Vampire Love

Ch.1: Rescue me…Please

"Remember Boy! Not a word of this to your Aunt or else," Vernon bellowed. Leaving a bruised and bloody Harry Potter spread eagle on the floor of the small room, too weak to respond Harry nodded his head.

Can anyone hear me? Outside this place? My heart is broken, pride displaced. I bleed, I bleed, and no one sees. Outside and in my blood, it's, draining. I wish to die, I wish to die, so sick and tired of this life. If you can hear set me, free. As he did every other night Harry pulled himself up to the windowsill chanting under his breath his sad montra hoping someone would somehow hear him. Sitting there upon the windowsill gazing up at the moon, he silently cried and begged for his freedom.

Malfoy Manor

"Dear Mr. Malfoy it has been brought to our attention that you are a walker of the night. Don't worry you'll be allowed to attend school normally. All precautions have been taken to ensure both your safety and that of your fellow students. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Albus Dumbledor"


And so it will begin thought Draco wearily. It was the eve of his sixteen birthday and soon now, he, Draconius Malfoy, would enter into his Vampire heritage. Overall, he felt quite satisfied in his lineage. Now all he needed was to find his elusive mate. Soon now, he would hear it. The morbid sorrowful litany of a dying soul. Every other night it would reach him, haunting his sleep, confusing his consciousness. Yet, every other night he listened for somehow he felt as though he knew the speaker. Ahh! Well only time will tell…

Kings Cross Station

"Harry, Harry! Oh, how we've missed you," yelled Hermione enveloping him into one of her suffocating embraces. Over her shoulder, he spotted Ron whose look more than conveyed his sympathies for his current position.

"How ya' doin' mate? Dursleys didn't put those bars on your window again did they," Ron asked.

"No, no Ron my window was bar free," Harry, replied looking up into his friends face. Ronald Weasly had grown over the past summer. Gone now was the gangly confused boy of previous years. Ron was a strong healthy six foot seven inches tall and had acquired a tan banishing all the freckles on his face. If he wasn't my best friend I'd almost say he was cute.

Although Harry himself had grown over the summer, he hadn't at all reached the height of his friend. His skin glowed a pale white as the color of the moon. It was quickly off set by the deep rich raven color of his unruly locks of hair. Beneath ruffled bangs, a pair of green eyes that would shame any emerald stared out imprisoned behind owl like spectacles. Lips, long pink and full finished the picture of his Aristocratic face. Wearily Harry stared at the ground making his lithe frame of five foot seven inches seem that much shorter.

Noticing his friends silence Ron commented.

"Hey you all right there mate? Your awful quiet today,"

" Oh, no I'm fine just a bit tired is all," Harry smiled disarmingly and walked onto the train.

"But Drake you have to tell me! I've known from the beginning," Pansy whined.

"For the last time I don't know who my mate is and it's not y…," The scent. I…I can smell it. Its near. OH! So close where is it? Quickly without pretense, Draco Malfoy hurriedly made his way through the compartments on the train, seemingly unaware of the confused Slytherin trailing female trailing.

"Drake? Draco, hello? What are you doing?"


"OH, you've fond them. Oh! Finally, I'll get to see your mate. This is sooo exciting," Pansy squealed. She wasn't really as bad as everyone thought, she was just overly protective of her friend. Disappointed that she, in fact, was not Draco's mate she hoped only happiness on her companion.

It's stronger , his blood mate was near. I can taste it upon my lips " This door. They're behind this door," Draco whispered, his hand lightly resting upon the handle.

"Soo finally decided to go Goth Harry. Looks good. You make a Sexy Goth," Hermione stated.

"I don't know what the heck a goth is, but she's right Harry. You're looking well this year," Seamus purred throwing an arm 'round his waist and tugging him towards his body. Harry jumped, frightened, out of his grasp.

"I.. uh.. think I need some um… air yeah . Don't worry I just..uh.. need some time alone," Harry stuttered, flinging open the door and rushing past a bewildered six foot five inch Draco Malfoy.

"What do you want ferret boy," Ron spat standing two inches above the aristocrat.

"I wished to talk to h- Potter if you must know weasel, and since he's left I'm wasting my time here with you. Good Day," Draco drawled turning to leave. Harry! His mate was Harry Potter? Ah how I'd hoped it would be him. He's perfect. A fitting companion for a creature of the night such as I. Draco though turning to follow the tantalizing scent of blood trailed by the boy who lived. Soon now he would have his beloved.

Mechanically, Harry Potter pulled the knife out of his back pocket. I can't stand touch you know. Not since the first time HE touched me. Slowly, languidly, tranquilly he dragged the knife across his skin, revealing thin straight lines of rich red blood, which stood out sharply against his pale moonlight skin. Pain outside to free the pain inside. Sighing Harry closed his eyes reveling in the perverse pleasure cutting gave him.

Upon seeing Harry, Draco's frozen heart broke. His anger severely awakened. Whoever caused his mate such pain would pay with more than their lives. Silently making no sound, Draco sat beside him. The sight of blood began to drive him insane. He was so very hungry and it wasn't as if he were stealing it. Gingerly taking Harry's hand he lapped the blood oozing from the multiple lacerations upon the arm of his beloved.

Suddenly within his mind came the sad montra that haunted his dreams.

Can anyone hear me? Outside this place? My heart is broken, pride displaced. I bleed, I bleed, and no one sees. Outside and in my blood, it's, draining. I wish to die, I wish to die, so sick and tired of this life. If you can hear set me, free.

Startled out of his inverted musings by the presence of a warm tongue. Harry opened his eyes.

What's this? HMmmm, feels nice and I don't care. What are those fangs? Malfoy's a Vampire? Gazing into the deep twin pools of Harry's lifeless irises Draco was startled. He must make his mate happy. Upon pure instinct he leaned forward and placed his stone marble lips upon the soft warm pink ones of the boy who lived.

No! Stay back please ah! This…feeling. I do not...wish to flee it. A warm persistence a… I surrender. Draco shivered as Harry granted him entrance to his mouth. Vanilla and Peppermint, peppermint and Vanilla the taste of his life long partner. Tongues rolled in a furious yet slow and Deliberate battle. One battling for dominance the other emotional release.

(Ah! Yes. Uncle Vernon never kissed this way. Wait, Who, DRACO MALFOY IS KISSING ME!) Harry's eye lids shot open. The sight that greeted him was less than comforting. The manipulative Bastard!

"Hee-yah," Harry flung up his knee jamming it straight into the hardened flesh of the aroused vampire.