embarrassing."

I grinned. I think I'd like to know. Maybe I should talk to Takuya about it later.

"Besides, Takuya has another plan he didn't tell us about." Junpei shook his head slightly.

Tomoki nodded in approval. "He said he would show Kouji-nii who Mizui-nii really likes."

"I think this morning's incident got to him." Junpei said. "It's as if he's jealous of Kouji."

"Ah." I said. This morning's incident, huh? It was certainly quite amusing. I woke up first and imagine my surprise when I saw my twin and my roommate snuggling onto each other.

Of course, I had attempted to wake them up. Just that they looked so content with Izumi slightly clutching Kouji's shirt, her head resting on his chest and Kouji's arms wrapped around her protectively.

I decided I'd wake the two up after taking a bath, thinking the rest of the gang wouldn't be up until then.

I sighed inwardly. How was I supposed to know that today was a day that Takuya would wake up earlier than usual? Kouji had the decency to get mad at me even when I told him-

"So, what happened when we left, Kouichi?" I heard Junpei's voice, breaking me out of my thoughts.

I grinned. "Nothing much, just a few glares from Kouji." and a lot of Izumi blushing, I added as an afterthought.

I looked at Kouji and found him glaring at me. I chuckled and waved at him. He ignored me and simply turned to glare at Takuya who's attempting to hold Izumi's hand.

-Kouji's POV-

This day is only beginning and I'm already starting to get a headache. I turned away from Kouichi when he waved at me, only to see Takuya trying to (so obviously) hold Izumi's hand. I glared at him and called his attention.

"Takuya, I was wondering why you insist on going to the Amusement Park." I said and immediately Takuya stopped walking, his hands on either of his side. I stared at him suspiciously.

"I-I just wanted Mizui to see it!" Takuya said, laughing nervously.

I grunted and turned to the other three who was a step behind us. "We should probably hurry up if we want to make the most of our time." Kouichi stated and I glared at him.

I was never quick to forgive and Kouichi wasn't an exception even if he is my twin. It was his fault that Takuya saw us. He should've woken us up the minute he saw us! Of course, I didn't expect that we would wake up in such a position.

I fought the urge to smile when I remembered Izumi's peaceful expression. I shook my head slightly. Then I just had to see Takuya glaring at us like we did something wrong.

Kouichi had the nerve to be amused about the situation! And he just had to do something ridiculous. HE TOOK A PICTURE!

He took a picture of us (Izumi and I) sleeping! Who the hell does that? Stupid twin. And he says I should thank him? Well, okay. I have to admit I like the expression Izumi had on that picture. And the picture was a good shot, with the rays of the sunlight and everything. It's as if it was done by a professional.

Wait. What am I saying? Kouichi just invaded my-our- privacy! I could feel myself turning slightly red at the thought. It's not like we were doing anything wrong, right?

I grumbled. "Kouji?"

I looked at Izumi's worried expression. "Is something wrong? You've been silent for a long time."

I turned my attention to my surroundings. I was thinking to myself too much and didn't even realize we've arrived. "Sorry, Tenshi. I was just thinking."

"Are you sure you're okay? We could go back if you aren't feeling well." She added and I fought another urge to smile. She has the tendency to that to me.

"I'm fine. Really. Besides, Takuya's been looking forward to this trip." I said looking at Takuya who suddenly looked nervous.

What was up with him?

"Well, then, shall we go in?" It was Junpei who suggested it.

Tomoki grinned. "Yeah! I can't wait to try the rides!"

-Izumi's POV-

I'm lost. I sighed. We were walking towards our seventh ride when I saw a little girl trip. Of course, I helped her up. And next thing I know, I was alone. It was strange though. I mean, Kouji and Takuya were beside me. Come to think of it, they seemed to be glaring at each other intensely. I groaned. That was probably why they didn't notice I was gone. Why were they even glaring at each other?

I sighed. This day wasn't turning out well. Well, it wasn't turning out the way I thought it would.

After the morning incident in our room, I thought it can't get any worse. Of course, I actually liked waking up in Kouji's arms, not to mention I had a picture of Kouji sleeping with his arms around me. I felt myself blush at this. Anyway the point is, we weren't alone in that room. I sighed once more. I must've done that so many times now.

When we first entered, Takuya suggested we play the games first rather than the rides. So we went around looking at stalls. We pass by a paint ball stall. It was a stall where each person is given a gun loaded with paint. You're supposed to hit a target and you get a prize.

We tried it out and I really thought it would be fun. Then Takuya accidentally (that's what he said anyway) pointed the gun at Kouji.

Next thing we know paint was all over a single person.

The stall owner.

Kouji managed to dodge the squirted red paint at the last minute. We were kicked out as soon as it happened. I was glad Kouji didn't get hit by the paint but I didn't even get to try the game.

Then all kinds of accidents started to happen around us. They were accidents which weren't really much of a big deal, but accidents nevertheless.

A guy suddenly slips, an ice cream cone flies out of nowhere and hits a girl, a little boy stepping on dog's poop (there weren't even any dogs around!), juice gets spilt and stains a shirt (a favorite shirt) of a lady, a guy eating a pizza that was too spicy, cotton candy being thrown to a man and bubble gum sticking to some person's (I couldn't tell whether boy or girl) hair.

All happened near us- or rather Kouji. When the guy slipped, it just so happened that Kouji was pushed out of the way (Kouji would've slipped!).

The ice cream seemed to be aimed at Kouji but then a girl approaches Kouji and gets hit by the ice cream. I might be evil for thinking this but good thing she got hit. She was trying to hit on Kouji! That flirty girl with skimpy clothes!

I sat near the fountain located at the center of the Amusement park. "My feet's already hurting from looking for them This Park is bigger than I thought." I said to myself and started thinking back to the day's events so far.

The dog's poop was just plain weird. How can dog's poop appear so suddenly? And inconveniently near Kouji's footing?

Takuya suddenly trips and almost spilt his grape juice (I didn't even know Takuya drinks grape juice) on Kouji. Coincidentally, a lady was walking near us and it spilt on her instead of Kouji. She was so mad, saying the shirt was her favorite.

When we decided to eat, we all ordered pizza. Kouji's order and some guy's order got mixed up. Next thing we know, the guy's tongue was swelling and he couldn't talk properly. We questioned Kouji about why he would order such a thing and he said he didn't want it that spicy.

Junpei and Tomoki decided to buy cotton candy. They were flailing it around almost (again) hitting Kouji in the face but Kouji managed to dodge it. A man was hit instead.

And then, chewed bubblegum (a really big and gross looking one) was thrown (we didn't see who threw it) towards us (near Kouji's side). It hit this girl smiling flirtatiously at Kouji. Hmph. Serves that girl right.

I sighed once more. Come to think of it, it's as if Kouji's being targeted by these kinds of accident.

I shook my head and stood up from the fountain's side. 'I guess I should start looking for them again.'

I only started walking when I heard a familiar voice calling my name. I smiled, relieved to hear Kouji's voice. I turned to acknowledge him and I was greeted by blue: specifically, Kouji's blue jacket.

It was then that I realized Kouji was hugging me. I blushed and wrapped my arms around him as well. "Thank you for finding me, Kouji." I said softly, liking the warmth he was giving.

"Where did you go? We tried calling your cell phone but you weren't answering. What happened?"

He loosened the hug to merely holding my shoulders. "This place is huge. And this is your first time here. You still don't know how to get back to the dorms."

I was touched by his concern but he should know. "I'm not a child, Kouji. I can take care of myself."

"I know that." He said. "I just couldn't help but worry, you know? What if some bastar-"

"Language, Kouji." I reprimanded, cutting him off.

He oaused. "Sorry." He continued. "What if some dirty old man or punk starts hitting on you?"

"But I'm a guy now, remember?"

"A perfectly adorable guy, nonetheless."

I stared at him, slowly registering his words.

I blushed. I cannot believe he just said that. He too looked as if he wasn't intending to say those words.

He cleared his throat. "Anyway, we should go meet the others now. They're probably still looking for you. We decided to split up."

I nodded my head still slightly blushing. "I left cell phone in our room. Sorry for the trouble." I said and smiled at him.

He sighed and grabbed my hand. "So that you won't get lost again."

My smile grew and I adjust my hand so that our hands were entwined. "If that's the case then, I think I better hold on tight."

I thought I saw him smile when I said that. I couldn't be sure because next thing I know, his expression was indifferent as usual.

One thing I do know for sure is this day is getting better than I had imagined.


Or so I thought. The moment we got reunited with the gang, weird things around us started to happen again. It was all similar though. Someone slipping, getting spilt on, getting thrown something, stepping on something gross or unidentifiable.

We were headed towards the roller coaster ride. Kouji stopped holding my hand when the gang reunited but he kept watching to see if I was there and seemed to stay closer to my side than before.

He turned to look at me when suddenly; a green blob I couldn't recognize was flying (well it came out of nowhere) towards our direction. "Kouji, behind you!"

He looked startled and suddenly lunged at me, throwing us down to the floor. "Sorry, are you alright?" He said.

It was then that I realized I wasn't hurt at all. Well, aside from my rear end. In fact I was feeling rather comfortable. Kouji had his arms wrapped around me with my head in contact with his chest, securing me into a position that wouldn't hurt me. However, it seemed like Kouji's elbows and knees suffered the blow.

"Why'd you do that Kouji??" It was Takuya's angry voice that snapped me out of my thoughts.

-Normal POV-

Kouji stood up and helped Izumi up as well. "If I hadn't done that the both of us would be covered by whatever it was that was thrown to us." Kouji said simply.

Takuya frowned. "No way!"

"Look, by everything that has happened so far, I figured something was being thrown at us again when Mizui said to watch out." He said shrugging. "If I hadn't moved, I'd gotten hit. If I had moved away, Mizui would've been hit." He said motioning towards the green blob that was now covering the stall near them.

Takuya frowned even more. "What if Mizui got hurt by what you did?"

"I made sure that wouldn't happen." Kouji said. He knew he was being selfish. After all, he would've gladly taken the blow without moving but he wanted to hold her again. It felt good holding her and he couldn't help it.

Kouichi decided to step in at that moment. "Okay. That's enough."

"We should go to the next ride, already." Tomoki said, hoping the argument would drop.

Junpei nodded. "Yeah. Let's make the most of our time here!"

"Kouji, you're bleeding!" Izumi exclaimed upon noticing Kouji's bleeding elbows.

Kouji looked at his elbows and shrugged. "I guess I am."

"We should go to the Park's clinic and have it taken care of." Kouichi suggested.

Junpei nodded. "I know where it is. Let's go."


The clinic was empty when they arrived.

"Well, let's just get the first aid kit and treat Kouji's wounds ourselves." Takuya suggested. "I'm sure they won't mind."

Before anyone could react, Takuya went to the cabinets and took the first aid kit. "Well, who knows how to fix his wounds?" Takuya said, scratching his head and smiling sheepishly.

Kouichi sighed and took the kit from him. "I'll do it."

He instructed Kouji to sit on the vacant chair and placed the kit on the table beside it. He was opening the kit when Izumi spoke. "Kouichi? Can I do that? After all, it's my fault Kouji got hurt."

Kouichi turned to her, amused. "Sure." He took a step back Izumi walked towards the kit. She started cleaning Kouji's wound. "You know," she started, catching the attention of everyone in the room.

"I was really excited when I learned we were going here." She said, not stopping from her current task. Her eyes fixed on the wound. "Especially since you guys are with me. This would be the first time we went out together too so I was really looking forward to it."

"But ever since we came here, bad things kept happening around us." She started dabbing medicine to Kouji's wounds. "I thought, 'It's okay. I could still enjoy my day with my friends'. I tried to enjoy myself but with everything that's been happening around us, it's difficult. I couldn't enjoy the games nor the rides."

She took the plaster from the kit and started securing it in both of Kouji's wounded elbows. "Maybe we should just go back." Her eyes were focused on covering the wound. "You see, I've had more fun with you guys back in the dorm than here."

She finally finished and looked up to Kouji whose expression she cannot read and smiled. "There, all better." She said and turned to look at the others occupying the room.

Takuya, Junpei and Tomoki had guilty expressions on their faces and Kouichi was frowning slightly. He- Kouichi- knew, of course. He knew that all that's been happening was part of Takuya's so called revenge on Kouji. At the beginning it was amusing but after a while it became too much.

"I'm sorry, Mizui." Takuya said.

She shook her head and smiled at him. "It's not your fault Takuya. I was just being dramatic. That's all."

"Whatever the case, let's just stay for a while more." Junpei said.

Tomoki nodded. "I'm sure those bad things will stop now." He turned to Takuya suggestively. "Right, Takuya-nii?"

"Yeah! DEFINITELY! I'm really sorry, Mizui." He said. He wanted to get back at Kouji and he only made the day bad for all them.

"Then, let's go to our next ride." Kouichi said, grinning at the gang.

-Takuya's POV-

I sighed as we walked towards our next ride. I was so intent on embarrassing Kouji that I didn't even realize I was ruining the day for everyone.

I looked at Kouji and Mizui who were discussing about something. I'm too caught in my thoughts right now to listen and to interfere. I've been stopping any conversation between the two since we got here.

I'm not blind nor am I stupid. I can see Kouji and Mizui warming up to each other. And I just couldn't help but feel jealous. I like Mizui. I don't even care about the fact that he's a boy.

I had to face the fact that I'm gay- or bisexual for that matter. After all, it's not like I prefer guys over girls. It's just that, I prefer Mizui over anyone else. And Kouji's a step ahead of me. I am not losing without a fight. Even if my opponent is Kouji!

"Takuya are you okay? You've been staring off into space since we got out of the clinic." It was Mizui who asked the question. I grinned at her.

"Don't worry! I'm alright." I am not giving him up. I like him and I can't just take in the fact that Kouji kissed Mizui in the play!

"So, where's our next ride?" I asked Kouichi who was in front of me.

Kouichi shrugged. "Mizui says he wants to try the roller coaster."

"I'm still too short so I don't think I'll be riding this one." Tomoki said, laughing nervously. "It's not like I want to, anyway."

Junpei patted his back. "Then I'll be accompanying you, kiddo."

I rolled my eyes at Junpei. "I bet you're just scared to ride."

"I am not!" He said defensively.

Mizui chuckled. "Now, now. This isn't the time for this."

Both Junpei and I huffed and crossed our arms. It was childish but hey, it's not like I'm too old.

"Alright, we're here!" Kouichi exclaimed, stopping at the end of the line. Good thing the line wasn't long.

I saw Kouji nudge Mizui. "Are you sure you want to ride this? This is your first time right?"

Oh, yeah! This is Mizui's first time here. He might freak out or something! "I'll sit with you, Mizui!" I said, catching everyone's attention.

Kouji glared at me. How obvious can he get?

I glared back.

"Okay you two, enough of the glaring contest. Mizui, how about you sit with me?" Kouichi suggested.

I saw Mizui blink, confused. "Okay." He said quietly.

"I am not sitting with goggle boy." Kouji grumbled, crossing his arms.

I glared at him. "Well, who says I want to sit with you?!"

"Tch. You just don't want people hearing your shriek." He retorted.

"I don't shriek!" I exclaimed.

He smirked at me. "Oh, that's right. I forgot you don't shriek, you scream like a girl."

I glared at him once more. "Yeah well, if I do scream -that is if I actually do- I bet your scream would be louder than mine!"

"Unlike you, a roller coaster ride won't get me worked up." He said coolly.

"Oh yeah? Let's see about that!" I said.

He raised a brow at me. "Is that a challenge?"

"What if it is?"

Kouji frowned shook his head and smirked. I could see he knows there's something wrong. "Hn. You're going to regret it, Takuya. You've never won a single challenge yet."

I can't believe I'm actually initiating the Challenge Game again. "This would be my first one then."

"You wish."

I heard Kouichi sigh. "Why do you two have to be so childish?"

I looked at the other members of the group. Tomoki and Junpei were staring at us in amusement and Mizui looked lost.

"Should I get worried?" Mizui asked.

Kouichi shook his. "Don't worry. They do this all the time."

I grinned at him. "Yeah! Don't worry Mizui." I turned to Kouji who nodded at Mizui. "Minamoto Kouji!"

He looked at me with a smirk. "I challenge you to ride that coaster without shouting the whole time! And you have to sit in front."

"Kanbara Takuya, I accept your challenge in the condition that you do the same."

"I accept!" He and I bumped knuckles and grinned.

-Junpei's POV-

I watched as Kouji and Takuya positioned themselves in the line for the front seats of the roller coaster. Kouichi and Mizui positioned themselves at the next.

I turned to Tomoki who was seated beside me, eating a corndog. We were seated at a table near the roller coaster ride. "It's been a while since Kouji and Takuya played the Challenge Game, huh?"

Tomoki nodded as he took a bit of the corndog. "I remember the first time Takuya challenged Kouji."

Junpei grinned. "He said, 'Minamoto Kouji! I challenge you to a drinking contest.' I was so surprised then. I thought he wanted to drink sake(1) or something."

Tomoki laughed. "Yeah. Turns out, the drink was milk." He finished his corndog and looked at Junpei. "At first I even thought Takuya-nii was being really immature."

"Yeah. But later we learn there was more to the challenge game than what it appears to be."


-Normal POV-

"You lost, Takuya." Kouji said.

Takuya clenched his fist. "This isn't over! I'm not giving up! You will accept that I am your best friend!!"

Kouji shook his head. "You said if you won I'd have to acknowledge that you are my best friend."

Takuya looked at him with a determined expression. "I'll challenge you over and over again until you accept me as your best friend."

Koui started walking away. Suddenly, Takuya lost his energy. He really wanted Kouji to accept him as his best friend. After learning Kouichi was his twin, Kouji was even gloomier than before. He didn't just need a friend. He needed a best friend: a 24/7 friend who will bug him so he won't get lonely, a 24/7 friend who'll just be there… err 24/7 (at least according to Takuya that was the definition of best friend).

He stopped a few feet from Takuya. "I said if I won, you'll do whatever I say for as long as I want."

Takuya looked at Kouji, more precisely his back. "What do you want?" Takuya said weakly.

"Buy me my favorite drink."

Takuya blinked, confused. "What?"

"What kind of best friend are you? You don't even know my favorite drink is Ponta(2)." He said turning to look at Takuya with a smirk.

Takuya grinned at him. "Yeah? Well, it's not like you know my favorite drink."

"It's milk."

"How the hell do you know that?!" Takuya asked, completely baffled.

Kouji's smirk widened. "Who else would use milk for a drinking challenge?"

-End of Flashback-

Tomoki laughed and I couldn't help but laugh along with him. "They didn't even know we were watching them." I said.

Tomoki nodded. "Well, it was cruel for Takuya-nii to keep something like that a secret! Besides, it was Kouichi-nii's idea to spy on them."

Junpei frowned suddenly. "Doesn't this mean, Takuya feels that there's something wrong with their relationship as best friends?"

A sad smile formed in Tomoki's face. "It does but it also means, Takuya still wants to remain best friends. After all, the challenge game is done on the same conditions as the first: if Takuya-nii wins, Kouji has to accept Takuya-nii as his best friend and if Kouji-nii wins-"

"Takuya has to do whatever Kouji says for as long as he says. And he always asks Takuya, well indirectly anyway, to remain his best friend." Junpei grinned. "They'll figure this out. They always do."

"They will." Tomoki agreed. "Though I wonder what the problem is."

Junpei sighed. "Well, he did want to get back at Kouji for kissing Mizui. That itself is strange right? After all, he and Kouji are best friends."

Tomoki watched the roller coaster go through the three continuous loops of the track. "That's true."


Takuya frowned as he watched the roller coaster sped up. "Are you ready Kouji?" he said as he turned to the person beside him. They were still in line waiting for their turn.

"Are you?" Kouji said with a raised brow.

Takuya huffed an walked towards the man operating the coaster. Kouji, Kouichi and Izumi looked at each other in question.

"Why is he talking to the operator?" Izumi asked.

Kouichi shook his head and shrugged. "We'll know when he gets back."

"Will you be okay?" Kouji asked, looking at Izumi. "This is your first time, right?"

"You already asked me that question a while ago." Izumi grinned at him. "But you know, something like this won't scare me, Kouji. I'm not some kind of prissy girl who acts like a damsel in distress in these kinds of situations."

Kouji smirked at her unbelieving. "Clearly, you haven't ridden this before."

"What's that supposed to mean?" She said, pouting subconsciously.

"It simply means, that I think you'd be acting as a damsel in distress." He answered her with a grin.

She crossed her arm and stared at him in the face. "And I suppose you'd be my knight in shining armor?"

"Alirght, you guys." Kouichi interrupted the conversation. "Takuya's coming back and I don't think it'll be a good idea to be flirting with him around."

Izumi blushed in embarrassment and Kouji simply shrugged a hint of pink marring his face.

Kouichi was laughing at the expression of the two when Takuya arrived. "Did I miss something?" he asked.

Kouichi shook his head, stifling his laughter. "What did you talk about with the operator?"

"Oh you see, I remembered my parents telling me before that this roller coaster has a video camera installed in every compartment. They say it's to ensure that they could monitor those who are riding the coaster." Takuya beamed and looked at Izumi. "Huh? Mizui, are you sick? Your face is all red." He said and Izumi blushed even more.

Kouichi laughed once more. "Don't worry about Mizui, Takuya. It's just hot today. Anyway, what is it about the built in cameras?"

Izumi nodded her head in affirmation and smiled at Takuya to continue.

"Well, I asked if we could watch the video of our ride!" Takuya motioned at the souvenir shop near the exit of the ride. "It turns out that the videos are actually being sold as souvenirs!"

"So, you want to get a copy?" Kouichi asked him.

Takuya nodded and looked at the roller coaster coming to a stop. "Yeah! It's to remember the day that Kouji finally loses to me!"

"Do whatever you like." Kouji said, and then smirk.

"I'm not going to lose!!" Takuya said. "Let's go!" He said and marched towards the first seat of the coaster with the others following behind.


The ride had finally ended and neither Takuya nor Kouji lost. Simply put, it was a tie.

"Sorry, Kouichi." Izumi whispered as the four of them neared the exit with the arguing Kouji and Takuya leading the way.

Kouichi laughed in amusement. "Don't mind, don't mind."

Izumi moaned. "That was embarrassing!"

"Ah, that shouldn't be your problem now." Kouichi said.

The girl looked at him questioningly. "What do you mean?"

"See where those two are heading?" Kouichi said, pointing at Kouji and Takuya.

Izumi paled and ran towards the two bickering friends while Kouichi followed, grinning. "Takuya! Kouji!" Izumi exclaim, catching the attention of the two young man who immediately stopped bickering.

Takuya smiled at Izumi. "Did you want something, Mizui?"

Izumi panted slightly and looked at Takuya. "Are you still planning on buying a copy of the video?"

Takuya nodded enthusiastically.

"B-but you didn't win right?" Izumi said, sounding desperately. Kouji watched Izumi silently, wondering why she sounded so desperate.

"Kouji didn't win either. This is our first tie." Takuya said. "Anyway, I'll go ahead and buy the video now."

Izumi grabbed his sleeve in an attempt to stop him. Takuya blushed at the contact and looked at Izumi. "Err. Mizui?"

Izumi let go and spoke. "You, I mean, the video. I um-" It was at that moment that Kouichi arrived. "Mizui was wondering if you get a copy of the video of our compartment too."

Izumi snapped her head towards Kouichi and frowned. Before she could argue, Takuya had spoken up. "Oh yeah, I remember it's your first time riding the coaster!"

Izumi paled. "There's no need to buy it, Takuya!"

Kouji was watching the scene in amusement. 'Clearly, she doesn't want us to buy the video: suspicious.' He smirked inwardly. "Nonsense; we'll buy the videos. Right, Takuya?" Kouji spoke up.

"Yeah!" Takuya nodded and ran towards the souvenir shop in excitement.

Izumi sighed. "This is your fault Kouichi."

Kouichi smile innocently. "But I didn't do anything!"

Izumi groaned. "Is there, maybe, something you didn't want us to see, Tenshi?" It was Kouji who asked.

"Wha-I-I…Argh!" Izum stuttered. "Let's just go!"


When Kouichi, Izumi, Kouji and Takuya came back Junpei and Tomoki were surprised to know that the outcome had been a tie. Junpei had invited them to the food court to have a little snack before they finally went back to the dorms. They had a curfew after all.

Takuya and Kouji volunteered to save a place for all of them in the food court while they bought their snacks. Already, the rest of the young men in the group knew why the two volunteered.

Of course, Izumi hadn't caught on. "Do you guys want me to wait with you?" she asked the two.

"You should come with us, Mizui. We'd need all the help we can get. You know how Junpei like to buy lots of food." Kouichi said and turned to Kouji and Takuya. "You guys can buy your snacks when we return."

Kouji nodded and Takuya grinned at Kouichi. "Roger that, Kouichi."

With that, Junpei, Tomoki, Kouichi and Izumi left the two. "Mizui, don't worry about them. They just wanted to talk." Kouichi said noticing Izumi's sudden sullenness. Kouichi was observant and he definitely saw that Izumi was worried about the two. And of course, she wanted to spend more time with Kouji.

"Oh yeah Mizui doesn't know about the Challenge Game." Junpei exclaimed.

"Challenge Game?" Izumi asked, confused.

"Mizui-nii, the Challenge Game began with Takuya-nii's desire to have Kouji as his best friend" Tomoki explained.

Kouichi nodded and explained the other details with Junpei and Tomoki adding bits of information about how Kouji and Takuya became best friends.


"What's this about, Takuya?" Kouji asked Takuya as they looked for an available table in the food court.

At first the question was answered with silence. And Kouji waited patiently for the response. And the response was a definite surprise to him

"I like Mizui."

Kouji instantly stopped walking and stared at Takuya who continued walking. Takuya stopped walking as well and turned to look at Kouji a few feet away from him. For a slight moment they were just standing there.

It was Kouji who made the next movement. He walked towards a vacant table and sat at the nearest chair. Takuya followed and sat directly in front of him.

"I like Mizui." He – Takuya – repeated. "I don't mind the fact that he's a guy. Of course, in the beginning I was reluctant to admit my feelings for him. I didn't want to be gay. And falling for Mizui meant becoming gay."

Kouji just sat there, listening to what his best friend had to say.

"But you know, it's not as if I don't like girls and I like boys now. It's just, I like Mizui. Boy or girl. Either way, I think I'd still end up liking Mizui. When you kissed Mizui I got extremely jealous, you know." Takuya said, scratching his head. He was always honest with Kouji. That's why they could maintain their friendship even with their differences. "And I kind of wanted to get revenge and now that I think about it, I was really stupid and I wasn't acting like how I should be."

Kouji stared at him. Takuya's honesty was something he'd always admired. He wasn't as honest as him but he wasn't his best friend for nothing. The moment he mentioned revenge, Kouji already knew why the Challenge game was started. 'The idiot. He thought this kind of thing would break our friendship? He's a real idiot.'

"And, I'm not blind Kouji. I know you well enough to… know."

For a moment, Kouji was speechless. 'I didn't give him much credit. So, he already knows?'

'So what if he knows? It doesn't mean I'd admit it- not directly anyway.' He shook his head and smirked at Takuya. "Let's both do our best then."

Takuya stared at the smirking Kouji in surprise; and as soon as he got over his shock, looked straight at Kouji and grinned. "I'm not someone who gives up easily, Kouji."

Kouji raised a brow at him. "I know that much. By the way, get me my favorite drink later. You do know, right?"

Takuya smirked. "Yeah, yeah. As your best friend, I should know right?"

Kouji gave a smirk back. "Naturally."


The rest of the gang finally came back with food in each had. "You guys didn't fight, or anything right?" Izumi told them as she placed her food on the table.

Junpei placed his food at the table as well. "I bet they had a heart to heart talk." Junpei joked.

Takuya laughed hysterically and Kouji coughed trying hard not to laugh.

Kouichi shook his head. "Whatever it is that happened, you can buy your food now."

"And I think you should hurry it up a little. Our curfew is closing in." Tomoki said.

Kouji and Takuya stood up to buy their food while the rest of the gang took their place on the table.


Takuya and Kouji walked back towards the group. Kouji had half-eaten fries and a can of Ponta (courtesy of Takuya) in his hands and Takuya had, well, nothing. He finished his food minutes after buying it.

"Oh, and Kouji? I feel I should tell you, I'm planning to do the same thing you did during the play." He ran towards their table not giving Kouji a chance to reply.

Kouji on the other hand shrugged at him, not bothering to think much of what Takuya meant.

When Takuya arrived at the table he grabbed Izumi's hand and led her a few feet away from the others. "What's wrong, Takuya?" Izumi asked, taking her hands from Takuya's. Kouichi glanced at the two curiously but decided he didn't want to interfere. Junpei and Tomoki were too engrossed with their conversation that they didn't notice Takuya and Izumi.

"Mizui, can you close your eyes for a moment."

Kouji's eyes widened at what he saw: Izumi had raised a brow, skeptical but closed her eyes, nevertheless. Takuya gulped and took a deep breath.

"Takuya! Don't you dare!" Kouji sprinted towards Mizui and Takuya, realizing what Takuya meant.

Takuya slowly neared his face toward Izumi, his eyes closing. Finally, he felt his lips touch another. Within a second, however, he felt himself getting pushed away. He opened his eyes abruptly and saw Mizui, Junpei and Tomoki with shocked expressions, Kouichi with an amused expression and Kouji with an indescribable one.

He looked at Mizui then at Kouji. He wondered silently how Kouji was in front of Mizui. Suddenly realization came to Takuya. "What the hell?!"

Kouji's brow twitched. "You idiot."

Kouichi laughed. "Well, that was certainly entertaining."

Junpei looked horrified. "Takuya, I didn't know you felt that way towards Kouji. I mean, well. We'd accept you and everything since you are our closest friends."

"I don't!! Kouji's my best friend!" Takuya denied.

Tomoki smiled at him reluctantly. "Then why did you kiss Kouji-nii, Takuya-nii?"

Takuya growled. "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!"

Kouichi's laughter died down and only a grin was present in his features. 'So, Takuya's other plan for revenge is to kiss Mizui.' Kouichi sighed and shook his head. 'Takuya, and his plans for revenge.'

Izumi was too surprised to hear or know what was going on around her when she opened her eyes.

She wasn't sure what happened. She closed her eyes not knowing what to expect. After a few seconds she felt herself being slightly shoved, causing her eyes to open abruptly.

The scene that she saw was a definite shock to her. She didn't know how to react. She felt bewildered and confused. And she felt like crying. 'Kouji likes guys? Does that mean I don't have a chance at him?'


Sunday; 8:30pm;On the way to the Dorms

After that incident, the gang left the Amusement Park. While walking along the street with trees and bushes surrounding them, .Junpei teased Takuya and Kouji who denied whatever accusation that was thrown at them. Tomoki, Kouichi and Izumi quietly walked a few steps behind them.

"Kouichi-nii?" Tomoki said, tugging onto Kouichi's left sleeve.

Kouichi looked at Tomoki. "What is it Tomoki?"

"Is Mizui-nii alright? He hasn't spoken a word since the kiss incident and he has a glazed look in his eyes."

Kouichi turned to his right and saw that Izumi was indeed acting weird. He already has an idea as to why Izumi's acting this way. "Don't worry, Tomoki. I'll talk to him in our room later when we arrive at the dorms."

Tomoki nodded. "But you know, Kouichi-nii? I always thought Takuya-nii and Kouji-nii liked Mizui-nii."

Kouichi looked at Tomoki, surprise clearly written on his face. 'Even little Tomoki notices things like these?'

Kouichi patted Tomoki's head and sighed. He looked at Izumi's direction once more. This time it looked as if Mizui was on the verge of crying.

"Kouichi." Izumi whispered shakily. "Is it possible for me to become a guy?"

Kouichi almost stopped walking. "What?"

"It isn't possible right? Then that must mean I have no chance. Kouji doesn't like girls. Maybe that's why he glares at his fan girls so much." Izumi said her lips quivering and eyes slightly watering.

Kouichi looked at Tomoki first. He was already a few steps in front of he and Izumi and was watching Junpei, Takuya and Kouji in amusement.

He grabbed Izumi's shoulder, preventing her from walking. "Izumi, listen."

Izumi turned to Kouichi. Kouichi smiled at her. "If what you say is true, then doesn't that mean Kouji should be glaring daggers at you as well? After all, he already knows you're a girl right?"

"Maybe he doesn't think of me as a girl. Since I dress like a boy and even study in an exclusive school for boys' maybe he sees me as boy." Izumi said as she wiped her eyes dry, preventing the tears to spill.

"You know that's not true, Izumi." Kouichi said. "You're a girl and Kouji sees you as one."

Izumi looked at Kouichi, unsure. She didn't speak. Instead, she started walking again, deep in thought. Kouichi could only sigh. 'This is what happens when Takuya thinks of crazy things like getting revenge.' He as well started walking, ignoring the sudden rustle in the bushes thinking it was only the wind.








If only he had turned to look, he would've seen the glint in the eyes of a brunette. "Orimoto Mizui- no- Izumi is a girl. I knew she was hiding something. I knew it! Well, tomorrow her secret's not going to be a secret any longer.



sake – rice wine in Japan

Ponta – favorite drink of Echizen Ryoma (from the anime/manga Prince of Tenns). It was the only drink I could think of that is somehow associated to Japan. Laughs in embarrassment and apologizes

In this chapter, aside from the KOUZUMI parts, I decided to include Kouji's and Takuya's relationship as best friends.

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