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The song is by Hikaru Utada , Title Sakura DORAPPUSU

Inuyasha rush though the forest not caring what hit his face. Leaping over large rocks and over turned trees as if his life was at stake

Falling in love, saying goodbye

With a vow that this is the last heartbreak

Even the cherry tree, swaying in the wind

Will eventually blossom

I can smell you again my love and I will not let this world keep me from you because of my unwillingness to help you, in battle I loss you and my heart has never healed.

The summer rain that started to fall

Gently streaked past my tears

Images that resemble memories

Autumn's drama reruns

Why have I suffered


Coming to end of his long journey, His cheek red and sore from the branches hitting his face, stopping and sniff the air again he turns left and takes off again.

Almost the same blows such countless times?

But even so, I'll probably fight again

That is one of life's mysteries

Falling in love, giving it everything

With a wish that this is the last heartbreak

Even the cherry tree, swaying through time

Will eventually blossom

When the peaks of the castle come into view, Inuyasha pushes forward knowing that this is the place that housed his heart and his future.

In the revolving seasons

My shoes are wearing out, more and more

Let go the tension in your shoulders

So you can seal away the past somewhere

From here they're probably not too far

Sceneries you haven't even seen

I want to overcome the ceaseless pain in my chest

And become closer to you

He comes to the great doors of the large but yet so called scary castle ( yea you know the look of no one home yeah) Bang BANG BANG Was echoing though the great castle waking everything up inside.

I have wandered about once and returned

Always grasping for the blue sky

Falling in love, saying goodbye

Neeko's little black and white ears perked up from the sound.

"My lady I have to depart for a bit"

Her lady never left where she had fallen to. Her room was felled with the smell of her scent and new fallen tears of blood. She put her paw on her knee trying to comfort her lady. BANG BANG BANG!

"I have to go now or the lord will punish me"

Siding over a bit she lets the small cat demon pass by her though the door and into the great hall. As neeko ascends down the spiral stairs of old stone to the great room. As she came to the door she changes into her human like form which was why she was taken to her lord's home of hell as she called it. Bang BANG BANG.

"Gosh will this person ever stop shit!"

The door creaked and she stood in the frame of the door with her arm folded over her chest. She was a pretty and because of that very dangerous. Her green cat eyes which held a hidden power, but her body was what made you under estimate her ability. She stood about 5'7 and her skin was tan her hair is black at the base and fade to white on the ends. Her clothing was also made so she could move fast if need be but wasn't your average Asian outfit she wore. Her top was covered with a white sleeveless and tided around the back of her neck which only covered her breasts and chest a little. Her skirt was low that her belly button was just above the belt that held her long black, and her narrow hip two silts that came up the top the shirt and held in place by two sliver cat skulls.

"what the are you here for"

Inuyasha stopped his staring and answered the young women

With a vow that today's the first good day

Everything, even the cherry tree, swaying in the wind

Softly reaches out toward you

"I am here to find my love"

He stepped closer to her

"and I know she here"

I love you I love you, it can't be helped

That has nothing to do with this


Know what I don't know really i don't

So bye bye for know