It had been five days since the media had found out about the special "relationship" between KaibaCorp's chief executive officer Seto Kaiba and World Champion Duelist Yugi Motou's "cousin", Yami Motou. Five days of begrudgingly working at home via laptop for Seto, five days of Yami being pestered by a betrayed-feeling Yugi. A very betrayed feeling Yugi, in fact, who was feeling very shocked and very angry, though he kept most of the last emotion to himself, preferring that Yami believe he was wallowing solely in disbelief and not distrust.

"Why didn't you tell me!" was all that Yugi could say. "I thought we were supposed to be best friends Yami!"

Yami would just snort derisively and try to ignore his partner. It was all over the news now, all Yugi had to do was flick on the TV and he would know all about it. The amount of information that had been outfitted to the newspapers had been parsimonious, however the journalists and reporters made due with what they had, repeating it over and over in a new fashion every time. Flaunting the old in a new way by rearranging sentences was apparently pure genius in the world of journalism. Not.

"Kaiba Seto and Motou Yami, two male duelists, have been dating in clandestine for over eight months…"

"Mutou Yami is the mysterious older cousin of Kaiba's chief dueling rival, the infamous Yugi Motou…"

"Kaiba Seto, of course, is the older Kaiba sibling. Adopted by Gozaburo, he..." And then they would go into a huge dealie about Seto Kaiba's private life.

Those bastards. But that was really all that they could say. Yugi Motou, however, was offended that they called him infamous.

"You think you're offended." Yami would then sigh and turn off the TV just as news special turned on.

In the dark study in Kaiba Manor, Kaiba would press a button and the TV would snap to life, images crackling across the screen. A muscle in his face would twitch, and he would turn to the small, solemn figure that would be standing in the corner, impervious to his anger.

"How could you…" The figure would shrug. "Mokuba, answer me! Why did you do this?" Then Kaiba would slam his fist on the desk and Mokuba wouldn't even blink. "Why did you tell them!"

"You had sex with a guy," was all that Mokuba managed to say. It was the younger Kaiba who had fled to the media, betraying Seto, his lifelong luminary, best friend and brother, just because of his dangerously chronic homophobia.


"So, you're gay!"

"And you're point is?"

At this point Mokuba would shrink back into the wall, wishing that his brother was someone else. Kaiba would sigh. Ever since Mokuba had read an online conversation he'd had with Yami, discussing where they were going to meet the next day, he was a different person. He wouldn't get close to his big brother for anything.

"Mokuba…" Kaiba would get up and walks towards his little brother, frustrated. The homophobe -- one that had spent his whole life looking up to, respecting and trusting Seto Kaiba with all his heart -- would back away in time with Seto's steps, glaring fiercely at his luminary.

"Don't touch me."

"You sound like an obnoxious cheerleader being groped by a trucker in the Mideast USA," Seto would chuckle.

Mokuba snapped at him again. "Don't touch me."

"…! Mokuba, we can work this out..."

"I thought I told you to stay away from me, you gay freak!" Mokuba would back away.

"Mokuba, you're my little brother. I'm Seto Kaiba, not Michael Jackson," Seto would explain, ending his speech with a little sigh. For five days in a row, this had happened. For five days in a row, his heart had been squeezed, his buttons pushed, his guilt strings pulled and snapped and tied back together in big, fat knots. For five days his air had been the stale air of the secluded, inside office.

For five days, Seto Kaiba had missed Yami Motou more than he ever had in his entire life.

On the sixth day, Kaiba decided to do something about it.

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