Unforeseen Attraction

By: Kietah-chan

A/N: WOO! It's been so long since I wrote a Fanfic! It feels like forever! So . . .I started this one! Yay! Ok, I know some people have been asking me if I wrote this one fic called "Fatal Attraction" which, according to them, sounds almost exactly like "Torn Between Two" . . .well, I didn't. Sorry to disappoint y'all. Now, if that little bit of truth gets you to stop reading this, go to hell. grins sweetly ok, this fic is a little bit different than my others, and see if you can predict who will fall in love with who! (it's not who you think it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, it's not gonna be THAT obvious!) ok, here ya go!

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Ch. 1: Trips and Disasters

Kairi's POV:

Outside, it was a bright and sunny spring day. The deep sky was the clearest of blue with not a single trace of a cloud to be seen. The bright sun shone down upon the grassy fields of light green and colourful flowers dotting the landscape. Every now and then, a happy and carefree bird flitted by; free from any kind of restraint or bondage. It was a beautiful day . . .

. . .Then again . . .I was inside on this lovely day. I was cooped up in this air-conditioned prison of cement and brick. Some people would call this prison, or torture, but I call this . . ."school".

I sighed quietly from boredom and painfully tore my eyes away from the small window beside my desk. I resumed my half-conscious gaze onto Miss. Rhydayah, my English teacher. She was droning on about something I really didn't care about . . .something about pronouns . . .It's not that she's a boring teacher, it's just that she gets too into her lectures and you lose interest in the lesson after 10 minutes.

As soon as the bell signaling the end of 5th period sounded, I jumped up, grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder, and hurried over to the door to join the rest of class exiting.

Once out of the classroom, Selphie ran up to join me, her hair bouncing with each step.

"Kairi! How was English?" she asked me excitedly as soon as she reached me.

"Man, I dunno how you stay so perky in school . . ." I said in amazement, shaking my head. "The same old boring-ness. But now we have gym!" I exclaimed happily, clapping my hands together in joy.

Selphie looked at me strangely. "You aint ever gonna get over him, are you?"

"Nope!" I declared and smiled wide with my teeth. Selphie shook her head in exasperation.

We finally reached the girl's locker room (which the walk ALWAYS seems to take FOREVER!) and opened the heavy door. Inside already were Yuna, Aerith, and Rikku already changing. When they saw us come in, they all smiled and waved. Rikku, however, ran towards me and jumped up and down happily.

"Oh my God, Kairi! I just heard that Riku has a crush! Oh my God! I can't believe it! So you think it's me? I hope it is!!" she spilled out rather quickly and squealed with delight.

"He does? Yay! Well, from what I've known, he likes practically every girl in this school that has boobs and an ass," I said matter-of-factly. "But we all have a chance, though," I assured quickly to a flat-chested freshman standing nearby, listening in on our conversation. She smiled in a giddy sort of way and turned to leave the locker room.

I changed out of my school uniform of a short blue skirt and a white short-sleeved top and into my gym uniform as quickly as possible. I rushed over to the mirror to check out my hair.

"Kairi . . .your socks?" I heard Yuna call to me as I was about to walk out of the locker room door. I paused for a moment and looked down. I was in such a rush that I had forgotten to take off my white knee-high socks. I chuckled softly and went back to the lockers.

Our gym instructor, Mrs. Syra, blew her whistle signaling the beginning of our stations. When I heard the whistle, I sprinted over to the long rope hanging from the ceiling with Selphie at my side. Aerith, being one of the advisors (cuz she's a senior and we're mostly juniors), spotted each of us as we climbed to the top of he rope.

After Selphie had gotten down gracefully, it was then my turn. I stepped onto the platform and grabbed hold of the strong rope. I entwined my left leg around the bottom and pulled myself upwards.

I had never had trouble with the rope before. It always came easy to me ever since I was a kid. I was doing pretty well, and I could feel my muscles in my arms straining to pull me further and further up the stupid thing.

I was just about to reach the top when I heard a whistling coming from the ground. At first, I thought it was Mrs. Syra or Aerith signaling something, so I looked down and to my shock and horror, I saw . . .him.

Riku was just doing some stretches along with the other boys before they ran. He was looking up in my direction, but it was kind of hard to tell if his gaze was locked on me or not, because of his silver tresses hanging gorgeously in front of his eyes.

"Lookin' good up there from this angle!" he called in a sly sort of way as some of the other guys chuckled along. No way . . .he can't be looking at me! No way! I heard Rikku (A/N: the girl, dufuses….XD) make some odd noise from somewhere between a laugh and a whine.

"Man, when you look at her this way, she sure looks different, don't ya think?" Riku asked Tidus loud enough so that I could obviously hear. Tidus didn't even seem to acknowledge the question, but was so busy staring at Yuna who was on the balance beam, that he was starting to tie his shoelaces together.

Riku whistled again and that did it for me. For about the past 3 minutes, I was barely hanging on, but now the blush in my face had gotten so extreme, I let go of the rope and fell to the mat with a small scream.

As soon as I landed, I was swarmed with my classmates asking me if I was okay. I nodded them all away with the deep rouge still visible on my cheeks.

I got up awkwardly and looked over at Riku who was getting a lecture from Aerith about something like "distracting others while climbing". The whole scene was rather a hilarity, because they're both in the same grade, which made it look odd.

"You o.k, Kai?" Selphie asked me when I looked away and my blush finally disappeared.

"Yea . . .I just got . . .distracted . . ." I said uncertainly as we walked away from the rope to the tumbling mat.

Sora's POV:

I had seen the whole thing. I stopped running when I saw Kairi let go of the rope and fall to the mat. I was close enough to catch her or at least break her fall, but something stupid and annoying was holding me back. Riku, my best friend, is such an asshole sometimes.

I don't even know why Kairi likes him . . .

I started running again as I neared where Selphie and Kairi were waiting in line for cartwheels, I purposely stopped and pretended to fuss with my shoelaces. I sat down with my back against a wall and slowly tied my laces while concentrating hard to hear what they were saying.

" . . .I'm sure it was just an accident . . ." I heard Selphie say assuredly to Kairi. Kairi didn't reply, but pulled her right leg behind her in a stretch.

"Oh well . . .you're hopeless . . ." Selphie sighed, shaking her head, and doing a stretch also. "But, hey! I think I know who Riku now has a crush on . . .ahem ahem!!" she pushed, nudging Kairi in the ribs. Kairi rolled her eyes.

"Puh-leeze, Selph! Riku likes EVERY girl in this school! Especially the blonde bimbos . . ." Kairi muttered under her breath angrily.

"Blondes? You mean Riku likes Rikku?" Selphie asked in her amazement. Kairi looked thoroughly confused by all the "Riku/Rikku's". Selphie's eyes traveled over to Rikku (a senior also) spotting little Selena doing a handstand.

Kairi sighed and ran onto the mat and did two graceful roundoffs.

The conversation was losing its juice and by now, I had tied, untied, re-tied, untied and re-tied my shoelaces.

"Sora! Get running!" Squall (another senior advisor) shouted over at me. I looked up and nodded at him. With a last glance over at Kairi, I stood to my feet and started to run around the gym again.

Kairi's POV:

When the 10 minute bell finally rang telling the gym students to go get changed, Selphie and I gratefully marched out of the gym and back into the locker rooms. When we had walked through the door, Selphie turned to me; excitement and hope covering her face.

"Oh my God! I think Tidus looked at me just now!" she whispered, making sure no one else could hear.

"Selph, he doesn't like you! He has a extreme crush on Yuna!" I said sternly to her as I pulled off my sweaty gym shirt. Selphie pulled her lips together in a pout.

"Someday, he will be mine!!" she declared too loudly, then laughed in a maniacal sort of way, standing on the locker-room bench. Everybody turned to look at her, confusion and utter stunn-ness on their faces.

I sighed. She's really obsessed with Tidus . . .

"Who will be yours? You better not be thinking about Riku, cuz he's mine already! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Rikku laughed evilly. I could feel a jealous prong stab into my chest when she said that. Everybody now turned to look at Rikku.

Yuna stayed quiet the whole time. She had learned just last year that Selphie had a crush on her crush. Tidus obviously doesn't know yet, though. She's afraid that Selphie will take him away from her, so she stays quiet about the whole thing. Well, that was what she told me anyways . . .

Sora's POV:

"Hey, Kairi!" I heard someone call out to her, who had just walked by. I turned around from my locker and saw, to my horror and disgust, Riku standing in front of Kairi.

Everything inside of me was telling me to pretend to have to tell him something really important, just to get him away from her by any means possible. I could even purposely trip and fall in between them to distract her/him.

That idea sounded mildly good.

I started to walk towards them and spotted an innocent and unsuspecting trashcan (A/N: LMAO) on the wall next to the two of them. I almost smiled on the outside on how great this was going to go.

"So, hey, I'm sorry about what happened in gym today . . .you okay?" Riku asked her, slowly sneaking an arm around her waist. Kairi looked completely uncomfortable. Her face was a dark rouge and she wouldn't look at him. She mangaged a tiny nod, though.

I was right beside the stupid trash can when suddenly, without warning, Riku took a step backwards and my foot caught his. I tumbled forwards as he fell back. I ended up catching myself before I hit ground by throwing my hands out in front of me and closing my eyes tightly, bracing for impact.

"Umm . . .hello . . ." a quiet voice full of embarrassment and shock said. I opened my eyes. I was looming right over Kairi! (A/N: dirty! Lol. XD. LOOM!!!! joke between friends)

She was lying right underneath me on the ground, her amrs out to the sides and her legs slightly apart. My knees were in between her legs and my hands on the floor beside her breasts! Gah! Her face was the darkest of crimson I had ever seen it get. I could feel the blush rising in my face, too.

There was a moment of awkward silence before somebody from the crowd of students that had surrounded us shouted: " Ooohh! Is it hot in here, or what?!" Some people laughed along, others, just gaped at the horrific scene.

"Sora and Kairi! What is the meaning of this?!" Miss Rhydayah shouted angrily,pushing her way through the throng to get to the center. I immediately rolled away from Kairi and stood to my feet. She clumsily stood, too, brushing off her skirt. The blushes still remained on our faces.

"Uhhh . . .I just . . .tripped . . .yeah . . ." I said uncertainly, avoiding Kairi's gaze. Miss Rhydayah gave both of us an evil glare and looked around at the group of students still standing motionless in a circle.

"Well, get back to class, all of you!" she said sternly, waving them all away. Before I could apologize, Kairi ran down the hallway, her deep blush and new tears on her face.

Well, at least I got her attention . . .

A/N: YAY! Poor Kairi, I would die if that happened to me! lol. That kinda happened once . . . dazes off as large group of children groan

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